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Top 20 Curtains for your Teen Girl’s Bedroom

When the nervousness of picking curtains for your teenage daughter’s bedroom is as rife as the excitement, pause for a minute and treat your mind to some inspiring work. As you try to nail the palette and go after her favorite patterns and themes, you need to reserve your focus on the functional requirements of light control and privacy. We take you on a pictorial tour of our favorite teen girls’ bedrooms that have accomplished this arduous task perfectly while we highlight the lessons you can take home to execute your own project in the most excellent way. Dive in!


Turn a Specialty Window Into a Focal Point with Floor-to-Ceiling Sheer Drapes


Sheer Curtains


Bedroom Curtains for Girls

Designer: Younique Designs


Feminine glamor in Hollywood Regency style – just what a blooming teen is looking for! A bow window gets dressed up with the spell-bound beauty of a spuming ‘waterfall’ in floor-to-ceiling sheer drapes that meet a fur carpet in a sparkling white palette. Punctuate an array of windows with sheer curtains to unify them while perfect-fit treatments dress them individually to ensure privacy and light control. Also, personalize the decor for your uber-chic diva with stylish medallion holdbacks replacing conventional drapery poles.




Gift Your Teenager a Whimsical Treat with Ombre Drapes


Ombre Sheer Curtains

Designer: JK Designs


Give a well-put-together room to a young Miss who is unapologetically in love with rainbows and butterflies. Featuring a rainbow of its own, the ombre drapes here lace the space with color and whimsy but on a simplified stance. Notice how the azure drapes visually connect all the cyanic accents scattered across the space in tiny doses. Delight your teen’s imaginative mind with a fun touch of color and pattern but let a cohesive palette guide the endeavor.


Use Color-Blocked Drapes to Introduce a Tiny Dose of a Catchy Pattern


Color-block Patterned Drapes

Photography by Blackstone Studios


A bubbly adolescent girl deserves a bedroom beaming with joy, color and wonder. But going overboard with a color or pattern may not be ideal either. Take a cue from this prairie-styled bedroom where the owner employed color-blocking to introduce a pattern with restraint. A band of patterned fabric crowning the white sheer panels on the edges brings a dash of color and whimsy in just the right amount. The blue-white polka-inspired motif echoes the organic shapes and joyful colors of the bed runner and the barrel handbag perched on the console.


Introduce a Fun Twist with a Thunderbolt Surprise


Peppy Orange Curtains for Girls Room


Are you looking for a way to symbolize the youthful exuberance of your young teen in her bedroom decor? Take inspiration from this exquisitely designed girl’s bedroom that brings upon an overwhelming surprise with its flamy orange flat panel drapes in a blue-green territory. Yet, they don’t seem out of tune with the space because of the fiery accent tones of the pillows.


Bring Simple Elegance with Monochrome Drapes to an Older Teen’s Bedroom


Monochromatic Blue Custom Curtains

Photography by: Peter Rymwid


Cut the clutter for an older, more mature teenager with a monochromatic bedroom. And use the window treatments to voice the palette as the blue-white patterned drapes topped by a white valance do here. Notice the attention to detail in the usage of trims. The curtains and the valance accent each other – broad white fabric bands on the lead edges of the blue drapes and narrow blue ribbon trims that mark the silhouette of the white valance.




Dress Your Young Damsel’s Dreamy Boudoir with Victorian-Styled Multi-Layered Drapes


Victorian-Styled Bedroom


If your belle has fallen for traditional maximalism’s florals and opulent excesses, pamper her refined taste with drapes that nail that aesthetic vision. Multi-layered drapes crowned by a valance complete the maximalist abundance of this Victorian-style girls’ bedroom. Sheer panels and framing non-sheers in the bottom layer, floral curtains layered over them and a ruffled valance atop them complete the picture. Notice how the canopy curtains add to the opulence of the bedroom and complement the window treatment. Cohesiveness is ensured by coordinating the fabric and trims.




