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Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains Ideas & Tips


Country charm in a modern streamlined language – that’s what we love most about modern farmhouse kitchens!  Its delicious palette with warm wood, natural stone, and inky black accents popping up against an ethereal white backdrop feels all the cozier with soft informal furnishings. 

In this setting, curtains provide the perfect opportunity to marry traditional fabrics to sophisticated hues – beckoning the true farmhouse feel. If you’re exploring online stores for custom farmhouse kitchen curtains, let’s assure you’ve landed in the right place. From organic patterns to soothing textures and tones, whatever your wishlist for your windows, you’ll find it here at Spiffy Spools. What’s more? Explore fantastic styling tips before going on your wild shopping trip. Enjoy!


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Soothing and Inviting: Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains


Kitchen Curtains


In light and airy farmhouse kitchens, windows are a perfect opportunity to layer the space with cozy curtains that speak to the style. Bright, light-filtering curtains – that can introduce color, texture or pattern – go a long way to make your farmhouse kitchen look even more inviting and visually pleasant. Curtains, with their rippled contours, load the space with softness and homey vibes that are key to the farmhouse design style.

If your kitchen is open to the living room as in modern standard houses, the kitchen curtains will also have a role in the overall decor. If it is tucked away, it can have a personality of its own while still being in sync with the farmhouse style. Either way, it is important that the kitchen curtains incorporate the soul of the farmhouse style and delight you whenever they meet your eyes. So, coming up ahead are all the excellent styling tips from our home decorators that you’re waiting for:




Keep it Casual and Lived-in


Burlap Curtains


Kitchens are typically casual spaces, no matter what design style you follow, but the farmhouse style would do it in a pronounced way and with a remarkable country spirit. Nothing is too precious here, but everything is highly durable, nature-sourced, and feels lived-in. This aspect should be ensured in the curtains as well.

So, curtains made of natural fabrics like linen, burlap, and cotton are staples in farmhouse kitchens. Their breathability ensures a bright and airy space, the dream kitchen of cooking-savvy families. 

Linens and linen blends are the top recommendation because of their lovely crinkled look. The lazy nonchalant vibe they transpire is just what anyone needs to unwind and feel at home. But if you love curtains with crisp and neat folds, lightweight cottons will satisfy you. Despite their tailored looks, the casual spirit is preserved because they are light and natural.

If your kitchen is designed with an overtly rustic flair, add burlap curtains to the windows that smack of a farm full of hoofed friends lapping up their feed. The downside to this option is that the palette is very rigid, but it ties beautifully with your seaweed baskets and rattan furnishings.

The farmhouse style is all about practicality mixed in the right dose with aesthetics. So, blends of these natural materials that give you the best of both are also highly recommended. Since kitchen windows are often placed right above the sink or the hob, it is nice to tap into the fast-drying properties of synthetic fibers. 

Once you’ve finalized the material, focus your attention on other ways to enhance the lived-in feel. Make the kitchen look like it’s aged with you by opting for washed-out hues and/or worn-out patterns that seemingly point to years of serious combat with the elements of nature. For example, look at Pale Shadow curtains’ muted beige-white pinstripes that look ever so elegant and like it’s been there for ages.




Go for a Soothing Neutral Base


White Curtains


The neutral palette is the hallmark of the farmhouse style and it grounds the space in a very soothing and cozy appeal. While white is the staple, cream, tan, soft gray, and beige are options too for curtains as they can echo the earthy hues already at play in the kitchen. Besides, these self-effacing colors blend into the space instead of commanding attention, making the mind more relaxed when you’re surrounded by them. 

Colored items can become the stars around neutral bases, so your delicious apples and peaches, fresh blooms arranged in stoneware jars, and the pickled delicacies in your glass canisters can stand out and make their statement. Also, rich textures are best emphasized on neutral backdrops as the color takes the backseat, allowing the weave and the finish to take over the reign.

Pristine white curtains have forever enjoyed the hot favorite status in farmhouse kitchens. They not only let in more light but also reflect more light, helping to make the most of the smallest window. Have a look at Alban and if you can’t take your eyes off it, white curtains are probably calling you.

White slubby linen curtains are the default in farmhouses, as are lighter weight sheers. With soft sunlight seeping into the kitchen through curtains like Butter Cream, who wouldn’t love to stay up cooking there? With tiny florals embroidered in beige, this pretty window dressing blends farmhouse style’s two obsessions – white palette and nimble craftsmanship.

Moving out from the conventional farmhouse ideas, you can also try a fabric like Sahara Dream – a lovely  beige cotton blend drapery or Sea Salt – a white-grey linen-like textured drapery. 

There’s plenty more to feed your imagination in our collection, waiting to be discovered!




Bring in Those Nostalgic Patterns


Buffalo Check Kitchen Curtains


While modern farmhouse style is not an ardent fan of patterns, if you’re not that committed to that version of the design style, consider patterned drapes that speak to the style’s inherent obsession with vintage elements redolent of traditional bucolic themes and country lifestyle.

