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Bathroom Window Treatments: Top Options For Your ‘Me’ Space

Bathroom Window Treatments


Bathrooms are perhaps the most utility-oriented rooms of a house – the most maintained yet often also the least styled. But whether you consider them a purely functional space to conduct a daily ritual or a relatively more beloved “me space” – privacy here is key – thereby making bathroom window treatments one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your very own rejuvenating retreat. 

To this end, Spiffy Spools is at your disposal with tips to dress up bathroom windows, a wide range of curated collections, multiple dressing options, and suitable assistance from our expert stylists. 

Bathroom window treatments can range from functionally efficient cellular blinds to fancifully gliding puddled drapes. Your choice should factor in your functional priorities, aesthetic vision, decor style, and the features of your bathroom. It’s a tough row to hoe, therefore this blog aims to help you to master the balance between form and function while you shop here for your bathroom window treatments




Bathroom Window Sheer Curtains


Bathrooms are where you begin the day and end it, where you are ‘you’ without pretense or regret, where you escape with an uncluttered, unfettered mind, and where many an internal battle is won with a bubble and a splash! Working your personal spa to its nano details is, therefore, well worth the toil but easier said than done. 

Even as you are charged with a shopping spree, myriad questions can overwhelm you. Curtains or blinds or shades? Which material, which style, which color? You want a window treatment that nails the look, keeps the functionality, and proves easy for upkeep, so keeping an eye on a few key criteria is important. What are these key factors to bear in mind? Here goes…


Privacy guard vs light inflow: Unless your bathroom window is facing an uninhabited area or to a private room, privacy typically will be the key concern when selecting window treatments. But natural light and heat inflow are necessary to ensure hygiene. Striking the balance is the key requirement. Choose a window treatment that can let in ample light as well as maintain privacy when closed, and provide free passage of air and light when opened. 


Keeping mold at bay/ Ease of upkeep: The high levels of humidity in bathrooms makes them the most welcoming hosts to mold and mildew; wrong window treatments make the case worse. Hardwood shades and shutters – for example – don’t work well in bathrooms because the humidity and heat cause them to crack, warp and peel over time. Consider using materials that are least porous to ensure minimum water absorption, faster drying to avoid mold formation, and easier to wash – for example – man-made fibers for drapes, and faux wood in blinds. Apply the same logic when selecting the accessories and add-ons too.  


Distance of window from the wet area: If your wet area is sufficiently far from the window, the risk of exposing your window treatments to damp floors and humid air is minimized though not completely nullified. The farther, the better, the more leverage you have on the choice of material and style. Floor-length drapery, for example, may not be practical in a small bathroom, but in a large enough space – they are the perfect medium to bring softness to what can often be a sterile space. 


Blend with the style: Let your bathroom window treatments blend with the style reflected in the interiors. White rod-pocket sheers can fine-finish your Scandinavian bath, checked roman shades can do the job for a farmhouse look and cellular blinds should top your ultra-modern acrylic tub shower with impressive sophistication. Valances finished with ornate tassel trims pair up beautifully with a clawfoot tub to intensify the whimsy in a traditional shower room. Whatever the style, there is an alternative that blends with your decor effortlessly. 


Shrinkage/stretching of fabric: If you’re choosing fabrics, make sure to consider their dimensional stability. When in contact with water, fabrics can shrink or stretch. Since bathrooms are the epicenter of humidity in the home, this can cause the drape to outgrow the required length with sagging protrudes or contract distastefully. Man-made fibers like polyesters usually resist this phenomenon, dry faster, and therefore stand up to mold and mildew. Natural materials like lightweight cotton are also well-suited for larger spaces. We recommend avoiding thick, heavyweight fabrics as they tend to retain moisture longer and are therefore less immune to mildew build-up.




Bathroom Roman Shades


Having made note of the deciding factors, you may now want to know what the various options are for bathroom windows. Well, you will not run out of choices we assure you;  what you might face rather is a choice overload. We enlist them here to expose the whole array for you to choose from.




