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The Best Curtains for Your Teens Bedroom

Giving your teenager the opportunity to express themselves through their bedroom décor is a wonderful gift. As children grow into teenagers, they tend to opt for a more sophisticated style that showcases their personality and identity. In fact, kids today want a say in their bedroom décor and the bedroom has become akin to their own studio apartment, with a computer, television, bed, desk and more. 

To help your teenager hone in on their décor style, we have put together a list of teens’ bedroom curtains and styles that they can accompany. 

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The Girlie Girl Teens Bedroom 

Pink Teens' Bedroom Curtains

If your teenage girl loves all things pink, gold and girlie but wants to add a touch of elegance to their room, there are plenty of options. Currently popular with this style are fairy lights, light colored decor, plush or furry accessories and art on the wall that displays high end fashion brands, ballerinas or hearts. 

The great thing about this bedroom is the use of curtains can be seen in two different places. 

First the bed. The bed often displays a sheer curtain, draped over a four poster or cascading from the head of the bed as canopy bed curtains. Our ‘Alban White’ Curtains’ would work great in this style.

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The windows themselves need a beautiful, airy feel to compliment the room. For this we recommend sticking with a sheer curtain. Perhaps something that leans pink like our ‘Limosa’ Curtains. 

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The Sporty Teen’s Bedroom 

Sporty Teens Bedroom

Another popular style for many teenagers is a room devoted to sports. Perhaps their favorite sports team, their achievements in sports clubs or a general love of all things athletic. These rooms often display bright fun colors, alongside neutral tones. Depending on the type of sport, or team your teenager adores, the colors of your curtains could act as a key focal point to the room, allowing you to keep your walls white and bright, whilst adding pops of color. 


Basketball: Basketball courts display splashes of orange, from the lines on the floor, to the balls themselves. Take a look at our ‘Yamani Samarkhand Curtains.  or ‘Light Amber’ Curtains to complement this style.

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American Football: American football is often associated with green and blue. These bright green cotton curtains called ‘Yamani Masaimara Curtains. make for the perfect look, and these bright blue curtains called ‘Rapids’ curtains look great too. 

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Baseball: The red and white balls in baseball are the perfect colors to nod to with this theme. Take a look at these red and white drapes to inspire some ideas: Terracotta falls Roman Shades and Cherries Jubilee Curtains

Two toime teens' bedroom curtains

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For more bright color options, check out the Shop link above, and view colors under the Curtain category. 


The Teenage Artists Bedroom 

Artsy Teens' Bedroom Curtains

Is your teenager into all things art? Are their rooms filled with craft supplies or maybe an easel or workbooks? Then an artsy bedroom might appeal to your teen. The teenage artists’ bedrooms are often plastered with their own art work, or inspiration, on every shelf and wall. This can make curtain choices an overlooked idea to pull the room together. 

Spiffy Spools offers an array of patterned curtains that can make any artist’s room look cohesive. Or even styles that appear almost hand painted such as ‘Athenian Morning’ Curtains. or ‘Cloudless’ Curtains.


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The Alternative Teens Bedroom 

Gothic tenns bedroom curtains

The alternative teenage style has been around for a long time, and will likely remain for many years still. The alternative style may be for the gothic style teenager, or those into rock music. This style is often darker, and many teens will request an all black room. But if you want to steer away from painting your walls all black, and donning thick blackout curtains to match, there are some more ideas to consider. 

For instance, rich, dark purple or red accents can really make a room like this appear elevated. And you can even go a step further, incorporating texture into your curtains to nod to that classic gothic theme, such as our textured ‘Maruna’ curtains, silky ‘Autumn Russet’ Curtains. or velvet ‘Rare Wine’ Curtains.

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Other Teenage Curtain Options

For the Teen who can’t sleep: Regardless of your teens style, if your teenager has trouble sleeping at night to be prepared for school the next day, consider a blackout curtain. Light can trick the mind into thinking it isn’t time to sleep, and this curtain will ensure your teenager’s room stays as dark as possible. 

Neutral tones: Perhaps your teenager has a unique sense of style, and other areas of the room showcase it perfectly. For this room you’ll want to choose a neutral curtain or drape to allow the focal point to shine. Our popular ‘Leh Almost White’ Curtains are perfect for this use. 

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these teens’ bedroom curtains ideas from Spiffy Spools gave you enough inspiration to style your teens room just the way they want it. Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, fabric, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will brighten up your space. And whether you have queries on pricing or measuring, or simply want some curtain draping tips & ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have along the way! 

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