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Spiffy Speak

Joins and Pattern Matching in Made to Measure Curtains

If your made-to-measure curtains are over a certain width (48 inches) then you can expect to have a join in them.



Can you spot the join in the picture above?!

This is because most fabrics bolts (not just our fabrics, but from any custom drapery supplier) come in one width: 54 inches. The width of the curtain comes from the width of the roll, meaning that the length comes off the roll, allowing long, uninterrupted drops. A horizontal join would be very noticeable and something no reputable retailer will offer.



The join is more visible if you get closer!

A vertical join can be very discreet if handled well. If the fabric is patterned then we will match the pattern along the seam. If the fabrics are matched well then the join is almost invisible, only noticeable if you are deliberately looking for it.



The plainer the fabric, the more obvious the join will be. But if you dress your curtains well and order enough gather/fullness, then the join can be hidden within a pleat and rarely seen.



The join disappears when the curtains are dressed!

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