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Bedroom Valance Ideas


The bedroom often showcases your personality through color, theme and thoughtful touches. If you’re looking to pep up yours with a unique decor accessory that can further accentuate its personalized appeal, consider adding custom valances to the space. Valances are lovely window toppings that lend you an apt excuse to bring in color, pattern and texture in a small dose.  In this blog, we present ideas for bedroom valances to serve you with some inspiration and tips for your very special design project.

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Bedroom Valances: Extravagance with Meaning


Bedroom Valance Ideas & Tips


Bedrooms, being ultra-private rooms, have every reason to be embellished as per your personal taste and as an extension of your personality. So, design your bedroom valances carefree, for you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. Let your imagination guide you and you won’t be lost.

At the very outset, let it be clear that bedroom valances are meant to add to the aesthetic appeal of your window decor. Unlike kitchen, dining, and living rooms where valances can be standalone treatments, in bedrooms, they often are overtreatments for curtains and shades for a more dressed-up look. 

Drapes and blinds fulfill the functional aspect of light control and privacy; valances enhance their visual appeal. 

Another advantage of having valances for bedroom is that they help generate an illusion of a larger window. If short-height windows are visually shrinking your bedroom space, mount valances a few inches above them to elongate the space, while also allowing every bit of that precious little light to filter in. 

Valances can also come in very handy for concealing architectural flaws. Where two juxtaposed windows should have been the same size but aren’t or where a bulkhead is ruining the show, valances can save the day.

Maximalists are ever eager to incorporate bedroom valances because of their advantages, while minimalists may not find them fully in rhyme with their style. But be informed that valances can be as maximalist or minimalist as you want them to be. It will, in fact, be hard for you not to find a valance that suits your taste. If you’ve decided to go shopping for bedroom valances, here are some styling tips from our expert home decorators:


Consider Overall Decor Style


Flat Frontage Valance


The style of  your valances for bedroom must express your personal decor style that runs as the golden thread of your home. So, keeping in rhythm with the styling of your bedroom, your valance must sync in with the chorus.

In a traditionally designed room, prefer swags, shawls, pinch pleats, scalloped bottoms, or ruffled valances for bedroom. These employ fabric generously, feature gorgeous folds and don’t fail to spell drama.

Modern bedrooms, on the other hand, need valances with tailored looks, minimal details, and crisp lines. So, look out for valances for bedroom with straight lines, flat frontage, and/or flat bottoms such as faux shades or box pleat valances.


Make the Formal vs Casual Decision


Board Mounted Valance


In many homes, personal bedrooms are designed in a casual style while guest bedrooms are done in a hotel-style executive fashion. Whereas, if the overall decor style is a casual one like Boho or farmhouse, even the guest bedroom is designed casually. 

Is your bedroom designed with a formal appeal or with a lived-in vibe? Depending on whether you have gone for a very dressed-up look or a laid-back vibe for your bedroom, choose suitable valances that further build upon that vision.

Board-mounted valances for bedroom, sewn in ornate styles suit formal spaces. Our Board Mounted Sheffield Valances and Board Mounted Triple Pinch Pleat Valances for bedroom are apt examples. The board base makes them visually powerful while the ornamental pleats render them shapely, stylish, and formal in appeal. 

On the other hand, pole-mounted valances for bedroom with simple lines and light detailing look very informal. Take the examples of our Pole Mounted Flat Panel Valance which has no pleats and the Pole Mounted Rod Pocket Valance which has but a ruffled gather of fabric. Their lightweight and uncomplicated structure has a very homely vibe to them.

No matter which style of mounting you choose, pay attention to the pleating method it entails. Simple non-tailored or gathered pleats such as of Pole Mounted Grommet Top Valance give off a modern but casual vibe, whereas tailored, picture-perfect pleats such as of Pole Mounted Euro Triple Pinch Pleat Valance befit formal decor. Although both are pole mounted valances, the tailored look of the latter makes it slightly more formal in appeal.

That’s not all – consider the fabric choice too. While velvet and silk valances befit formal bedrooms, cotton and linen valances are perfect valances for bedroom with a casual vibe. Cotton and linen can also be dressed up with suitable colors, patterns, and finishes for an in-between semi-formal appeal.


Pair Valance with Primary Window Treatments 


Valance with Roman Shades in Bedroom


Valances are gorgeous decorative window treatments. However, since they only cover the top fourth of the window pane or sometimes none at all, you need another functional window treatment to provide privacy and light control in a bedroom. So, let your valances for the bedroom top off your curtains, shades, or blinds. 

Blackout curtains and roman shades serve even better in bedrooms because of their room darkening and acoustic benefits for a sleep-friendly ambiance. Be assured that the most insulative and sumptuous of all are curtains and drapes. And they also pair beautifully with valances.

If you’re going for fabric treatments such as drapes or roman shades with valances, there are two ways to go about it. One is that you can design both from the same fabric for garnering a minimalistic look or a bold eye-catching focal point. Care should be taken, though, to avoid very busy patterns or extremely bold colors because too much of them can overthrow the design.

