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Farmhouse Curtains: Ideas From Classic to Modern

Rustic Farmhouse Curtains


What woos most homeowners to the farmhouse style is its timeless appeal and refined neutral palettes. But beyond the visual elements, what all of us here at Spiffy Spools really love is that farmhouse style is a perfect melange of form and function, traditional and modern, simplicity and sophistication – breathtakingly elegant and practically efficient! While decorating your home in this calm and coveting aesthetic, if you’re contemplating the right window treatments for your farmhouse – whether modern or rustic – let this blog enrich you with ideas on farmhouse curtains.


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Synergizing Rustic Charm & Modern Sophistication: Farmhouse Curtains


Rustic with Modern Farmhouse Decor Style


Warm and inviting, the farmhouse style seems to get better with age because it knows how to meet evolving needs and step up to changing trends. The style keeps reinventing itself based on the locales it adorns, never losing its essence or tarnishing its soul. That explains why you find homes going cozy in this iconic style in a bustling metropolis as much as in a quieter countryside.

When adorning your windows with farmhouse curtains, therefore, you have a vast spectrum of choices – from rustic traditional to the minimalistic modern farmhouse. And whatever your leaning, you’ll find the right one today at Spiffy Spools. But before you get on an exciting spree, get hold of some styling tips so you can nail it in the first shot.




Choose Natural Fabrics


Natural Fabric Curtains for Farmhouse Style decor


Farmhouse style never purges its deep-seated love for nature-sourced material, no matter how modish it gets. The idea is to point to the source – nature – which cradles the rural home within its seams! So, choose natural fabrics for your farmhouse curtains, keeping in mind the overall material and color palette of the home.

In more rustic settings, farmhouse curtains made from burlap can shake hands with the rattan shelves and exposed wood beams. A more evolved, modern farmhouse can go for cotton and linen drapes. The hardwearing nature of these natural fabrics meets the style’s mandate for long-lasting materials and alludes to the simpler lifestyle of the past. 

In addition, natural fabrics like cottons and linens facilitate better air circulation, letting your home smell fresh even with a very hard-working kitchen. Their moisture-wicking capacity and hypoallergenic traits assure safety and eco-friendliness that’s key to sustainability – the essence of the farmhouse style.  

Modernists can also opt for sturdy blends to tap the feasibility of synthetic fibers without losing the aesthetic and earthy vibes of natural yarns.

In more informal rooms where nighttime privacy is not a concern, introduce sheer farmhouse curtains to the breezy precincts. The softened glow of natural light which keeps the interiors airy and bright is the touchstone trait of this style so innately connected with bucolic terrains and blowy farms.




Pick Skinny Palettes & Delicious Neutrals


White Farmhouse Curtains


White and its variants like cream and ivory as the main neutral base make the farmhouse-styled home look neat and bright. The wood tones, stone textures, and black accents pop up in this extraordinarily clean slate, offering tonal contrast and warm, welcoming vibes.

In a contemporary setup, the modern farmhouse curtains can resume the obsession with white and its subtle variations, allowing textures to be the game-changer. Cream Caress from our collection is an apt example with its off-white palette, linen-like texture, and cotton-blend making. 

Stepping out of the adulation for white, farmhouse curtains can also don the accent hues of the decor like beige, tan, soft grey, and their variants. Like pale beige Tapakiri linen curtains or abalone grey Ena sheer curtains, it’s easy to find tones that define the style with ease. The solid palette helps accentuate the style’s preference for svelte details and clear lines.


Let Rustic Motifs Bring on the Nostalgic Flair


Rustic motifs Farmhouse Curtains


In more rustic, classic farmhouses, patterned farmhouse curtains fit the scheme and beautifully break the monotony of solid-colored elements with a visually stimulating recipe. Simple patterns like stripes and iconic ones like buffalo plaids speak to the country’s aesthetic and stride with pride in several fabric accessories including curtains. 

Check out Trigo and Apple Blossom exuding rustic charm in beige-white checks and red-white ginghams. Trambone, in unsaturated beige-white awning stripes, stays true to the lived-in feel of the country home.

More embellished and relaxing patterns associated with the farmhouse style takes inspiration from nature. Soulful paisleys and dreamy florals with their artful curves and organic shapes throw back to the marvels of creation that the countryside teems with. They keep the decor visually engaging with their varied hues and dramatic motifs and draw a full circle connecting the indoor space with outdoor themes. 

