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Bedroom Curtain Ideas for Your Perfect Room

As you’re designing a new bedroom layout or simply reevaluating your existing bedroom’s décor, it’s important not to underestimate the effect that curtains can have on your space. Whether your bedroom receives a great deal of natural light with expansive windows or only has a limited view of the outdoors, your bedroom curtains will interact directly with this light, profoundly affecting the look and feel of your space.

Looking for some great bedroom curtain ideas but not sure how or where to start? You can begin by determining a few factors when it comes to your bedroom curtain preferences. Additionally, the color, pattern, and material that you choose for your bedroom curtains will play an important role in the overall interior design of your space.


Narrowing Down Your Options for Bedroom Curtain

Before you can indulge your bedroom curtain ideas, it’s important to keep the size and shape of your window (or windows) in mind. The amount of space your window takes up will likely play a role in the curtain you choose. For example, you may like the idea of an eye-catching curtain for a smaller window, but the same curtain may seem like too much when paired with a larger window or French door.

Do your best bedroom curtain ideas include an enticing pattern or bold color? Or is the clean, simple look more your style? Let’s explore some of the best Spiffy Spools options when it comes to bedroom curtain ideas that will make your bedroom décor feel complete. 




Pop of Color in Bedroom Curtain

For some, a brightly colored bedroom curtain is exactly what they need to make their bedroom feel cozy and inviting. We offer high-quality curtains in a variety of bold and exciting colors, including our pink ‘Yamini Shamwari’ Made to Measure Cotton Drapes, which can be perfectly customized to fit your space.



If a darker color is more your style, but you like the idea of a bold pop of color at your bedroom window, you might enjoy our ‘Wishing Well’ Navy Blue Velvet Curtains. These curtains combine a delicate pop of deep blue while also featuring a distinctive velvety texture, which can help to break up the monotony of otherwise simple dĂ©cor. 


Eye-Catching Patterns in Bedroom Curtain

Not every patterned curtain would be considered to be a statement piece within a space; however, we have plenty of options to suit your preferences if a statement piece is what you’re going for. Our ‘Jaguar Totemic’ Custom Drapes combine several geometric patterns and textures to create a larger image that draws the eye immediately upon entering. Plus, the distinctive combination of mint, red, beige, and charcoal can add an intriguing splash of color and interest to a pale or otherwise clean-cut layout.



Are you looking for a bold pattern that’s a bit more artistic and less geometric? Our ‘Teramo’ French Country Print Curtains combine multiple lovely shades of cream, gray, blue, and delicate red to create an enjoyable scene of elegant peacocks perched among the branches of rose bushes. This printed curtain tells a story all its own while seamlessly fitting into a variety of interior design layouts.



Big, bold patterns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why Spiffy Spools also offers a wide variety of delicate and subtle patterns, such as the interwoven leaf design found on our ‘Raupya’ Blackout Window Curtains. In addition to a delicate pattern that only becomes apparent up close, these curtains also offer complete blackout capabilities so that you can maintain total control over the quality of light in your bedroom. 


Simple and Soothing Tones 

If your bedroom curtain ideas tend to include more classic and simple styles than bright colors or patterns, we have plenty of excellent options for you at Spiffy Spools. One of our favorites in this category is the ‘Leh Almost White’ Custom Sheer Linen Curtains, which feature a delicate ivory color that lets in an impressive amount of natural light due to its sheer material.


Interested in a clean, simple white curtain but need more light blockage than a sheer linen curtain can provide? Our ‘Shwet’ White Blackout Curtains are the perfect option to meet your needs. 




Bring Your Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Life with Spiffy Spools Customization 

It’s important to feel comfortable and fully restful in your bedroom. Contact us today to create the perfect bedroom curtain down to size, texture, pattern, color, and more.  Whatever your bedroom curtain ideas may be, we can make it happen at Spiffy Spools with full curtain and drape customization capabilities.


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