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Sheer Bedroom Curtains: Ideas & Tips

Sheer Bedroom Curtains


Soft, whimsical, and elegant, sheer curtains are a beautiful, serene selection for your bedroom. Their versatility provides you with plenty of styling options, and they offer a timeless look that matches all kinds of décor. If you’re planning on enhancing your bedroom’s aesthetics with a delicate decoration, look no further than sheer bedroom curtains. Use these top sheer bedroom curtain ideas to help you select and style sheer bedroom curtains to enhance your space.

Whether you’re looking for curtains for small bedrooms or the oddly shaped large bay windows in your master bedroom, we hand-stitch window treatments with precise measurements and bundles of love for windows of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Order custom curtains and drapes from Spiffy Spools online with the exact measurements of your windows and pick from over 3,000 fabrics and patterns that are sure to match your decor style!


A Fairytale Bedroom with Sheer Curtains


Fairytale Bedroom Sheer Curtains


We love to decorate our bedrooms like a fantasy land with all the little things that pique our fancy or have a story to them. And all the splurging gets justified for this ‘me space’ since we rest and revive here. But when it comes to adding sheer bedroom curtains, the good news is that it does not only have great designing potential but is also kind with your pockets.

One look at a sheer fabric and a creative’s mind floods with ideas. The way sheers blur the view and soften the light lifts the whole bedroom with cheerfulness. There are many ways to plan sheer curtains, no matter what your personal decor style is. Here are some of the top recommendations from our home decor specialists:


Layer Your Sheer Bedroom Curtains


Layer Curtains in Bedroom


While great looks are guaranteed, what sheers don’t provide is privacy during the night. But in a bedroom, that aspect might be key. Besides, at night, sheers also fail to bar the city lights from peeking into your bedroom. So, layering sheer curtains with opaque treatments is highly recommended while selecting your master bedroom curtains. While sheers provide privacy during the day and soften the daylight, the second layer provides privacy and insulation during the night.

Besides, sheer bedroom curtains look fabulous when layered. For a fully dressed-up look, our stylists recommend layering your sheer selection with curtains or shades. Not only does this provide an elegant effect, but layering offers flexibility on light and privacy control as well, which is important to keep in mind for your bedroom. If privacy allows, you can even layer multiple sheers for a more dramatic and graceful look.

When going for double-layered treatment, you have the opportunity of bringing solids and patterns together. This combination is eye-catchy and shows how much forethought has been invested into the designing process. It is important to match the solids to the accent hues of the pattern. Alternatively, you can also mix two colors or two textures for a grand appeal.




Use Standalone Sheers


Pattern Sheer Curtains


If your windows are not accessible to view and city lights are no hindrance to sound sleep, sheer bedroom curtains as standalone are a great idea. Being lightweight, they never overwhelm the window while still distributing light across the bedroom. They are easy to maintain and look fantastic, to say the least. 

White sheers are a classic choice, but sheers also come in a full variety of fabulous colors and patterns that can complement the design of your bedroom. No matter what colors or patterns you choose, all sheers are soft and light-filtering, bringing an airy feel to any space. If you’re looking to brighten up your room, adding delicate sheer curtains may be exactly what you need.

Stylist tip: When ordering your selection, don’t be stingy on fabric. Sheers need more panel width than regular fabric drapery to achieve the same rich and full look. We recommend 3x fullness factor for sheers. For detailed guidance on measuring for your custom drapes, see our Sizing Guide.


Divide Your Bedroom


Sheer curtain room divider


One of the things we learnt the hard way during lockdowns is that bedrooms can also become offices. It is not unusual to find a dedicated area within the bedroom for a totally off-beat purpose. Crammed cities can often afford only small homes where each room has to work very hard to meet the family’s needs, even the bedroom. Such situations are comprehensible, while it is also important to mark off these areas clearly for a more organized way of life.

