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How to Capture the Cozy Cottagecore Aesthetic in Your Home

Cottagecore Aesthetic


If you love subtle and gentle interior designs, then you are probably looking for ways to incorporate such elements into your home. There is an abundance of ideas online, but for ultimate coziness and a soothing atmosphere in your home, you might want to consider cottagecore aesthetic. If you are wondering what this design is and how to achieve it in your home, read on. 


What is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

This trending aesthetic was inspired by an idealized version of Western farm life. The principles it has are harmony and simplicity with a dash of natural elements. This trend in interior design started popping up on Pinterest in 2018, and since then it has become one of the trendiest aesthetics and many people have started adjusting their homes to this dreamy design to shift their home decor style and create dreamy country kitchens and farmhouse style rustic chic living rooms. If you want to join the trend and enjoy serenity in your home, here is how you can do it. 


Start With the Main Color

Before you start adding accessories and other elements, you need to pick the base color. The foundation of any room should stay in muted, earthy tones, such as beige, brown, pale green, and yellow. With those shades, you can create a perfect base that can easily be enriched with fun and soothing elements to provide contrast and harmony. Also, you should keep it simple with the base color since other elements are those that will provide a breath of life. 

You can start by incorporating these color tones in your walls or through soft furnishings like cushion covers, bedding, custom window treatments, table runners, etc.


Decorate the Walls

Now that the base color is in place, it’s time to provide more personality to your walls. One example is picking an accent wall on which you will place the wallpaper. To truly lean into the cottagecore aesthetic, you can choose a print with plenty of field flowers organized neatly. This wallpaper design can consist of any florals that you’d like. To fill the rest of the walls, you can focus on adding some simple wall art. Since the accent wall is kind of complex, you can contrast it with a line art poster of your favorite flower, item, or any other shape of your choice. Such posters are simple and minimalist which won’t disturb the serenity of this interior design, and they will complement it with their gentle style. 


Pick the Right Patterns

The cottagecore thrives on traditional and rustic patterns with a welcoming warm vibe that reflects the simplicity and natural appeal of rural life. Pick patterns like buffalo checks, houndstooth, petite florals, ginghams, and toiles, and incorporate them into your sofa covers, curtains, table runners, or upholstery. Additionally, employ lace or crochet patterns as their intricate designs add a touch of femininity and softness to the overall décor, enhancing the cozy and welcoming vibe of the cottagecore style.




Focus on Coziness

When it comes to cottagecore aesthetics, coziness is key. No matter which room you are dressing up in this design, you should make it as cozy as possible. To bump up the cozy vibes, you should focus on warm lighting, plenty of natural light, and soothing light colors. Also, make sure to add texture, too. You can do that through soft and fluffy rugs, pillows, blankets, country or farmhouse style curtains, and throws. Once you arrange such elements around the room, you will notice an instant change and will fall in love with this aesthetic. 


Bring the Nature Inside

Even though this aesthetic is simple, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Due to its gentle colors and textures, cottagecore can seem a bit empty sometimes. That is why one of the most important elements of this design is nature. As it draws inspiration from farm life, you should bring nature inside your home to tie the whole look together. If you love houseplants, add as many as you can in each room. You can set up climbing plants on shelves and let them climb the walls to decorate the room. Other houseplants are welcome, too! You can also add flowers – from ditsy daisies and baby’s breath that blend into the room to colorful accents like lilies and orchids, whatever your taste admires. Read our blog on floral design where our stylists discuss the seven key elements of floral design to get fantastic results with your own floral arrangements.

Another way to bring nature into this design is dried flowers. You can press and dry your favorite flowers and frame them in wood frames and hang them wherever you’d like. Or make a bouquet of your favorite dried flowers and set them up on the dining table, desk, and dressers. Additionally, you can focus on natural materials for furniture, such as rustic wood and organic cotton furnishings and linen. Whatever you want to add, just think about how it can provide that touch of nature this aesthetic loves. 




To Conclude

Cottagecore aesthetic is one of the most gentle interior designs for your home. So, if you like a cozy and soothing home, you should give this aesthetic a chance. You will truly enjoy it. Incorporate this style with wooden furniture, flowers, statement cutlery, and our specialty custom curtains and roman shades. You’re sure to find yourself transferred into a dreamy abode. 



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