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Bay Window Roman Shades: Elegance with Brilliance

Blue Roman Shades for Bay Window


Home is our best-loved place on earth and should be so aesthetically envisioned that we may weave beautiful memories here that last a lifetime. Small cozy nooks like bay windows add special features to the home, both internally and externally, and double up as retreat zones for reading, contemplation, and a peek into your flower-laden garden. These lovely sunshine hubs call for special window treatments becoming of their elegance and what’s more befitting than custom bay window roman shades?

As much as homeowners are proud of their bay windows, home stylists puzzle over the right kind of treatment. The challenge is posed by the shape of the structure as well as the unique functional aspect it serves in the interiors. Bay windows often feature built-in seating arrangements with storage units or radiators underneath. Floor to ceiling curtains are often not viable here, and sill-length drapery can ruin the fairy-tale vibe of this snug little den. It is here that custom roman shades for bay windows come out as the winner. 

And if you are more than convinced on this one, we’re not surprised. We’re about to share with you some excellent tips to design them like a pro. And so, here we go.


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Secrets to Dressing Up Your Bay Windows Right


Roman Shades for Bay Window


Bay windows usually feature three sections, with one flat frontage and two angled sides. The challenge they pose is their angular arrangement which can make it difficult for curtain poles to be installed without breaks. But with custom roman shades, this agony is resolved since each shade is complete in itself and therefore no special hardware is required to run continuously across the entire span of these angular windows, making it easier option to mount roman shades than curtains.

If the measurements are taken with precision, there’s nothing to stop your bay window from getting dressed in this haute couture garment. Here are our stylists’ tips to dress them right:


Continuous or Individual


Bay Window Roman Blinds


One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to treat each window individually or as one continuous set of windows on each wall. Would you prefer having one continuous shade for the entire side or separate shades for each window? 

If there are wide gaps between the windows, individual treatments may look better.  If there are no gaps or very narrow gaps between the windows, a single shade would proffer a very neat look, tying a set of windows together with one nice bow. 

That said, note that a shade whose width exceeds 96 inches is not going to be easy to operate. Therefore, for a wider span, install multiple panels outside the frame such that they sit tight without any gaps. This way, they will still proffer a unified look.


Privacy & Light Requirements


Dining Bay Window with Roman Shades


While bay windows are more efficient at allowing fresh air and natural light into the home, it is not safe to assume that this is their primary purpose. Sometimes, privacy control may be more necessary than light infiltration. With seating arrangements exposed continuously to the harsh sunlight in summers, you may want to protect the pricey upholstery from premature weathering. So, define the range of treatment you need regarding these two aspects.

If the bay window is located in your foyer, living room, dining area, or kitchen, sheer roman shades that let in light and provide privacy during the day may be better options. For bedrooms and guest rooms and all private zones, opaque shades serve the purpose right. If the window is exposed to extreme levels of heat and sunlight, we suggest you order blackout roman shades or ordinary shades with blackout linings. 


Focal Point or Demure


Bay Window Roman Shades


Bay windows command attention by their very construct. Even if denied engaging decor elements, they are innately magnetic. But do you want it to be the focal point of the room or let it self-effacingly make way for other elements to stand out?

Use roman shades with bold colors or spirited motifs that make their presence felt. Employ deep contrasts in the color and material palette. This way, they get to be the center of attention. 

Or choose solid wall-colored shades that get lost in the architecture, unnoticed yet adding elegance. The second approach is more befitting where there are other elements nearby that command attention such as a spiral staircase, magnificent chandelier, or a high-end couch. Employ subtle contrasts for an intermediary approach, especially if the overall decor style features muted colors and understated design.


Bay Windows Without Seating


Roman Shades for Bathroom Bay Window

Some bay windows are designed to provide more floor space and a nook that can come in handy to display large houseplants, or place a bathtub.  Ceiling-to-floor curtains can make this decorative recess impressive, provided you can install the right angling hardware. In other cases, roman shades would still be the best solution because they help to highlight the shape of the bay window where curtains might cover them up and underplay their unique charm. 


Bay Windows with Seating


Bay Window Seat with Roman Shades


The essence of interior designing is in the detailing. If you happen to have a bench seat under your windows, you have an opportunity to endow this cozy nook some more gems from the designing world. Imagine your beautiful windows flanked by custom roman shades and the seating upholstery and throw pillows exuding harmony by featuring the same fabric. Co-ordinated decor elements show the aesthetic sensibility as well as the thoughtfulness invested in the process of designing. So, take a look at the add-ons available with us and ensure a custom look for your bay window by designing it with synchronized elements. 




Faux Roman Shade Valance


If your bay window functions as the only source of natural light for the entire area and you would rather go only for a decorative window treatment to make the most of it, we suggest you consider faux roman shade valances. These are nothing but valances designed with stitched-in folds that imitate the look of a roman shade that is drawn up. They provide a certain level of light control too. These stationary shades provide an opportunity to introduce color and softness to the room at quite an economic budget. Some clients prefer to install integrated venetian blinds or solar blinds for the functional aspect and faux shades for a decorative element – a fantastic blend of the traditional and the modern!


Fold Style


Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come in three styles: flat folds with front slats, flat folds with back slats, and relaxed roman shades. They cater to three varied kinds of purposes and aesthetic concerns. For solid fabrics, front-slatted and relaxed shades are recommendable as the horizontal hemlines or the swagging bottoms can provide a striking feature to the shade. Whereas bold-patterned fabrics should ideally be stitched in back-slatted or relaxed styles so they can use the undisturbed frontage to air the shapes without distortion. Fabrics with tiny patterns look good with any of the three styles. If you’re looking for the highest functional efficiency, flat folds can satisfy you whereas if your shades will be left mostly stationary without frequent operation, relaxed shades may be considered.






Bay Window Roman Shades


We hope that these tips serve as a resourceful reference for you to design your beautiful home and especially, your bay windows with a refreshing and befitting roman shade. At the end of this engaging episode of planning, designing, and executing, there you’ll have your bay window dressed to dazzle. As unique architectural features on the external elevation and elegant light-soaked nooks within a thoughtfully dressed-up room, your bay window will be an assured reason for pride. 


Order Custom Roman Shades from Spiffy Spools

Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come with all accessories and well within the committed time. You only need to install them as per the instructions. Child safety anchors are provided for the cords so you can rest easy when kids are around. With an immensity of fabric choices waiting for you – from laid-back linens to opulent silks, from pristine whites to dramatic blacks, and all in between – what can perhaps hold you back from finding the best roman shades for your bay windows today? Have a lovely time at Spiffy Spools!



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