Double Functionality & Looks by Pairing Roman Shades & Drapes


Small Teenager Bedroom

Designer: Inna Velichko


Ensure a sleep-friendly bedroom for a blossoming teenager girl by providing layered window treatments. Roman shades are paired with drapes in this tiny bedroom to block light more effectively, where left to themselves, they would have done poorly. With complementing palettes and a solid-pattern mix, they play off of each other. The window behind the bed is spared so as to avoid curtains being pinched by the furniture while the adjacent window is dressed with a single-paneled curtain that increases accessibility for convenience of operation.




Furnish a Color-Aficionado Teen’s Bedroom with Bold-Hued Drapes


Girls Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Designer: Bankston May Associates


A quintessential color-obsessed aerie for a spirited ladette! Go all-out bold if that’s what defines her style. Let this bedroom saturated with rosy hues inspire you with its choice of pink-purple full-scaled drapes. There is no space for shyness and no reluctance to take the road less traveled. Choosing to drive the color narrative of a room dolled with variants of the same hue, the drapes make the overarching statement of the color palette.


Allude to Feminine Aesthetics with Scalloped Valances


Scalloped Valances in Girls Room

Photography by Yves Lefèvre


Forget florals and laces, sometimes it takes just bright colors and curved profiles to express the verve of a spirited teen. What defines the feminine personality of this bedroom, going beyond the fiery orange and baby blue is the delicate scalloped valance. Avowing organic beauty, the curved bottom of the valance symbolizes gentleness and softness. The wee bit of swag formed by the small folds on the edges is a decorative touch to a bedroom that is otherwise quite minimal.




Go for Pinch Pleated Curtains in Traditional Girls’ Bedrooms


Teen Girls Bedroom Curtains

Designer: Spruce, LLC


An opulent suite for the young maiden! Dress an older teen girl’s room with ornate finishes and soft colors rather than kiddie patterns and blazing colors. Take inspiration from this traditional bedroom’s twin windows that are dressed up with light blue pinch pleat drapes. The elaborateness of those architectural flowery pleats, brought out better by the solid coloring, echoes the detailing of the intricacy-loaded wallpaper behind.


Highlight Statement Art with Drapes that Share the Palette


Girls Bedroom Ideas


Custom Floral Drapes

Photography: Rikki Synder


Flower power in full vigor! Design a bedroom for an artistic teen with colors and brush strokes that are in perfect consonance with her personality. The pink lilies on the accent wall stand out as a strong statement in this color-packed bedroom. And the vibrantly patterned drapes lend more visual power to this theme by echoing its dominant hues.


Bring in the Seductive Blacks for a Glamor-Struck Diva


Layered Curtains

Designer: Greg Natale


A royal treat for the modern femme fatale! Nothing less than black velvet drapes can please a teen on the brink of adulthood whose mature taste is evident in her wardrobe flooded with little black dresses. Both ritzy and functionally brilliant, black velvet curtains sync in with the chic glamor of this modern bedroom while also performing as terrific insulators due to their deep piles. With inset ribbon trims on their lead edges, they accent the sheers and bring a sense of coordination.




Express the Mature Sensibilities of a ‘Grown-Up Teen’ with Neutral Drapes


Neutral Patterned Drapes with Valance

Designer: Johnston Parke Interiors


Go neutral to give a modern twist to the traditional bedroom of your young lass as she walks towards adulthood. Drape the windows with minimally detailed monochrome patterned curtains. And top them with a straight bottomed board-mounted valance, as you see here, to unite them visually. Use subtle contrasts for the most part and sprinkle few dark accents only to break the monotony. Stick to neutrals and keep up a cohesive flow to keep the bedroom visually calming.