Do take a peek at our floral curtains collections. Cotton Wool hangs like a fantasy with embroidered slender leaf vines. Amber Lark’s bird motif laid out on a peachy white backdrop brings the springtime chirpy buzzes to your fancy. Basma is dripping with a vibrant garden theme, red accents, and embroidered details that spell affinity with the handspun charm of country homes.




Pick the Right Heading Style


Farmhouse Curtains Heading Style


An important detail that contributes to the informal nature of farmhouse homes is the heading style of the farmhouse curtains. It influences the way the curtains look, fall, and drape, their mobility on the pole, and the visibility or invisibility of the hardware.

The most traditional farmhouse curtains feature casual, low-on-structure styles. So, tab tops, tie tops, rod pockets, and frilled-header rod pockets are the styles that spell ‘farmhouse’ most explicitly. Their easygoing looks and organic pleats make the space light up with homeliness and unassuming charm. Modern farmhouse fans can go for the same feel with grommet tops that characteristically let the pole pass through the header. 

It is important to note that curtains that employ rings or grommets glide more easily on the poles. So, opt for such heading styles for frequently used windows. Whereas, lightweight curtains and windows of random use can go for heading styles that glide on fabric pockets or tabs, as they offer more groundedness.

Formal spaces, in both the traditional and the modern, can benefit from more dressy styles such as pinch pleats drapes. Their stitched-in pleats and tailored look offer the grandness of elaborate handwork. And the varying levels of intricacy they offer from version to version make them adaptable to both ornate surroundings as well as pared-back spaces.




Choose Hardware that Says Farmhouse


Farmhouse Curtains Hardware Selection


During the design project, often homeowners invest all their time and energy in getting the right drapery to match their decor style but fail to take into account other related details. Not just the draperies themselves, but also all the accessories that support them must bear the essence of the farmhouse style. Depending on the version of the farmhouse style you’ve adopted, the hardware choices will vary.

If you’ve taken a path closer to a pure country look with generous use of wood, rattan, and burlap, let the hardware follow suit. Drapery poles, finials, and rings/grommets that show their affinity to nature forthrightly in wooden accents and deft craftsmanship are apt here. 

Imply the ruggedness of a lived-in countryside home by making a feature of peeling paint and warping wood. Let your farmhouse wear the patina on its sleeves as a telling sign of a house that’s growing with its owners. White chalk-painted wooden hardware sanded to allude to the evolutionary process of the house is a great way to enhance the character of your farmhouse.

The modern adaptation which flaunts dark or glossy overtones in black home appliances and metal accessories can echo that striking contrast in the drapery hardware. Solid black poles and sleek oversimple finials comply with the clean lines mandate of modern minimalism. If you have intricately designed black wrought iron furniture and fixtures, echo that ornate feature in skillfully constructed bulbous finials.

Or, if your home is characterized by strong steel accents as in kitchen appliances, benchtops, or light fixtures, go for steel or matte grey drapery poles and svelte finials.


Never Miss the Creative Part: Add Artful Details


Adding Artful Details to Farmhouse Curtains



Little details in the design are what steal the show often, and sometimes it takes an adventurous spirit to get them right. Let all your creative instincts flow in the design project as you explore opportunities to step up color, texture, and pattern on your farmhouse curtains.



Change the appeal of the entire room with delicate flourishes for your window dressings. Trims sewn on the lead edges of the drapery display the fervor and labor invested in the process of dressing the home. Chosen wisely for a farmhouse-style home, they aptly air the homespun feel and aid draperies in living up to the natural ambiance. 

So go on, explore the world of Spiffy Spools trims! Farmhouse curtains benefit from add-ons that engage contrasting colors, labyrinth details, and casual vibes. Avoid reflective viscose and velvet ribbon trims that are too ritzy for the decor style. Go, instead, for intricate handwoven passementeries like fine tassel trims or cotton fringe trims that spice up the space with distinguished character and elegance. Lighthearted beaded trims and pompom trims are a great way to enhance the relaxed homely atmosphere of casual rooms. 

In more modern homes and formal setups where solid-colored curtains are more relevant, trims can do the job of bringing a second tone or texture without infringing on the original drapery fabric. Ribbon trims are a fitting adornment here for they allure the eye without going over the top. 