The second method is to make one layer complementary to the other. This can be achieved by designing one in a pattern and the other in a solid that accents the pattern. Or, go for two solid colors that complement each other well such as cream-brown among neutrals and blue-yellow among colors.

Another aspect that needs attention is their material composition. Make sure that the material palettes of your bedroom valances and curtains/roman shades complement each other. For example, cotton valances for bedroom can go well with linen curtains, but likely not with velvet curtains. 

If you’re going for non-fabric primary treatments such as shades or blinds, more care has to be taken to find valances for bedroom that syncs with it perfectly. 

As most shades and blinds come in solid neutrals, your valance may have to take on a more vital role to bring in the decorative aspect. This can be achieved by designing it in a vibrant pattern that complements the color of the shades/blinds. Or, go for a catchy color that can coordinate beautifully with the palette of your shades/blinds. 

If your shades are patterned, it is better to go for solid-colored valances so they don’t vie with each other for attention. But then, it may be profitable to choose a compelling style like our Board-Mounted Scalloped Valance with Box Pleats that arrests attention through its form and delicate details.

Whether it be fabric or non-fabric treatments, it is important to make sure that the valances sync with them spontaneously as if they’ve always been together. To never go wrong with this aspect, we recommend doing all your bedroom window treatments in one go if viable.




Decide on Palette & Pattern


Toile Pattern Valance


Window treatments can impressively voice the overall color palette of the bedroom because they take up huge optical space in the vertical dimension. And so, the palette will be one of the key decisions you’ll make regarding your valances for bedroom. 

Let your valances for bedroom and the primary window treatments come together to relay the overall palette of the room – one featuring the primary and the other featuring the secondary color. Or, design them in two complementary tones that are used as accents in the overall bedroom decor.

If your bedroom is in a dearth of patterns, consider choosing patterned valances to strike the balance. As valances for bedroom take up very limited optical space, they are perfect decor accessories to bring in the play of patterns without letting them go overboard. Especially in a bedroom that’s looking sterile with an overdose of solid elements, patterned valances can bring back the lost life. Besides, they’ll pull the eye upward and optically elongate the space – a handy trick for a small bedroom.

When choosing valance styles with a patterned fabric, prefer flat-frontage ones that can show the patterns in good light. Ruffled and gathered valances distort the shapes, especially if they are bold in size. If you must go for one of the ornate, pleated valances, go for small-scaled motifs. 

Also, make sure that they don’t get cut abruptly since valances have very minimum surface area. So, avoid fabrics with grand-scaled or sparsely laid out motifs that cannot be showcased well within that limited space. Order fabric swatches before you finalize the choice so that this aspect can be verified in person.

If your bedroom, on the other hand, already features patterns in an impressive way, solid-colored valances for bedroom help to bring vital balance. Styles with opulent folds or pleats are best suited for solid fabrics that let them do all the talking. So, if you want the valance to make the statement rather than the fabric, go for solid-colored pleated valances, gathered valances, or opulent swags.


Zhuzh up with Trims & Coordinated Accessories


Valance with trims


While valances themselves come in the maximalist style of design, giving them a customized look with trimmings takes them to the next level. Trims help to add tone, texture, or pattern to a valance. They also add a unique personality to the bedroom. If you design both curtains and valances from the same fabric, adding trims will help you define the edges. 

With tassel and fringe trims, valances look dressy; with pompom trims, they look casual and playful; while with ribbon trims they look tailored and modern. Depending on whether you’re designing a kid’s bedroom, girl’s bedroom or boy’s bedroom, master bedroom, or guest bedroom, choose suitable trims. 

Also try to garner more cohesiveness into the space by echoing the valance’s attributes in other fabric accessories such as a custom bed runner or cushions. Browse our ‘Accessories’ section to find out what treasures you can lay your hands on. With at least one element in the bedroom matching the valance, you don’t just create a coherent flow in the design but also a highly customized look.

However, a word of caution here can help you to keep your valances more sophisticated and up-to-date. Be careful to not over-style the valance. 

A heavily pleated patterned valance with trims can date your bedroom and also fail to sync in with the rest of the decor. So, if you’re going for trims, go for a simpler style of valance and a solid-colored fabric for a modern look. Similarly, avoid going matchy-matchy with too many fabric accessories. Restrict it to one or two and let the others tie in with the palette for cohesiveness without sticking to the same fabric choice.


Consider Purpose of the Bedroom

When selecting valances for bedroom- or any window treatments for that matter – a key element for consideration is the person who will inhabit the bedroom. Is it a girl or a boy, a single adult or a couple? The style of valance should be in sync with the personality of the occupant/s. This is not just true of valances but of all the bedroom decor elements since it is such a personalized space.


Valances for a Girl’s Room


Girls' Bedroom Curtains


When dressing a girl’s bedroom, it is important to bear in mind that the space must be an extension of her feminine personality. The material, color, design, and style of the valance should be paid special attention to. Let’s take you through them one by one:

Style: Feminine designs often favor curvature rather than straight lines. Delicate, intricate décor is also common in girls’ rooms. When browsing for valances, look for options with soft, rounded edges and a detailed appearance, such as our Board Mounted Scalloped Valance with Box Pleats and Pole Mounted Tab Top Valance.

