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Bedroom Roman Shades: High Performing Elegance

What are Roman Shades


No matter how hard the day has been or how grinding the long drive, once you’ve lain on your bed, you want to wake up only with the sun. You certainly want your bedroom roman shades to make a sleep-friendly sanctuary besides bestowing elegance and hyggelig vibes. But often, while chasing an insta-trending design, some end up with an excellent decor accessory that fails to meet their needs while others go function-heavy and miss out on the visual potential of a window dressing. If you are looking to strike a balance between tastefulness and functional efficiency, this blog post on bedroom roman shades can be of great help to you.


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Essentials of Bedroom Roman Shades


Blue Roman Shades for Bedroom


Roman shades are topline candidates in various bedroom scenarios due to their sleek construction and easy operability. Small bedrooms, narrow windows, and minimalistic homes bank on their streamlined structure. Kids’ bedrooms or nurseries are where roman shades get all their due gratitude because they stay out of their reach – no strangulation hazards and no hand stains! That said, roman shades are great for any bedroom if they are versatile with light management.

Window treatment requirements for bedrooms are a bit complex. Two polarized needs of light diffusion and light control have to be met with equal efficiency here. Come morning, and stepping out of the bed you draw up the shades, transforming a cozy dark den into a bright, open space. The transition from the bright dawnings to the cocooning darknesses must be as organic as the circadian rhythm of our own body.

Besides, the privacy that this place demands is of the highest order. Be it day or night, bedroom roman shades should be so designed that the seclusion is real and felt. If you have a busy neighborhood, you might also be looking for acoustic benefits. 

Insulation is another key concern because body temperatures tend to drop during the night. Almost thirty percent of thermal energy is lost from the room due to windows, hiking the power consumption by that much. Au contraire, an insulative roman shade can lower your energy bill.

The key requirements that your roman shades should adhere to in your bedroom can be summed up in five words – elegance, privacy, light control, insulation and soundproofing. If you’re wondering how you can nail it, here are some great styling tips:


Go Blackout


Blackout Bedroom Roman Shades


Some want their bedrooms to be inky and moody, while others want them bright and airy. But when it’s time to retire to bed, both want dark cozy dens abounding with a sense of security. So, blackout roman shades that combat light and heat efficiently are highly recommended for bedrooms. Besides, you can trust them with muffling shrill sounds and almost deadening soft ones, allowing for a distraction-free ambiance.

You can select blackout fabrics or choose any fabric and order your roman shades with a blackout lining at back. Dimout fabrics that do all the functions of blackout fabrics with lesser intensity are another alternative. 

One key factor to bear in mind is that if you mount the shade within the window recess, expect mild light leaks from the edges. So, to ensure complete room darkening, choose darker and thicker fabrics and mount the shade on the wall above the window, extending it to about six inches on all sides for perfect coverage. 



Ensure Privacy & Insulation



Although bedrooms are mostly used during the night, it is important to ensure privacy during the day as well. So, you can opt for sheer roman shades that will let your room be inundated with soft light even as they blur the indoor view from the outside. Then, to ensure privacy as well as temperature control during the night, you can mount opaque curtains or blackout curtains for bedroom as your front layer, only to be pulled when you need room-darkening. This way, you ensure privacy as well as upscale the insulative capacity of your window treatments.




Don’t Miss the Creative Opportunity 


Lining for Kids Room


Roman shades give you immense scope to introduce colors and patterns to your room. Don’t be afraid to make an adventurous twist if you want to because they are not in your face all the time; when drawn up, they are out of sight. 

If you’ve used patterns generously in the room already, solid-colored shades can offer counterbalance. A color-driven roman shade can help a neutral-toned bedroom feel more cozy. From muted hues and soft pastels to bold, brooding, and wild – whatever your favorite bit of the rainbow, our collection will let you have a slice of it. But if you want patterned shades, make sure that they mingle tastefully with the motifs already present in terms of color, shape, and scale.

In a room dominated by monochrome walls and solid-hued furnishings, patterned shades have a ready stage. An oversized window presents an opportunity for bold patterns whereas small windows and small rooms can benefit from vertical or horizontal stripes that optically elongate the space. From self-patterned and multi-textured to tone-on-tone designs, from intricate curvy motifs to uncomplicated sophisticated ones, from traditional Victorian-styled damasks to modern abstract designs – you name it, we have it. Just answer the call since opportunity knocked.




Maximize Functionality with the Right Style



For a chic window treatment that opens and closes at your beck and call and gets completely out of the way when drawn, roman shades get all the boxes ticked. Flat fold shades that fold up neatly at the pulling of the cord offer maximum functionality for bedrooms where frequent operation of window treatments is an obvious need. The slats stitched to the back of the shade help it to form folds easily and their flat bottoms give it a clean look.

Also bear in mind how the slats of the roman shade can double up as a pattern. A solid-colored fabric stitched into a roman shades with front slats becomes visually more interesting. On the other hand, go for the back-slatted fold style which by its clean frontage shows patterns in the best light. 

However, no matter what style of roman shade you order, keep a watch on the weight because too heavy shades can be difficult to operate over time. If you choose heavy fabrics for oversized windows, it will be wiser to go for multiple shades rather than one sweeping panel. To ensure maximum functionality with all types of fabrics, we make sure that our roman shades are never wider than 96 inches. 




Air the Bespoke Character


Custom Window Roman Shade With Pom Pom Trim


When you have gone the extra mile to shop custom roman shades, you shouldn’t miss the prime gain from the deal – the custom look. Make use of the special privilege to trim your shades with ribbons and tassels, something which no readymade product can provide. 

From plain to patterned ribbon trims to playful pom poms and classic vintage tassels, you have an abundance to choose from. Besides voicing your personal taste, they also provide you with an opportunity to marry solids with patterns or to two-tone a solid-colored shade without disturbing the beauty of the chosen fabric. 

Further accentuate the bespoke character by using coordinated bed runners and pillows of the same fabric as the shade. Explore the ‘Accessories’ category on our site to know the various soft furnishings we offer to our clientele to have a beautifully synchronized decor for your bedroom – a lovely way to show your special love for a place uniquely meant for you!


Winding Up


Bedroom Roman Shades


Complex issues are nothing but an opportunity for an intelligent stylist. It’s after all, not so difficult to find the roman shade that fits the bill if you know how to define your concerns and priorities. We hope that this blog has helped you get the clarity required to leap into the shopping spree with great confidence. 


Order Custom Bedroom Roman Shades from Spiffy Spools

As always, Spiffy Spools prides itself on providing the best soft treatments for windows and doors and we’ll be only very glad to let you profit from this legacy. Whether you’re looking for farmhouse-style roman shades or floral roman shades, our collection has the perfect fit for every buyer’s need. Browse through our collection of 3000+ fabrics for roman shades and get the perfect ones for your bedroom. Happy Shopping!



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