Patterns bring the play of shapes and contrasts that can woo the eye and make the space look very personalized. And, since the color scheme is largely neutral, a fair amount of patterns goes a long way to make your kitchen look delectable to the eye. An appliance-heavy kitchen becomes a more friendly-looking space with carefully curated decor accessories that indulge carefree in colors and shapes.

That said, certain patterns are almost the monopoly of the farmhouse style. In more rustic kitchens, something would be truly amiss if these time-tested old-world patterns were not incorporated. We’re talking about good old ginghams, plaids, buffalo checks, houndstooth, stripes, and florals – all with their modern versions available now in line with changing trends. 

Complete your farmhouse kitchen with curtains featuring rustic motifs that nod to the humble bucolic background of this iconic decor style. Like Apple Blossom curtains that are an amalgam of all the heartthrob elements of the farmhouse style – traditional red-white ginghams on a rich herringbone weave drapery. It’s but the height of vintage flair you can bring to any kitchen!

Or, consider a floral curtain like Crushed Ice which brings rustic charm with modern connotations in its beige vine motif laid out on a white backdrop. The rich embroidery adds to the homespun charisma while the palette stays pared-back with sophistication.




Get the Apt Style


Floor Length Curtains


Once you select the fabric, it is time to pay attention to other details. The heading style of the curtains as well as the hardware selection warrants forethought so you don’t miss the folksy rustic vibe of the farmhouse style. And here’s how you can nail it at the first strike!

Makeshift arrangements with easily available materials are very typical of the pastoral lifestyle and the farmhouse style integrates that aspect into its design formulas. So, as regards hardware, the branch of a birch tree can work as a drapery rod and give company to the band-sawn kitchen island.

If you don’t want to go that far, install wooden drapery rods to keep up with the style’s obsession with timberwork. In a more modern farmhouse, these can be replaced with metal drapery rods in a matte black finish to echo the black accents of the design.

Then, get the curtains stitched in styles that expose this show-worthy hardware. Styles like tab tops and tie tops don’t just expose the rod but also vouch for the ad hoc setups of the original farmhouse lifestyle in their fabric loops and knots. 

More modern curtain styles that suit the farmhouse-style kitchen are grommet tops and flat panel tops. Despite their modern appeal, the embossed grommets and the oversimple headers of these styles stay true to the farmhouse character. All of the above-mentioned styles are especially recommended if you intend to operate your curtains frequently as they slide easily on the rod.

Whereas, if you will rarely operate your curtains and you don’t want them to billow vigorously in the wind, rod pockets and back tab tops are the better choice. These curtains are also ideal if your hardware fails to meet the farmhouse style’s traits or you just don’t like to show it because they cover the rod, save when they are opened. With frilled headers, these homely and charming curtains transpire real country essence in the design. 

All these styles of curtains can pull off fantastic looks with lesser fullness and are ideal for short curtains. Avoid curtain styles that engage more fabric in the width as they can look cumbersome on small windows. 

With proper attention paid to the curtain style and the hardware, you’ve almost reached there.

If you need more guidance on various curtain heading styles, read Spiffy Spools’ Curtain Headings Style Guide.


Think Cafe Curtains and Valances


Cafe Curtains with Valances


History repeats itself unabashedly, and both fashion and design recycle ideas of the past simply because they are timeless. A 1980s feature that’s trending now in kitchens once again is the lovely pair of cafe curtains and valances. And a style that never let this duo leave centerstage is the farmhouse style. 

Cafe curtains are one of the most convenient window solutions for kitchens because they allow both light and privacy in a single shot. Covering only the lower half of the window, they offer just the right amount of coverage that a kitchen window needs. Since the window is always half-exposed, there is hardly any need to operate cafe curtains, taking that much of an effort off your tight schedule. While cafe curtains might remind you of your grandma’s kitchen, it’s wonderful if it’s truly smart and if you’ve loved her Thanksgiving meals, ain’t it?

Cafe curtains can do a fair job as stand-alone treatments. They provide a necessary amount of privacy as well as abundant light. But topping them with valances makes the scene better. Valances offer a grand topping to the casual cafe curtains and exude the pure country vibe that a farmhouse kitchen aspires to create. They keep the window dressed even when you’ve drawn your curtains open. When pairing the cafe curtains and valances, getting them done from the same fabric and in the same heading style is recommended for cohesiveness.  

And in case, your kitchen window is looking for no coverage but just a touch of softness or tone-on-tone layering, you can opt for farmhouse valances as the standalone treatment too. Dressing the top-fourth of the window, they don’t cut off light or views significantly, but they add a decorative element which is perhaps what your kitchen decor badly needs. Placed above the frame, they make the eye gravitate upward, making a small window look longer and a low-ceiling kitchen look taller than it is.




Winding Up


Rustic Kitchen


Following these design inputs, you’re sure to get the right look for your farmhouse kitchen windows. And every morning, as you watch your curtains billow while savoring your latte, you’ll thank yourself for having gone through this delightful process. Browse our collection and get custom curtains for your farmhouse kitchen in any size and style you wish. Happy designing from Spiffy Spools!



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