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Geometric Blackout Curtains: Merging Form into Function

Geometric Blackout Curtains


The versatility of geometric blackout curtains is such that they can be introduced to just any décor style and space. Stripes, checks and chevrons for men, playful polka dots for kids, bare abstracts for minimalists, bold mix-and-match splash for maximalists – geometric prints and patterns cater to just everyone! 

If you love geometric patterns but thought your only choices for room darkening drapes were limited range, solid and dark blackout fabrics, prepare to be surprised. Our vibrant collection of geometric curtains can be transformed into high-performance door darkening drapes by simply adding blackout lining behind them. 

While the geometric prints will keep your interiors looking spiffy, the blackout lining will ensure any unwelcome light and noise remains far where it belongs. Whether your kids’ wandering minds need a rest to catch up on a sounder day-time nap, or you, a night hustler, are looking for peace in your safe space, our geometric blackout curtains are simply a remedy designed for everyone.

The most prominent aspect of having a blackout lining to your geometric custom drapes is their ability to block light from entering your rooms. Darker rooms mean sounder sleep. Your chosen geometric print curtains, therefore, if lined with blackout lining, can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep, and so to the quality of life. 

The blackout lining goes a long way in protecting your curtains from being weathered by the sun, extending their life. Blackout curtains, in fact, also help protect your furniture and carpets from having an aging effect due to the sun’s UV rays by reducing the in-streaming light to limit the color fading, fabric fraying effects.

Noise-canceling quality is also another prominent asset of blackout curtains, meaning they restrict and reduce any scope of unwanted noise in your room. Now when you catch your quality sleep, not anymore will the outside world disturb you, nor distract you when you try to catch up on your me-time! 

Geometric blackout curtains are very much suitable for homes with wooden flooring as they also hold the ability to prevent echoes and the harshness of multiple voices in a room. 

The thick blackout lining serves as a great privacy shield if you reside in a densely populated neighborhood and crave some privacy. They are also a great hack if you have see-through doors and windows in your contemporary home. Let the inquisitive eyes remain far away – to where they belong! 

The benefits of having blackout curtains don’t end here. Spiffy Spools’ room-darkening curtains also help in limiting the loss of thermal energy in your room. The thermal coatings keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters.

As for decorating your homes with geometric blackout curtains, the possibilities are endless. Whether you have a mid-century, contemporary, or modern aesthetic – geometric blackout curtains cater to all decor themes. 

Before choosing your ideal geometric blackout curtains, take a cue from your furnishings. Take into consideration the other patterns already visible in your space. For example, if your rug already flaunts a bold, large-scale pattern, a smaller scale pattern of the same (or relatively similar) geometric family will create a sense of cohesion and flow in your setup.  If you still worry about the bold large-scale geometric patterns overpowering the room, simply balance it with a toned-down neutral palette. 

We also recommend letting the overall vibe and purpose of your space be your guide in picking the right geometric pattern for your drapes. For Scandi-inspired decors, in particular, clean stripes and checks are highly recommended in order to retain the minimalist vibe. While for farmhouse-style kitchen and country setups, go for gingham and plaid. 

Similarly, polka dots – brimming with playful energy and sense of movement – have forever reigned supreme in kids’ playrooms and nurseries – while patterns like stripes, checks and chevrons are a great choice to bring out the masculine vibe in a bachelor pad or a gentleman’s office. As opposed to soft curves of Moroccan or Ogee patterns, the masculine look thrives on clean lines and sharp edges.

The bold geometric patterns specifically featured in Spiffy Spools’ collection of geometric curtains also shatter the myth that geometrics are only suited for modern, contemporary spaces.  The classic decor styles can – and should – go beyond a bold floral or paisley print. Our stylists, for example, love patterned drapes in Moroccan trellis in a classic, traditional room. If you want your windows to make a statement, opt for fabric with an oversized scale to let your geometric blackout curtains hang graciously.

Our stylists’ top 3 features:

The simplest way to infuse character and visual interest into your decor is by bringing home a slice from Spiffy Spools’ collection of custom geometric print window drapes and curtains.  

  1. ‘Pigeon Point’ – Who says room darkening fabrics can only be monochromatic browns and blacks? This vibrant dimout fabric not only does a great job of stopping outside light, but it also makes a dramatic decorative statement with its distinctive chevron pattern of red and warm greys. Perfect for a gender-neutral nursery!
  2. ‘Fanfare’ – There’s nothing quite like a clean, minimalist stripe to modernize a room, and our Fanfare curtains will bring a contemporary touch to even the most traditional of spaces. Featuring a stylish palette of gray, blue and pink, the fabric falls beautifully and gives an illusion of height when hung from the ceiling.
  3. ‘Winterspring’ – There is something timeless about its classic kilim motif that makes Winterspring the fabric you cannot look away from. Patterned in subdued hues of green, mustard and charcoal gray, Winterspring’s geometric charm and flatweave look work well for both blinds and curtains. We recommend it for interiors with vintage furniture and elegant ambiance.

Spiffy Spools’ also offers a wide range of customizable options. You can have your geometric blackout curtains in just any pattern and style to match your ideal window size.  So go on, bring home the perfect match of form and function with our blackout geometrical curtains. And whether you have queries on pricing or measuring, or simply want some curtain draping tips & ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have along the way!



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