Offer Floral Splendor in Muted Hues to a Teen with a Refined Taste


White Floral Curtains

Designer: Dual Concept Design


Floral charm in classical style! Paint your ‘tweenager-turned-teenager’s bedroom with floral elegance that’s not too ‘girly’. With vine-themed neutral-hued drapes, the cherry blossom wallpaper finds accompaniment. Soothing feminine energy is rampant in this bedroom without resorting to the cliched pinks and high-contrast floral motifs. Offer such sophisticated decor to a demure young lady who likes it refined and clutterless, but not without some playfulness and romance.




Delight a Bubbly Adolescent with Colorful Drapes


Floral Bedroom Curtains in Bedroom

Designer: Kelly Rogers Interiors


A euphoric treat for your chirpy birdie! A girl who’s thrilled with rainbows and flowers deserves such floral exuberance. Take cue from this kaleidoscopic bedroom that has found a way to show all its defining hues in its bustling drapes. Every hue from the golden yellows of the wall to the aqua blue of the couch has received its honorable mention in those vibrant floral prints.


Let Plain Drapes Balance a Vocal Wallpaper


Black Custom Drapes

Designer: Brightland Homes


Hollywood glam for a ‘little fashionista’! The sparky pinks and yellows and the statement wallpaper that fittingly vouch for a youngish teen’s fashion preferences stand out in this sassy bedroom thanks to the dominating black and white theme. The drapes accentuate that neutral base with their black panels and white accessorizing. If you find a wallpaper that vocalizes her passions, as in the stilettos-and-clutch-bags theme of this cheeky bedroom, provide beddings and curtains that stay on the reticent side to let it shine.


Go for Timeless Drapes for a Lady-in-the-Making!


Colorblock Pink Drapes

Designer: Eminent Interior Design


Lighten the burden of a revamp when your early teens have outgrown their bunker beds and gingerbread taste. With a classic striped wallpaper and color-blocked full-scaled drapes that complement its palette, this bedroom will be spared of changing these two pricey elements. Be assured that the charming young ladies of tomorrow will enjoy it as much as the excited teens of today – that’s the power of an ageless design.


Use White Drapes to Set Off the Vibrance of Pink


White Drapery Panels

Designer: Katie Scott Design


Splendorous rosy hues for a youngish teen! Pink is the delightful element of this room and yet, it is non-invasive because of the counterbalancing act of the drapes and bedding. Also, notice how the white wallpaper and drapes connect the floor to the ceiling without visual breaks and elongate this dwarfed room.




Introduce Energetic Palettes & Patterns for a Zippy-Zappy Teen!


Teen Girls Bedroom Curtains

Designer: Sarah Richardson Design


Is your young Miss a happy lively girl who can’t get her feet to stay on the ground? Tap that energy in a vivacious decor with tangy colors and sportive motifs. The lemony yellow drapes with geometric patterns contrasting the sea blues in this lovely bedroom can ignite even a melancholic heart with joy – exactly reflective of her cheerful personality.




Opt for Beige-Orange Partnership in a Gender-Neutral Teen’s Bedroom


Twins Bedroom Curtains


When designing a twin teens’ bedroom for a boy and a girl, orange is the flavored hue that designers use to appease both masculine and feminine tastes. And for a neutral hue that has to ground it, white is too soft and grey too raw, but beige saves the day. The drapes in this bedroom stick to beige so the vibrant oranges can unleash their exuberant energy with full vigor without overwhelming your eyes. Try the beige-orange trick to design a gender-neutral bedroom for your funky teen.



In Closing

So, have you gathered enough ideas for your young teenager’s bedroom drapes? Whether the choice is for a vibrant or muted palette, a modern or a traditional taste, or a juvenile or a mature theme, you will find the drapes of your choice in the vast curated collection of Spiffy Spools for sure. From cozy linens to ritzy velvets, and airy sheers to light-blocking blackouts, our premium drapery fabrics can satisfy a range of functional requirements. Explore our site and shop from the comfort of your home for your favorite drapes today.



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