Board Mounted Scalloped Valance with Box Pleats

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    From casual to formal, from playful to traditional, our wide variety of valance styles are timeless and chic ‚Äď and provide the icing on the cake in completing your window treatments.

    This scalloped valance with box pleats comes pre-mounted on a 4 inch deep board with velcro for easy installation and removal. Offering clean lines, shapely hems and a hint of drama, our board mounted valances come fully lined, include all necessary hardware, and can be used standalone or as over treatments to formalize a space.

    Of Note:
    – Valance length specified should be the *lowest* point of drop on the scalloped edge.
    – Width and number of individual box pleats on each valance may vary and are up to tailors’ sole discretion. Our stylists and tailors decide these based on a number of factors to get the best possible look for each piece.

    Unlike drapes and shades that often need surgical precision in measuring, valances are relatively forgiving and sizing comes down to personal preference to some extent. That said, we recommend the following guidelines to get started.  


    • The ideal drop (vertical height) for most valances would be 1/4th plus 1 inch of the total height measured from the point of installation of the valance to the window sill. For example, if the total length from the top of your valance to the window sill is 48 inches, your valance drop should ideally be (¬ľ of 48 + 1) inches, which is 13 inches.¬†Using that as your default drop, you can then make your valance a few inches longer to shorter based on space/window layout, ¬†and personal preferences.
    • When measuring for a valance to be layered with curtains, it’s important to¬†ensure that your valance is not too long or short relative to drapes. In this case, consider¬†a valance drop that is 1/6 of the curtain drop as your starting point.
    • For scalloped, swag, and sheffield valances, make sure you are measuring the length of the deepest point of the drop.
    • If ordering valances with jabots, you’d also need to specify the length of jabots, which again is driven largely by¬†personal taste. Some clients opt for dramatic jabots longer than the window itself, whilst other jabots sit a few inches longer than swags. Two most common guidelines are for jabots to be either¬†one-third of the full drapery or window length, or double the drop of swag,¬†with room for adjustments based on how demure or dramatic you’d like your valance to be.


    • While valance width can be taken to precisely fit a window frame, we do not recommend this approach. Instead, we recommend valances that extend at least 2 inches on either side of window trim to ensure proper coverage and finish.¬†
    • If layering valance with curtains, extend your valance up to 6 inches to allow room to stack curtains on the sides. This can be further adjusted based on size of window as well as fullness of drapes.
    • If you’ve picked any of these pole mounted valance styles – rod pockets, tab tops or grommet tops – do factor in extra valance width required to gather these valances into rich pleats. While¬†the level of fullness you’d like is a personal choice, we recommend fullness of 1.5x-2x for most valances. This means that if your pole is 36 inches long, for example, you’d ideally order a valance of width 48 – 72 inches to get rich gather.


    • When measuring valances intended to be mounted on top of another under-treatment like curtains or roman shades, leave a minimum 2 inches space between the drapery hardware and the installation point of the valance.¬†This is to ensure free and easy operability of the layered window treatments.
    • If you’d like to specify fraction measurements (.25,¬†.50 or .75 inches) for your valances from Spiffy Spools, please note under the Special Instructions section at time of check out and tailors will pick up from there. ¬†

    Curtains, Roman Shades, Valances, Dining & Bed Linen: Window treatments and dining/bed linen orders are targeted for dispatch within three weeks, though we are able to ship out many orders ahead of schedule. We use DHL or FedEx with typical transit time of 3-7 days. Majority of our clients receive their packages within three weeks from date of order, but if our pipeline happens to be busy ‚Äď especially during holiday season ‚Äď we do ask for your patience and aim for delivery in four weeks.

    *Some drapes and roman shades with trims *may* take up to six weeks as our trims are sourced from Turkey & London, thereby adding to processing timeline in some instances.

    Swatches & Fabrics by Yard: Fabric samples and fabric bought by yard are dispatched within 1-2 days and typically delivered within 7 days of order.

    Cushion Covers, Tiebacks, Dining Napkins & Placemats: We do NOT sell pillow covers, tie backs, dining napkins or placemats standalone. These accessories are sold and dispatched only as part of window treatment orders. Please see above for applicable timelines accordingly.

    If there are any delays due to non-availability of fabric, or holds by customs officials for inspection, we will write to you as soon as possible.


    • All import duties and taxes are included in our prices for shipments to USA.¬†For shipments to other countries including Canada, United Kingdom and other European countries, our prices do *not* include import duties and taxes that individual countries may impose. Buyers from these countries are solely responsible for paying any import charges once the shipment reaches their country.
    • We cannot deliver to PO Box numbers so please provide non-PO delivery address at checkout.
    • All our products require a signature for proof of delivery. After three delivery attempts, if no one is available to sign for delivery or the package is not collected from the depot, the shipment is returned to sender. We do NOT bear cost of return/refund in this scenario, and therefore request our clients to¬†accept within the carrier‚Äôs timeframe.

    For detailed information on returns & cancellations, please click HERE.

    In summary:

    • Since each article at Spiffy Spools is cut and tailored to our customers‚Äô exact specifications, by default, we do not accept any returns.¬†
    • From start to finish, every single product is manually handled from picking and cutting of fabric to sewing, ironing, folding and wrapping. In light of this rather intense human process, it‚Äôs not uncommon for end products to sometimes show minor signs of handling such as light tailor chalk marks, a rare stray thread, or specks of smudge from fabric production run. These minor flaws are unfortunately unavoidable, and we therefore do not accept requests for replacements or returns on these bases under any circumstances.
    • We follow standard industry guidelines for constructing custom window treatments, which include articles sewn with joining hems to achieve custom widths. Since joins are necessary to achieve certain sizes, we do not offer any compensation, return or replacement whatsoever on account of necessary joining hems.
    • We also recommend ordering a fabric sample before placing an order as computer monitors/device screens vary in colour and shade representation and we do not accept returns based on feedback on colour variance or personal aesthetic preferences.¬†
    • Under rare circumstances where we may have made a mistake, we do accept returns on a case-by-case basis only as long as any issues/faults are first communicated within¬†five business days of¬†receipt¬†of merchandise.¬†
    • Cancellation of orders will result in a 100% refund only if work has not started on the products. Please note, in most cases, work starts on orders within 2-3 hours of order being placed.¬†After that only the value of the order less costs incurred up to that point can be refunded. Since made-to-measure products are unlikely to be able to be resold, we do not offer refunds for cancellations after order is ready.