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Top Floral Bedroom Curtains for a Feminine Look

Top Floral Bedroom Curtains for a Feminine Look


Feminine curtain styles often feature soft, muted colors, gentle lines, and delicate patterns and are top choices for girls’ rooms window treatments, dining rooms window treatments, or nursery window treatments. If you’re hoping to pull off this aesthetic, check out our stylists’ top recommendations for floral bedroom curtains for a feminine look. We hope the following options will provide you with some great inspiration on the perfect window treatment for your bedroom!

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Featured Floral Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Floral Bedroom Curtains


Intricate vines in pastel blues, purples, and greens weave their way across a serene white backdrop on this sophisticated fabric. Alfold embodies femininity through its thoughtfully stitched, delicate pattern and high-quality materials, making it a wonderful treatment for your bedroom windows.


Floral Bedroom Curtains


You’ll find nothing but refinement and class with our lovely Gregale curtains. The detailed embroidery features elegant foliage in lilac, purple, and gray, which is repeated throughout the pale beige-cream background. To best showcase this fabric, we recommend selecting pinched pleat curtains that create graceful folds from top to bottom.


Sweet Spring

Just as the name sounds, these curtains effortlessly capture the essence of spring. The fabric is created with 100% linen for a light and airy feel, and it is accented with a motif of leafstalks and leaves. The stalks are stitched with a soft green thread, while the leaves are made of a green appliqué fabric that jumps off the curtains.


Our Aster curtains are both stunning and stylish. While these curtains feature a darker color scheme of terracotta red, sandstone orange, and slate gray, the oversized blossoms, tendrils, and vines spanning from edge to edge are undeniably feminine. The dainty swirls that frame each bloom help to soften the look, but the overall pattern is refined and bold.


Wind Rose

Wind Rose is the epitome of a girly and flirty print. The sheer white and pink linen fabric is covered with an expanse of oversized butterflies and dancing blooms. It has a lovely texture that’s flawlessly accented by the multi-pink pattern to provide a dynamic element. With their chic and playful look, Wind Rose floral curtains are a fabulous addition to any feminine bedroom.


Floral Bedroom Curtains

Senorita Orange

Enjoy a modern twist on traditional floral prints with Senorita Orange curtains from Spiffy Spools. This design features larger-than-life blossoms in an autumnal palette of oranges, yellows, and reds. A cream backdrop provides a gentle balance to these vibrant colors while also helping to create a refreshing, contemporary feel. If you’d like to stray away from the customary definition of “feminine,” these are the curtains for you.


Floral Bedroom Curtains


The shimmery champagne-gold and soft beige colors of this exquisite fabric exude elegance. An embossed floral pattern covers the fabric from end to end, and its raised contours only further add to the impressive look. A truly eye-catching selection, Verbania may be exactly what you need to bring together your bedroom.


Tips for Styling Your Curtains

Okay, so you’ve selected the best floral bedroom curtains for your space. But how can you get the best look with your new curtains? Here are a few styling tips to create a beautiful, feminine aesthetic:

  • Puddled curtains. This style is achieved by allowing the curtain fabric to gather on the floor in a graceful pool, providing a luxurious and opulent feel. Learn how to create this look in our article, Puddled Curtains and Drapes Styling Ideas.
  • Leave some room above the window. Be careful not to install your curtains too close to your window frame, as this can make your ceilings appear lower. For a good look, mount your curtains 4, 6, or even 12 inches above the frame.
  • Double the fullness. To create a fuller look, consider doubling your fabric width. This will allow you to create a lush, full gather rather than an underwhelming bundle. Also remember that if you are shopping for extra wide curtains of over 48 inches, then you can expect your drapery panels to have a join in them. With ample fullness, the joins and hems in your drapery panels will hide in the pleats.
  • Extend the pole. By extending the pole beyond the window frame, the curtains will fall in a way that makes the window feel lavish and grand. Plus, it will allow in more natural light when the curtains are pulled back.


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope you’re inspired by these floral bedroom curtains! If you’re ready to start shopping, order your custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to design curtains that fit your exact specifications and style. And whether you’re looking for tips to measure curtains for your sidelight windows, or simply want to learn how to hem your curtains, our extensive Spiffy Speak blog will serve up all the ideas and inspiration you need! Explore our site to find the perfect options for your bedroom.



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