Sheer bedroom curtains work well for dividing spaces and your master suite can also benefit from this technique. Bifurcate the room into smaller zones with splendid floor-length sheer curtains. Hang them on easily available drapery rods or set them on ceiling-mounted tracks for a more wholesome division.

With their light and airy feel, sheer curtains may appear to be part of your décor rather than an intrusive wall. They will help provide the separation you’re looking for while adding to the visual appeal of your bedroom.


An Easy Addition


Layering Sheer & Blackout Curtains


If you already have curtains, simply adding sheers to them will instantly transform the window treatment. This eclectic mix of the hardy and the flimsy in two color tones will become an attractive feature in your den. 

There are umpteen ways to achieve this eye-catchy mix. Arrange opaque panels alternately with narrow sheer panels. Or design wide sheer panels interspersed with narrow opaque panels. Determine which layer takes the bulk of the share depending on the level of light control and privacy you wish to ensure.

Another way to pair sheers and regular curtains is to let one frame the other. So, you frame sheers curtains with opaque curtains or vice versa; both look excellent. The thumb rule is to design the layer in the center with the neutral or less bold hue of the two.

If you have a double pole configuration in the hardware, you can hang the sheer curtains behind and the opaque curtains on the front. When the opaque curtains are drawn, you don’t see the sheers. This way you can create a different look for your bedroom by the mere drawing of the front layer of curtains.

Another idea is to hang the opaque drapes behind the sheer curtains. Here, sheers are fulfilling a major decorative role of softening the colors and/or patterns of the inner curtains. If your opaque drapes are designed with colors that are not the best fit for your bedroom, this technique will help to calm their austerity or their boldness fittingly.

Since sheers are so versatile and classic, you can trust they will match your space flawlessly without seeming like a retrospective add-on. Whether you’re looking to enhance a girl’s bedroom, a boy’s bedroom, or even your own master bedroom, you really can’t go wrong if you choose sheer bedroom curtains. Just be sure that you keep privacy in mind!




A Cozy Whimsical Bed


Poster bed sheer curtains


If you love the look of sheers, don’t stop with the curtains. Go for a whimsical bed canopy with sheer curtains. It gives off a very cozy vibe and creates a more private zone within the bedroom. And the looks are just awesome. On occasions, you can hang faux vines or fairy lights to pep up the space further. 

If you’re yet to invest in a bed, get a four-poster bed with a view to envelop your bed with sheer curtains. If you have a bed already, there are creative ways of making a bed canopy easily by yourself. For example, you can ceiling mount drapery rods or tracks and hang the sheer curtains on them. Or put your hula hoop to the best use for a sheer canopy that hugs you as you go to sleep.


Featured Sheer Bedroom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Spiffy Spools offers a variety of sheer bedroom curtain options for you to choose from. Here is a selection of our popular sheers:


Spotlight On: Aklamak

Sheer Custom Long Drapes

Aklamak is no ordinary sheer. Its white backdrop is dashed with a shimmery silver metallic to further add to the sophistication of the fabric. Aklamak curtains make a wonderful standalone option, but they can also be layered with other fabrics as well.


Spotlight On: Bumble Bee

Yellow Sheer Custom Window Drapes

Add a fun pop of color to your bedroom with our Bumble Bee curtains. The sheer, pale-yellow fabric features a thin stripe weave pattern and simply exudes cheerfulness. When natural light hits these curtains, it combines perfectly with the yellow color to create a gorgeous sunlit effect.


Spotlight On: Folha

Floral Custom Drapery & Roman Blinds For Bedroom

Folha curtains are a semi-sheer option that would look fabulous standalone or layered. The backdrop is a pale beige that’s embroidered with a stunning floral vine pattern in teal blue. If you’re a fan of floral designs, you’ll certainly fall in love with this fabric!


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope you’re inspired by these sheer bedroom curtain ideas! So if you’re ready to start shopping, order your custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. With over 3,000 fabrics, we make it easy to design curtains that fit your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your bedroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.



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