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Laundry Room Curtains Ideas & Tips


Laundry might not be the most exciting weekend task but if your utility zone is designed with some panache, the time spent there can be a bit more pleasant. While practical ease will always be the vital concern of the laundry room, let nothing stop you from achieving it with some aesthetic excellence too. And adding curtains to your laundry room windows must definitely be part of this project. On the road to this destination, if you’re looking for some inspiring laundry room curtain ideas, this blog is just for you.


Order custom curtains and drapes from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We carry over 3,000 fabrics and patterns to pick from, so you can dress your laundry room windows exactly to your liking!


Nifty Curtains for a Hardworking Laundry Room 


Curtains for Laundry Room


Utility-oriented spaces often get ignored in a design project, but of all the spaces, these are the ones that need more love. Sprucing up the laundry room can make it look more like a calming, hangout joint than a worked-out space. And that can make the job more relaxing and the space more endearing. 

But curtains in a laundry room have got far more duties than just adding style and beauty. When considering curtains for a laundry room, there are a few matters to be addressed. And we’ve lined them up for you so you can consider them in depth and design your drapes accordingly –


Standing Up to Humidity and Mold


Laundry Room Farmhouse Style Curtains


Washing and drying is a process that generates a lot of humidity and causes mold formation easily. Therefore, choice of materials in a laundry room – whether for drapery, paint or cabinets – has to be well-considered.

When choosing fabrics for your laundry room curtains, find materials that are the least porous so they trap the least moisture and dry faster. Light and airy fabrics like linen, cotton, or sheers are great options for laundry room windows. They allow air circulation even when the curtains are closed and soften the light as it distills into the room. 


Filter in Natural Light 


Light-Filtering Curtain Fabrics


Natural light is a blessing to the laundry room and an abundance of it is only more than welcome. However, the heat that accompanies it may not be enjoyable for you or the other soft furnishings in this room. 

Hence, it’s wise to have curtains to cover the window for times when some protection is vital, like on a freezing morn or sun-blasted noon, but that also allows you to filter in light softly.  

Again, sheers, semi-sheers, lightweight cottons, and linen blends serve these functions quite elegantly and efficiently. 

It is also important to accord space for the stacking room on the sides of the window so that the curtains clear the window totally when you want fresh air and sunlight to enter in and sanitize the space.




Length and Width


Sill-Length Curtains


Since laundry room windows are generally small with countertop sinks under them, curtains often have to stop at sill length. Cafe curtains that cover the lower half of the window are also a good fit for laundry rooms. They are casual, light, and practically sufficient. If the window and the room are big and the floor space under it is free, you can go for floor-length curtains too.

No matter how long the curtains are, let the width not be overwhelming with too much gather and pleats. This is suggested to avoid the fabric getting clumped together, raising the chances of trapping moisture within the pleats. Lesser width also results in neater, sleeker stacks when the curtains are not in use. With drapery poles extended to about 4 inches beyond the trim on both sides, the curtains will be able to clear the entire window to let light and air gush in without any barriers.




Heading Style


Laundry room curtain styles


As discussed above, less fullness and sleek pleats are beneficial for laundry room curtains. Hence, curtain styles that require lesser fabric are to be preferred. 

Simple curtain styles like tab tops, tie tops, rod pockets, and flat panel tops are great for laundry rooms. They look informal, function smoothly, and pull off good looks with sparse pleats.

However, an exception to the rule is if you are using sheer cafe curtains, you might want to switch over to dressier styles like pinch pleats. The pinch pleat styles help balance out the plain appearance of the fabric and add a touch of elegance to your decor. While French pleats may be too formal for utilitarian spaces like a laundry room, the minimalist Euro pleat style can provide a tailored look that complements the space without overpowering it. By selecting the appropriate curtain style for your room, you can enhance its visual appeal and create a more harmonious environment.






Orange Short Curtains


While solid white curtains seem to be the staple of laundry room windows, any color can work just as fine as long as it syncs with the overall decor and palette of your laundry room. If the room is covered with neutral hues, we’d encourage you to make the curtains an excuse to bring in some color and fun.




