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Country Curtains: Old World Charm with Homely Vibes

Country Curtains


Step into a country-styled home and you feel relaxed immediately. What makes for that pleasurably inviting appeal is the homespun charm of informal fabric accessories, warm wood tones, and rustic stone hearths, and the characteristic lived-in feel relayed by the patina they wear. If it’s the easygoing rural aesthetics that you’re aiming to forge, a pair of country curtains at the windows and doors can fine-finish your country home. 

As you strive to cradle your home in rustic flair, browse through Spiffy Spools’ drapery collection to find the perfect window dressing for your sweet digs. Whether it be a specific material, color or pattern you’d like to have, or the secrets to creating authentic country style, we assure you that this will be the last stop in your search for country curtains.


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Raw and Homely: Country Curtains at Their Best


White custom curtains in a traditional country house


The free-handed layering of textured and patterned fabrics, and an array of character-packed handcrafted accessories are the tell-tale feature of country homes. 

Custom curtains not only fall within this august mandate but also widen the creative potential of the space. A big part of the credit for the snug vibes of country homes goes to curtains for their softness and homeliness, so pleasantly unique of this decor style.

Unlike the more updated version – the modern farmhouse style – country decor taps on the potency of color and pattern. Referencing the treasures of nature in the signature floral prints and earthy palettes, country aesthetic engages outdoor themes in the indoor garnishments, making it burst with life and energy. 

If you want the recipe for the perfect set of nostalgic country curtains, follow the design tips that come ahead –

Pick Natural Materials


Colorblocked country drapes


While looking to create the country vibe, what can never be traded off is the rural life’s love for organic, raw, and natural materials. 

Window dressings can strut proudly with the mahogany floors, stoneware planters, and seaweed wicker baskets only and only if they also spell ‘nature’. Relaxing and commonplace materials – rather than luxe and opulent ones – find preference in country style.

Therefore, shy away from shiny silks and plush velvets that are synonymous with luxury; country homes are the domain of breezy cottons and slubby linen drapes. Natural yarns breathe easy and wick moisture – qualities to look for in hot and humid conditions characteristic of country locales. 

Cotton and linen can also withstand frequent cleaning routines, making them smoother and softer with age. The hardiness and the homey appeal of these eco-friendly curtains are assets to a style that appreciates practical ease as much as aesthetic pleasance.

The hardware also needs to be clear pointers to the abundance of natural resources that the countryside abounds in. So, avoid ritzy hardware and pick wood, faux wood, or matte-finished metal drapery poles that stay true to the touchstone nature-sourced traits of country decor are ideal. If they can be sanded to give a shout-out to the distressed timber joinery and patinated brass plumbware, the lived-in appeal of the space can be further accentuated.




Country Curtains need Country Motifs


Buffalo check drapes

Although country aesthetic loves indulging in patterns of any sort, some patterns have stuck through the times. 

Trademarks like buffalo checks, ticking stripes, ginghams, chintz, and ditsies – are prime samples. The simple plaids and stripes lend groundedness with their sharp edges and perfectly complement the organic shapes of intricate florals.

Note that patterned drapes have a great visual impact and are able to realize their full potential only when backdropped by solid-colored walls. If you have wallpapers already, ensure that the patterns are of varied scales, shapes, and color saturation levels so that they don’t compete with each other, overwhelming the eye. 

For example, classic floral print curtains like Playa Aranosa or buffalo checked curtains like Julep need solid-colored walls to serve their oversized motifs with the most striking impact. A tiny scaled houndstooth curtain like Surprise Amber, however, can go well on solid-colored walls as well as grand-scaled floral backgrounds. 

If your room already has other bold patterns, take ample care to choose minuscule scales for your curtains and soothing palettes to avoid creating a busy look. Allowing solid elements to interpolate helps to rest the eye and grasp the brilliance of the pattern in a more profound manner.






Pick Befitting Styles for Nostalgic Country Curtains


Country curtains with shades


Ruched headers with a casual appeal are characteristic of country homes. So, simple heading styles like rod pockets, frilled rod pockets, and tie tops are typically sought to air the informal style of the decor. 

The simplified non-architectural structures of these styles of drapes are becoming of the countryside life that is enriched by the organic shapes abounding in the natural surroundings. In fact, ruched gingham rod pocket curtains have become synonymous with country curtains over the years in the world of interior design. 

Yet another style of curtains that is immediately associated with country homes is cafe curtains. With their ability to provide privacy as well as light and air adequately and simultaneously, they become the best candidates for kitchens, dining rooms, sunrooms, and family living rooms.

An exception is warranted in formal rooms that need to look dressy to stay on beat. Curtains with classic headers like French pleats are recommended here.


Dress Country Curtains with Swags and Valances


Curtains with valance


What are country curtains without swags and valances! The relaxed appeal that these decorative elements bestow makes a country home infectiously delightful and amiable. They soften the space with their gentle curves and act as an ornamental topping for the drapes. 

Swags, scalloped valances, and asymmetrical valances keep up with the curvaceous features and organic shapes of the rest of the country decor. You can choose between the board-mounted valances that proffer a tailored look or the pole-mounted ones that look more casual and ornamental. 

Valances can also be used as standalone dressings for rooms that don’t need a strict privacy guard, thus binding all the windows with a consistent fabric covering to maintain the design flow.


Complete Solids with Trims 


White curtains with trim


If patterned curtains don’t sync with your taste, go for solid-colored and textured drapes accessorized with trims like ribbons, tassels, fringes, and gimp braids. 

If your grasscloth-clad walls feature statement art, plain curtains can be eye-resters that underscore the beauty of the picture rather than vie with it.

Consider how heartwarming beige herringbone curtains with crimson tassel trims can look against cream walls. It’s an example of how two solid elements get to put on the best show when assisted by appropriate trims.

The trims serve to top up the beauty of an already magnificent decor accessory. In fact, within a well-considered scheme, trims can act as the common, cohesive element across your decor accessories. Make a coherent combination of curtains, pillows and tufted furniture zhuzhed up with the same trims for a folksy customized look. 




Summing Up


Gingham curtains


Natural, casual, and homely – that’s how we describe country curtains in a nutshell.  If you love to pack your rustic abode with colors and patterns, country design style is just right for you. We hope that this blog has enriched you sufficiently with tips and tricks to create a true country delight out of your windows.  

Browse through our vast collection of drapery fabrics for more inspiration and let your creative instincts lead you. As you dress up your home with Spiffy Spools’ country curtains, we will take pride in having become an important part of a project so close to your heart.



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