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Why You Should Experiment with Your Living Room Layout

Living Room Floor to ceiling curtains


When it comes to designing our homes and interior spaces, often, it is decorative decisions such as color and light that take precedence. While these may be one of the most noticeable elements of interior space, they are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to interior design.

The arrangement and layout of your space are just as, if not more important. How your possessions and furniture are arranged can have a significant effect on how your room is perceived and the impression it can make on yourself and your guests. Let’s look at why you should experiment with your living room layout. Keep reading to find out more.


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Spiffy Living Room Layouts Spruce Up Your Space


Living Room Roman Shades


Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where you’ll unwind and relax with your favorite film or book, and it is also where you’ll spend quality time socializing with family and friends. For this reason, your living room must be an attractive and inviting space that encourages people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Choosing the right layout is absolutely crucial. The arrangement of your furniture and other possessions can drastically alter the appearance of your space and how inviting it is to you and your guests. The key here is balance. You want your living room to appear open and spacious while still retaining that cozy, casual feeling that will allow you to truly unwind.

It’s impossible to overstate how important the layout of your living room is. Even the best living room sets will be negatively affected if they are poorly or improperly arranged.


Practicality Of Your Living Room Layout


Country Living Room Layout


When we are designing our homes and interior spaces, it can be easy to focus purely on aesthetics and visuals. However, our homes are where we live, and as such, they need to be as practical and as functional as possible. Achieving this while still staying true to our particular aesthetic preferences and principles can be tricky, but it is entirely possible with enough careful planning and preparation.

Always remember to keep function in mind when you are experimenting with your living room layout. A minimalist, incredibly stylish layout might look fantastic, but will it prove to be impractical in the long run? At the end of the day, your living room should be a place where you can relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. This means it should be an easily accessible space that is comfortable and pleasant to be in.

Think about things like your TV and any storage units in your living room. These should be quick and easy to access and should not require having to move any other pieces of furniture or use steps or ladders to reach them.


Ideas & Tips to Reenvision Your Living Room Layout

Now that you know why you need to reimagine your space, it is time to hop on to the next question – how? Our stylists have just the tips for you that are easy to execute and your wallets will love them too!


Make Smart Furniture Choices


Floating Shelves in Room


Be clever while choosing your furniture so you can save space with your layout. Use floating shelves that provide you storage space for statement showpieces or books. It is also a great way to utilize your wall space and prevent it from looking deserted. In fact, it is a great space to flex your unique collections of things or even photographs that tell your story and help you to rewind happy days over and over again.

If you have a scarcity of space, you can also use a built-in fireplace instead of the traditional one. This makes your space look custom designed. The wall space above can also be used for TV installation.

A smart choice of furniture will also help you come up with a compact design for your living room layout.


Revamp Your Window Treatments


Layered Window Treatments


Your living room window treatments are also a huge part of your living room layout, both visually and functionally.

Take a look at your living room. Do the window treatments not look like they could use a makeover? Think of your space’s functional requirements and the room’s decor style.

If you have a radiator or furniture under your window sill, go for sill-length curtains or roman shades that do not cause any hindrance. Floor-length blackout curtains for living room are best if you use your living room as a part-time theater. If you have short ceilings or windows and want to make the room look larger, floor-to-ceiling curtains are your best friend. Again, when you are trying to fill in large spaces, nothing fills the gap better than the grand elegance of puddled drapes.

Lastly, to get better control of light and privacy, and add an element of visual oomph to your space, layer your window treatments. Stylists’ favorite remains curtains with roman shades that make sure that your living room looks like it has been designed with a lot of thought and professional finesse.




It All Comes Down to Coziness


Perfect Living Room


Save up if you need but invest in that soft couch! Your living room is that room of your house where you truly ‘live’. You watch TV, snuggle up with your loved ones over a bowl of popcorn, play a musical instrument, jam to your favorite song and sing to your most loyal audience – your dogs, and serve your cats. It can be anything that helps you loosen up after a bad day at work or celebrate after a good day.  Now, if the space where you do all this is not warm and cozy, it will mar all your happiness rituals.

So, choose colors that soothe you. Pastels, white, and nudes like beige are always great choices for living rooms, and to make it all the more interesting, add pops of color that enliven your space with soft furnishings like throw pillows or table runners on your coffee table.

Add rugs to break up the space into entertainment, work, and eating areas as you like. Make sure there is enough space to walk in between all the furniture, you really don’t want to spill your drinks over your rugs and couch by tripping over your furniture legs.

Bring nature into your homes as they are known to have several benefits for your physical and mental health. Moreover, a greener space makes a better place! If you cannot bring large pots, you can always make space for a tiny tot house place that adds positive energy and of course, oxygen, fresh air, and green-aesthetic to your living room.




In Closing


Living Room Roman Shades


Research has indicated that, after the bedroom, the room in which we spend most of our time is the living room. This means that the design of your living is incredibly important. Use this guide to experiment effectively with your living room layout and don’t feel shy to make new additions to your room as you need.

While we can only provide you with ideas for furniture, when it comes to your window treatments, rest assured, we are the master weavers you are looking for. Let your search for perfect curtains end us as you explore our vast collection of over 3000+ fabrics. Shop with us and know the real joy of retail therapy as you find the soulmate for your windows!



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