Patterned Curtains in Laundry Room


If you’d like to convert the window into a small focal point in this utility space, go for patterned curtains. They woo the eye even with simple shapes and subtle contrasts. And for a space that’s dominated by sharp angles and boxy shapes of the appliances, soft patterns can help to compensate for the mundane look.


Practical Ease Over Aesthetics


Cafe Curtains for Laundry Room


Although aesthetic makeup is important for the laundry room, practical efficiency must take precedence. So, the curtains must not be so overdone that fresh air and light are sacrificed. And their operation must be smooth so that the purpose of the room is facilitated, not hindered.


Keep Rhythm with Overall Decor Style


Full Length Curtains


Cohesiveness is key in interior design. Although color palettes might vary from room to room, the underlying style of the decor must see an undisturbed flow. Whatever your decor style, be it Scandinavian, modern glam, cottagecore, or any other, make sure that your laundry room curtains relay it. For instance, for a farmhouse style decor, you need farmhouse curtains that feature warm and inviting patterns and color tones, and show off the rustic lifestyle that the style represents. 


Casual Look, Not Formal


Laundry Room Cafe Curtains


While living rooms and dining rooms might be used to entertain, laundry rooms are meant to be accessed generally only by the family. Hence, the curtains can be dressed down on a casual note to be more appropriate to the nature of the space.



Now, if you need some visual inspiration to start designing your laundry room curtains, this section will really help you. We will now give you a peek into Spiffy Spools’ catalog which is a curated collection of drapery fabrics of all types, colors, and patterns. You are certainly going to be spoilt for choice at our site, but first, have a look at these:


Spotlight On: Whipped Cream Sheer Curtains

White & Ivory Custom Drapes

Since laundry rooms are all about cleaning and refreshing your clothes, you might want your curtains to air that very feel. These white polyblend curtains are just right for those who adore the calm resplendence of white and trust its ability to make a statement with few words. Stitch Whipped Cream fabric curtains in tie tops to deck your laundry room with simple charm and a rejuvenating tone.


Spotlight On: Riso Geometric Print Curtains

Cotton Custom Drapes For Dining Room

If you’re looking for a fun print that can pop up and bring some life into your laundry room, this drapery fabric cannot fail you. Set in a checker pattern formed by stripes, Riso curtains will bring the color riot of reds, yellows, and blues without going overboard. Get them stitched in flat panel tops that, with an unfrilled header, can present their pretty pattern without any distortion.


Spotlight On: Motivo Sheer Curtains

White Sheer Floral Embroidery Roman Shades

Motivo is our lovely semi-sheer drapery fabric designed in pure white with the lakota symbol embroidered in varied hues. It makes for an adorable laundry room window curtain. The tassels incorporated within add a unique touch and a fun element. Style them in tab-top cafe curtains to keep the space light and airy.


Spotlight On: Cookie Dough Floral Curtains 

Floral Print Curtains and Roman Shades

A cream linen blend drapery fabric embroidered tastefully with beige and white flowers and leaves running vertically makes a beautiful option for long curtains for the laundry room door. It’s dreamy, sophisticated, and patterned, but with subtlety, not too casual, nor too formal. Stitch Cookie Dough floral curtains in any heading style that uses rings or clips to ensure easy movement.


Spotlight On: Yamini Linyanti Cotton Drapes

Blue Extra Long Custom Drapes

This pure cotton drapery fabric designed in solid light blue can look enigmatic in the laundry room entryway. While the color can light up the soul, the fabric can hold pleats with finesse and drape beautifully. When stitched in any one of the pinch pleats, the solid coloration of Yamini Linyanti helps to show the gorgeous folds in the best light.


Winding Up

We hope that this blog has equipped you sufficiently to design your laundry room curtains with confidence. Although we gave you a sneak peek into our collections, you might get more inspiration when you browse through the entire catalog on our site. So, go, explore, and shop for the laundry room curtains & drapes just right for your home.



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