Color Block

A unique way to add more personality to the room is to customize your drapes with an assorted mix. Color blocking is a technique by which you can integrate two different drapery fabrics in a curtain panel in any one of four prescribed positions. Farmhouse curtains can make the most of this opportunity to blend solids, patterns, and textures for visually compelling chemistry. 

If you have a struggle finding a farmhouse drapery fabric that fulfills your color scheme perfectly, get the job done by choosing two solid-colored fabrics. 

Color-blocking also comes in handy when you want to introduce patterns to the room with restraint. For example, if you want to inject a rustic motif like houndstooth into your modern home, feature it in an elevated color block over a solid-colored drapery. Only make sure that their palettes agree with each other. 

In less color-oriented farmhouse settings, where textures play a huge role, you can mix two types of textures – tight-knit cotton and flimsy sheer, for example. Benefit from both types of weaves – one providing hard and fast privacy, and the other, transparency for light inflow.


Coordinated Treatments

Trims and color-blocking help to customize your drapes to your preferred tastes and the nitty-gritty of the farmhouse style. But getting them to synchronize with the rest of the decor accessories goes a long way to foster a customized look for the entire room. Say, your squishy throw pillows feature the same floral fabric as the drapery. What can be a more outright way to say that you went bespoke?

Let your bed runner and bedroom drapes talk to each other donning the same fabric. Or let your table runner divulge the ‘long lost twin’ secret by showing affinity with your dining room curtains. 

The cohesiveness that comes about, as a result, makes every element in the room come alive as a whole rather than as individual components that happen to congregate. It’s like a poem that not only opens new vistas of thought but also rhymes like a chime with the perfect meter!




Cafe Curtains and Valances


Cafe Curtain


Like every country-styled home, a farmhouse in all its varied versions cares to integrate more textile accessories for that soothing visual effect that it imparts with ease. So, in spaces that don’t need a full-length window dressing from a practical perspective, introduce valances. They occupy very little optical real estate and yet make a considerable impact!

Dressing up the top of the windows in this decorative attire, you can tie the whole house decor as a cohesive whole, even with varied window treatments in each room. Besides, they offer an excuse to layer the space with color, texture, and pattern without going overboard.

Go for ruched and scalloped valances in period homes, exuding the rural aesthetic and soft, homey vibes. Besides, their curvy bottoms help to make the space feel more informal and relaxed. 

In formal rooms, go for board-mounted tailored valances that render an architectural look. Whether pole-mounted or board-mounted, choose flat-bottomed valances to comply with the clean-lines obsession of modern farmhouse styles.

Valances don’t just do a great job as stand-alone, they are also splendid decorative toppings to curtains. They offer an opportunity to blend solids with patterns, something that farmhouse-styled homes don’t like to miss. And when you’ve drawn the curtains open for the outside view, the valance still covers the drapery hardware, letting the window be steeped in its dressed-up looks.

While valances dress the top fourth of the window, cafe curtains cover the bottom half. Kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms in farmhouse-style homes are the domain of cafe curtains. Frilly cafe curtains are in fact, the signature style of farmhouse kitchens. Stitched with less fabric yardage, farmhouse cafe curtains are functionally efficient as they provide privacy and light simultaneously. 

If you want to open and close the curtains more frequently, go for heading styles that employ rings. If you’d prefer that they stay static to accord more privacy, go for styles like rod pockets. For a style that rings the farmhouse vibe in nostalgic flavor, opt for tie tops or tab tops.

Cafe curtains and valances work together as a great pair, especially in rustic farmhouse kitchens. Make sure that you get them both done in the same drapery fabric.




In Closing


White Farmhouse Curtains


We hope that this blog has taken you through a journey that leads to your destination. The farmhouse style has defied aging by making itself relevant to all decades and locales. In time, you’ll find that the trouble you took to get the right farmhouse curtains for your home has landed you with a timeless decor piece. And that will be our pride, at Spiffy Spools.


Order Custom Window Treatments from Spiffy Spools

If you are ready to dive into the world of show-stealing draperies, browse through our collection of 3000+ fabrics and find your window’s soulmate. For any further help regarding window dressings, feel free to reach out to us. Happy shopping!



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