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White Curtains with Trims: AKA Elegance on Elegance

White Curtains with Black Ribbon Trim


So, you like the classic no-nonsensical pristine white curtains but also want an exquisite element to ring in the oomph? This blog’s creative suggestions will offer you more than just a solution. Delicate add-ons that spell tastefulness without taking away anything from the sophistication of pure white are elegance on elegance. White curtains with trims – that can go from a casual playful blue pom pom to a traditional formal black tassel fringe – offer choices aplenty for zhuzhed up decor. They proffer that personalized look which is the proud proposition and exclusive claim of custom drapery

Find yourselves in safe hands as you embark on the mission to spice up your space with eye-catching, heart-warming passementerie. Spiffy Spools’ copious collection of pure white bolts and drapery trims of various tastes and colors  are right at your disposal – just a click away. Our expert stylists will take you through the artful tactics of pepping up these white beauties before they flank your windows.  


Dainty Details. Incredible Impact.


White Curtains with Ribbon Trim


A dainty little detail on the lead edges can make such a world of difference to your white drapes! A serious straightforward appeal is instantly tweaked to a light-hearted, artistic charisma. And what might have run the risk of going sterile becomes a statement decor instantly! But there’s more to a drapery trimming than meets the eye. See these overwhelmingly impressive opportunities galore:

  • Trims spell out the bespoke character of your white curtains.
  • White curtains with trims – featuring  accent colors like an oceanic blue or a fiery red – stand out in a white room instead of getting lost in the architecture because of the defined separation.
  • The theme of the room gets definition in the trim. White curtains with baby blue pom pom trims grace the playful nursery, velvet ribbons uphold the formal mood, fringes play a casual note, and so on.
  • If you claim a special adoration for time-honored crafts, no better way to show it than in hand-made tassels, braids, and knitted trims!
  • White curtains with vintage trims evoke a rustic feel – a rather cost-effective and easy trick to transform a modern drape into vintage decor.
  • Trims add textural variety to flat weave fabrics and color for easy two-toning of the white drape, generating visual interest that wouldn’t have come by if left bare.
  • A multi-colored trim can bind the accent colors of your decor scattered in various elements across the room.

Varied Tastes – Varied Options

The essence of a style is best highlighted in its most minor details. Trims are those versatile decor elements that can change the whole look of your window with effortless ease. White curtains with trims like gimp braids, tassels or ribbons are a loud and clear statement that your home styling wasn’t an eleventh-hour gig. And, as it is with all things, tastes and preferences vary from person to person. We will walk you through the five best alternatives and you can discern what best suits your aesthetic vision.

White Curtains with Ribbons


White Curtains with Green Ribbon Trim


The most minimalist of all trimmings, ribbons with their clean edges offer a streamlined mode of embellishment. You can either get them stitched to the sides and bottom borders or a few inches away from the hem in an inset position. 

A variety of colors and patterns are at your disposal. Available in different sizes and tones, the textured grosgrains and the soft, plush velvets offer the benefits of pairing solid colors. Both offer tactile variety besides color and attractiveness to the white curtain. 

If you love patterns, take the bold and formal geometric trims that can easily make your white drapes a statement decor. Polygons, trellis, and Greek key patterns offer an optical treat of curves and straight lines welding together in a decorous flow.  If complex shapes are not your taste, choose simpler patterns like stripes for a clean, uncluttered look. Be assured that this moderate use of patterns will accentuate the classic appeal of your plain white drapes letting few eyes take their gaze off them. 

White Curtains with Tassel Trims


White Curtains with Tassel Trim


Want to bring a bit of drama to your room? Go for a traditional dressed-up look with an eccentric dose of gilded and braided garnishment. Imagine a cascading black tassel trim on the lead edges of your white curtains; it won’t just evoke whimsy but also soften up the stiff, straight finishes of the hems. Gently gathered and tacked yarns hung on hand-knit headers are but the choicest of all artistic ways to trim your white drapes. 

Not by mechanical processes, but by meticulous, creative, and industrious hands – these little flourishes are truly ornaments for your snowy drapes. We have tassels with aureate braids that smack of the Victorian era’s intricate detailing as well as the simple bell-shaped trinkets for moderate embellishment. Whatever you choose, there’s a full guarantee that this set of white curtains with trims is a no-fail recipe for an insta-worthy post.


White Curtains with Pom Pom Trim


White Curtains with Pom Pom Trim


Tufted squishy pom poms framing your clear-white curtains launch the room into a playful and cheery ambit instantly. And what a lovely excuse to inject a pop of color into the room! If you’re keen to have white curtains but confused about how to blend them with the color-laden decor of your home, multi-colored pompom trims are a merry way to marry the neutral white with the vibrance of your design. 

Our lush soft single-toned, double-toned, and multi-toned pom poms are just the trim your white curtains need to bring a casual, light-hearted vibe to your space.


White Curtains with Brush Fringes


Printed white curtains with brush fringe


If you’ve decided on customizing your white curtains with trims but want neither the casual playfulness of pom poms nor the exquisite grandeur implied by tassels nor even the minimalist clean lines of ribbons, then fringes offer you an intermediary solution. 

Thick brush-like strands neatly arranged on a knitted header are quite a whimsical aid to upscale your white curtains to a premium classy look. Cotton brush fringes confer a rustic appeal while the silky viscose ones lend a grand, luxe vibe. Your choice should hinge on the style of your decor. These zingy trims serve to soften and blur the bare stark edges of your white curtains. Although thickly gathered, they flutter gently with the passing winds, offering a visual treat that is both relaxing and engaging. 


White Curtains with Tapes and Braids

Gimp Braid Trims

‘Waltz’ Trim Collection from Spiffy Spools


For a trim that has clean lines like ribbons and made-by-hand features as tassels, use our exotic tapes and braids. Elegant, intricate, and jewel-like, these artistic trims give an opulent finish to the minimalistic white drapes. 

The glazed rustic gimps can fine-finish your silk drapes on a regal note and the matte mosaic-like braids can lend the simplistic cottons and linens a ritzy sumptuousness. Like ribbons, they stand fully attached to the drapery without any loose ends, proffering a tailored look and pared-down elegance.

Final Touches

In closing, we can say that trims are delightful details that do for a home what jewels do for you. White curtains with trims only lend those already gorgeous window dressings a grander, more attractive, and cheery look, taking nothing away from the minimalist white base. Pack color, glamor, and artistic touch onto your white curtains by using trims to frame them. Have fun shopping and draping at Spiffy Spools!



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