Bathroom window curtains



Curtains have a coziness that alone is enough for many clients to put drapes at top of their list. They can soften an area otherwise dominated by hard surfaces. Cafe curtains prove ideal in many bathrooms with their ability to block the view of half of the window while letting in air and light through the open area above. If your bathroom’s window is at a safe distance from the wet area, floor-length drapes have the potential to become the show stoppers in your sanctuary. The key factor to bear in mind when choosing drapery is the fabric weight and composition. Make sure you’re picking lightweight fabrics so they dry sooner, and don’t collect dust and moisture in folds. Man-made fibers can get all the boxes ticked to your relief and come with a variety of colors and designs to soothe your artistic leanings. 



Roman Shades


Bathroom Roman Shades


If you want to use fabric but want a less frilly and fussy option than curtains, a set of classic custom roman shades will answer your call. Its versatility to blend with any style of decor from traditional to modern makes it our bestseller.  You can make them outright simplistic or stylistically ornate by choice of fabric and the stitching style. In any case, their elegant, neat, tailored look can uplift the coziness and charm of your bathroom instantly. You can go for the flat folds for an architectural finish or for the European curved folds for a more casual and relaxed feel. To keep mildew in check, always go for less porous, light-weighted fabrics.






Bathroom Valance


Valances dress up the top portion of the window and are usually used to pair up with curtains but do an equally nice job if used as a stand-alone in bathrooms. They are perfect for spaces where privacy is not a key priority, or where windows are frosted for privacy but you need an excuse to bring in color and oomph. They can also top your cafe curtains to render extra coverage and do a fabulous job of prepping up your curtains with further finery if you so wish to adorn your “me space”.

What curtains, shades, and valances offer in essence is the hygge factor and the tremendous scope of creativity that comes with varied colors, patterns, textures, and styles – unparalleled by the non-fabric bathroom window treatments available thus far. However, a higher propensity to catch mold is the downside of fabric that you can tackle with regular washes and putting on the exhaust fan for a while after every shower.




Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds for Bathroom



Roller blinds, that can be rolled up on the top with a chord and chain mechanism, offer one sweeping frontage without any visual breaks. Available in a wide range of materials such as fabric, vinyl, and aluminum, blinds are easy to install and operate. They incorporate the sleekness and functionality of Roman shades but are relatively more modern. Choices available in terms of patterns and colors will be the widest with fabric roller shades. Vinyl blinds are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and therefore a relatively sound choice for small-sized bathrooms where ventilation conditions and humidity levels are often less friendly. 

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb Shades Bathroom


An ultra-modern take on bathroom window treatments would be cellulars with their sleek and stylish finish, perfect coverage for guaranteed privacy, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, and higher insulation. With generous spending, you can also avail of some smart features like motorized operation, cordless lifts, and top down/bottom up features.  The downside is that they do not befit a color-vibrant space. 


Faux Wood Blinds & Shutters


Faux wood blinds


While we do not recommend natural wood dressings in bathrooms given their tendency to warp and crack in humid conditions, faux wood blinds and shutters offer a practical alternative. Imbibing the elegance of real wood while resisting wear and warp from moisture, they can complete the rustic vibe of the wood-paneled floors in your retro showers. Their woven wooden counterparts, evoking the traditional Asian flair, allow for light to filter in through the narrow gaps in the weave even when fully rolled down. But for all our love for warm woody textures and elements, they are not for every decor style and choices are limited for a space that needs a pop of color or pattern.  




Bathroom Window Treatments


We hope that this read has enlightened you to square down upon a choice. Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to bathroom decor because, of the many things that it does, its ability to give you a good start and good finish for each day is enough to leave you wanting to do more. A well-styled bathroom can liven up your mood and relax your nerve, and aesthetic, functionally efficient bathroom window treatments are an important part of that plot.



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