Motifs: Patterns have the ability to make the eyes gravitate toward them. Feminine spaces are often designed with the play of shapes and colors in patterns and rich textures. The motifs that best suit feminine decor are those with labyrinth details, ornate curls, and references to nature. So, valances with intricate floral and botanical prints, and curvy paisleys, damasks, and polkas are apt in a girl’s room. 

Palette: Feminine color palettes often lean toward brighter colors, such as light yellows, whites, pinks, lavender, and even aqua blue. Pastels have their big time here and soften the space beautifully. 

Material: As for types of fabric, delicate cottons, linens, and sheers will work nicely for a girl’s room valance. If the room has been designed with a formal character, velvet and silk valances fit well.


Spotlight On: Bermuda Breeze


Floral Printed Custom Drapes For Dining Room


Our Bermuda Breeze fabric gives a modern twist to florals. Fresh and spring-like – on a stunning palette of pink, purple, and subdued tones of green. The floral design is definitely on the larger-than-life side while the colorway is gentle and soft. Perfectly and utterly elegant for any girl’s room.


Valances for a Boy’s Room


Valances for Boys' Rooms


The decor of a boy’s room must ideally feature brawny ingredients reflective of a masculine personality. Sturdy, not delicate, and linear, not curvaceous, define this space best. The primary characteristics of masculine design include angular, straight lines, minimalist décor, darker tones, and rugged-look materials. So, account for these factors when choosing valances for the boy’s room:

Style: Ideally, look out for valances that have sharply defined edges and less ornate details. The valance styles that best align with masculine attributes include Board Mounted Modern Flat Valances and Pole Mounted Box Pleat Valances due to their simplicity, sleek structure, and crisp edges.

Motifs: Patterns with straight lines and stark edges such as plaids, or minimalistic ones like stripes are apt for a boy’s room. Modern geometric patterned valances which share the same traits and abstract print valances that are a throwback to their playful character and vibrant energy are also suitable. 

Palette: Boys may love darker and deeper colors that come off as masculine and hardy. So, color options like blues, greys, and greens that fall on the darker side of the spectrum are considered traditional masculine colors. Colors that contrast strikingly are preferred to emphasize the clean lines of the patterns.

Material: Fabrics that hold crisp folds are appreciated in masculine decor. So, cotton fabric valances for bedroom are the most satisfactory option for boys’ rooms. Other fabrics that are suitable here are linen blends and polyesters as they are also non-shiny materials capable of producing a very refined look.


Spotlight On: Smoky Night


Abstract Custom Roman Blinds For Living Room


Smoky Night features a clean, geo-inspired look and is crafted for lasting durability. This high-quality fabric features versatile shades of eggshell and a contemporary blue. Its playful pattern and palette are especially perfect for bringing a bunch of cheer to nurseries and playrooms!


Take Accurate Measurements


Bedroom Valance


So far, we dealt with the creative side of designing the valances for bedroom, and now comes the technical part. No matter how imaginative you were with the first part, if you nail it in the second one, the risk of it flopping is high. So, let’s get to its details.

The length of the valance is partly determined by where you will position it on the window/wall. You may have decided to mount your valance a few inches above the window sill to make your window look taller. Or perhaps to place it directly above the frame to ensure more coverage. 

Taking into account the point of installation, the minimum drop of the valance should be 1/4th plus 1 inch of the total height measured from the point of installation of the valance to the window sill. 

For example, if the total length from the top of your valance to the window sill is 48 inches, then ideally the length of your valance should be (¼ of 48 + 1) inches, which is 13 inches. 

And then depending on your personal preferences, you can design it an inch or two longer or shorter than this starting length. 

If you’ve chosen a valance style with a scalloped or swaging bottom, make sure you are measuring the length of the deepest point of the drop. This will ensure that your valances do not end up being shorter than the required length. 

If there are curtains underneath, avoid lengthening or shortening the valances so much that they start looking disproportionate in conjunction with the length of the drapes.

As regards the width, the finished width of various styles of valances will be different. For example, you’d need to factor in extra width for a grommet top valance to allow the fabric to gather into nice pleats, whereas styles such pinch pleated valances or any of our board mounted valances do not need any such consideration. 

To be able to specify the correct width based on style chosen, we recommend following the detailed measurement guidance offered on our valance shopping pages.  

But regardless of the style chosen, valances should always be a few inches wider than the window. With pole-mounted valances, factor in the additional space required for the finials. If you’re hanging curtains underneath, make sure that the valance will be wide enough to accommodate their stacking room on both sides. Or if you have blinds or shades underneath, account for the space occupied by their headrail.


Order Custom Valances from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed exploring these top bedroom valance tips and ideas! With all the tips and tricks detailed above, you can now design your bedroom valances with confidence. At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom valances that will look beautiful in any bedroom. With over 3,000 fabrics to choose from, you can create the perfect valance for bedroom that meets all of your design needs!



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