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Scandinavian Curtains: Bring Home the Ethereal Delight

Scandinavian curtains


Twentieth century’s biggest contribution from the Nordics to the world? Undoubtedly the classic, cozy and nature-inspired Scandinavian concept of interior design. What comes to mind immediately when you think of a Scandi room? Huge windows bedecked with white drapes in a white airy room enriched tastefully by soft wood accents? Yes, indeed! These are the hallmarks of this soothing and sophisticated design style. If you’re aiming at that uplifting Nordic mojo, go all white and shop a pair of Scandinavian curtains for your windows.

Spiffy Spools’ curated collection can never leave a Scandi fan without the best. Browse through our 2000+ fabrics, consult our interior design specialists and make use of our resourceful blogs for inspiration. Get your very own set of Scandinavian curtains today.

Five Signature Scandi Traits


Scandinavian bedroom curtains


Since Scandinavian design takes huge inspiration from the Danish philosophical concept of ‘hygge’, it focuses on creating spaces that are comfortable to live in and inviting to socialize with loved ones. The decluttered and snug ambiance that this Nordic style vouchsafes has simplicity and rhythm with nature as its mainstay. The aim is to maximize the sense of well-being by making the most of nature’s generous gifts, keeping the bare essentials and living in simplicity. Therefore, there are five key traits of this decor style that set it apart from the rest. Let’s have a look.

  • Functionality and simplicity – Intentional living is key – anything that lacks a functional use cannot find its way into a Scandinavian home.
  • Minimalism Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces with zero to minimum embellishments are meant to give free way to natural light.
  • Monochromatic palette Scandi decor often wears a pristine white look with black, pale wood and metallic accents. Muted nature-inspired colors are also used sparingly.
  • Layers and textures – Since the play is not with colors, it is with textures. Tactile materials and richly textured woven fabrics generate visual interest. 
  • Openness To ensure free passage of light and air, all obstructions are curtailed. 

Scandinavian Curtains: An Ethereal Delight


Living room Scandinavian curtains



In order to maximize natural light indoors, Scandi aesthetic believes in leaving the windows bare wherever possible. But for the acoustic and aesthetic benefits, and the privacy ensured by drapery, most people will not forego the opportunity. A set of plain white curtains that filter and soften the golden sun rays before they flood every nook and cranny make a Scandinavian room an ethereal delight. But if you aren’t a puritan, your curtains can sport a slight indulgence with neutral and soft colors as is true of the style itself. Here’s how you can ensure a Nordic touch to your home with Scandinavian curtains billowing merrily at your breezy windows.


The adoration for natural elements that is at the core of the Nordic decor is evident in its choice of materials. Therefore, textured, hardy, and breathing linens and cottons are first-line contestants for curtains because of their ability to filter air, reflect light and retain heat. And what a high-end classic appeal they render – exquisite and simplistic at one and same moment. The enigmatic Leh Pure and White Pepper prove the claim. And if you want to scale the romantic heights of Scandi design, the true whimsy is in the flimsy! Wherever privacy during night is not a concern, use sheer drapes to ensure maximum flow of light and air. Cheery translucent drapes rippling at every touch of a passing wind makes for the covetable-best of Scandi. Leh Almost White and Alban are some of the numerous lovely options we have for you among sheers and semi-sheers.  

Pleating Method 

Simplicity and maximization of light are the two parameters that window treatments in a Nordic home have to meet. Functional efficiency, not plush gather of fabric, gets the primacy. Drapery heading styles that smack of minimalism and clean finishes – like offered by flat panels, tab tops and back tabs – get the gold. Besides, more fullness also translates to more blockage of light and air. Hence curtain heading styles like pinch pleats – that feature full gather or embellished details – would be out of place in Scandi decor.

No-Nonsense Plain Whites

Plain white curtains that dissolve into the white walls are in keeping with the signature style of Scandi decor. They allow maximum light inflow when closed and reflect maximum light when opened – the most reliable chemistry for a light-friendly home. And what a classic, timeless look they proffer indeed! Just a glance at our Heavrth can convince us of this fact. The all-white clean drapes are the first and prime recommendation we offer for a Scandi decor. But if you want to welcome a more diverse palette and as we see occasionally in evolved practises, subtle hues like light beige or grey as in our Absolu and Shade should serve right.

Restrained Indulgence with Colors

Scandis purists would never give up their passion for plain white. But if a slight play with colors is needed for you to feel truly comfy with your space, then do go that extra mile without hesitation. Pastels and earthy hues are a nice fit. Here are some top suggestions to style with color:

  • Color-blocking: Narrow borders or color blocks of soft beige or grey gracing the top or bottom portion of a white drape can often be spotted in not-strictly-Scandi homes. The straight lines and the simplicity however, are quite Nordic, in spirit. A border of Gris trimming a plain white Marble is an example of this restrained play with hues.
  • Ombre: Another reticent take on colors is ombre. The gentle fading of white into earthy tones or bright pastels may not be true to the neat and straight finishes of Scandi but is quite at rhyme with its muted palette. Ombre fabrics like our Sudan Sand offer an element of visual interest while still maintaining the bottomline simplicity and neutrality. 

Patterns with Clean Lines

Apart from the complicated herringbone layout of the classic wooden floor-tiles of a Scandinavian home, the only other indulgence with patterns would be stripes and checks that sport clean lines. So, if you don’t want to restrict yourself to plains, you can try our understated striped and plaid fabrics like Pont Neuf, Trambone, Horizons and Houndstooth which vouch for affinity to neutral palettes. 

Accessories for Functional Purpose

For a style that worships simplicity, accessorizing the drapes should ideally be restricted to functional elements like wooden poles and fabric tiebacks. Ornate hardware and decorative tiebacks don’t belong here. A band stitched from the same fabric would quite easily fade into the backdrop instead of providing contrast of color or texture. Spiffy Spools’ fabric curtain tie-backs which are available in three styles, are truly in keeping with the Nordic style’s uncomplicated detailing.


In Closing


Grey Scandinavian Curtains


A designing style becomes most relevant to a home when it reflects the personality and the lifestyle of its members. There’s no wonder why modern minimalists fall for Scandi decor’s refreshing look. An all-white home is indisputably an ethereal delight – a sophisticated, resplendent, welcoming space. Window treatments are a milestone decision on the way to achieving this true Scandi look for your home. We hope that this blog proves resourceful to you for the same. And now, on to shopping with Spiffy Spools for your Scandinavian curtains



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