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Master Bedroom Curtains


Master bedrooms are often tricky spaces to dress up because if you go form over function, you risk its sleep-friendliness and if you keep it underwhelming, it’s unfair to your happy place. When it comes to choosing your master bedroom curtains, there needs to be a careful balance between function and aesthetics. So, light control, noise absorption, and privacy assurance are your prime motives but while chasing them, you need to adopt a design language that best defines your personality and aesthetic preferences. With this goal, we invite you to explore these essential master bedroom curtain ideas and tips from our expert drapery stylists, so you can create the perfect retreat for yourself!

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Five Essentials of Master Bedroom Curtains


Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas


What is a bedroom meant to be? A piece of paradise? A cozy laid-back lounge where you can sleep like nothing else matters? A soothing oasis where you replenish your energies after a long weary day, or all of the above? Whatever your idea of the perfect bedroom or the defining traits of your decor style, there are five essentials of master bedroom curtains that one must never miss. And they are –


Light Control & Sound Deadening


Blue Blackout Curtains in Master Bedroom


Of all the good things that curtains can do to your master bedroom, light control, and noise reduction are the topmost. You need a sleep-inducing soothing bedroom space – a place so secure, dark, and silent, that you may fall asleep with the ease of a leaf dropping to the ground. 

The curtains must be explicitly designed to control incoming light, enable room darkening when needed, and contain noise so you can rest without disturbance until it’s time to wake up. Therefore, bedroom blackout curtains and roman shades are the surefire way to dress your bedroom windows. 

Blackout fabrics are chemically treated multi-layered fabrics that effectively block unwanted light and sound. They prevent light and external noise from entering your bedroom. Their thick textured surfaces are excellent sound absorbents as well as sound retractors that ultimately strip sounds of their shrillness. So, if you have young kids or pets or creaking floors, rest easy, your curtains will largely insulate you from their sounds.

You have two ways to go blackout. One is to choose blackout drapery fabrics and they come in impressively diverse colors and patterns. They can be as playful as our Vamizi dimout curtains or as soothing as the cream Warm Snow blackout curtains. But if you want to widen your choice spectrum, choose the second method, which is to select any drapery fabric and back it with blackout lining

However, the journey toward a darkened silent bedroom does not end with selecting the most insulative fabric or lining. To know about further steps to be taken, read our blog post on styling blackout curtains wherein our expert stylists spill out the secrets of creating the perfect room-darkening drapery.





Layered Curtains in Bedroom


The sense of safety and enclosure is the next thing that a bedroom must provide. Privacy is imperative, and more so if your bedroom windows overlook a busy neighborhood. Master bedroom curtains are tasked with making your sanctuary a confined zone reserved for you. 

  • ENSURE DAYTIME PRIVACY WITH SHEERS: Even if bedrooms are used less during the day, protecting them from outside view with sheer curtains is advisable. And, in doing so, they do not block incoming light or cover those precious views. Take a look at our softly charming Cloud White sheer curtains that can let plenty of sunlight in through their misty veil while making the indoors appear hazy from the outside.
  • AMP UP WITH SHEER CURTAINS: Bedroom sheer curtains should be layered with non-sheer or blackout curtains to provide nighttime privacy. For foolproof privacy, keep blackouts as your top choice because they don’t reveal even the shadows out, leaving it for guesswork whether your bedroom is lit or not when viewed from outside. 
  • ADD THE FUNCTIONALITY OF BLINDS: If you like the idea of layering but prefer sleeker combinations, consider pairing curtains with roman shades, designing either of them in sheer or blackout fabric. With one layer opening sideward and the other upward, you get a more versatile arrangement for functional purposes.






Bedroom Window Treatments


During extreme weather conditions, curtains can be trusted with insulating the bedroom better than any other window treatment. Vents and windows leak thermal energy during winter, and allow external heat inside during summer. Neither of these circumstances is conducive for a good night’s sleep! Therefore, we highly recommend blackout drapes and double-layered window treatments for bedrooms. 

Blackout fabrics and linings help retain the thermal energy of the room within its seams during winter. Similarly, they keep your home cooler during summer by obstructing the cool air from an air-conditioned bedroom from mixing with the hot air in the external environment. 

The insulative capacity of curtains is inversely related to your power bills. The more efficiently you seal up the windows, the less you spend on energy to heat/cool the home. That saves you almost 20% on your energy bills and is also consoling for the environment so aggrieved with air pollution.






Bedroom Curtains


Since curtains take up much optical real estate, it would be a lost opportunity if they don’t bring in the most needed design elements. Whether you need color, pattern, or texture, curtains can do the best job as fabrics come with a gargantuan choice spectrum. 

Although the aesthetics of your bedroom window treatments are essentially a matter of personal choice, we have a few tips to help you get the best out of your curtains.

BE INTENTIONAL WITH THE PALETTE: Neutral curtains and pastel curtains are top choices for bedroom curtains as they are less engaging and more soothing. As your personal style evolves with time, you’ll find this choice timeless as it blends with any palette and decor. Our Quiet Sky drapes is one such example of ageless decor and compatibility with all decor styles with its pink neutralized to a mellowed blush.  However, evaluate your choice on the basis of how it syncs with your light control goals too as lighter shades admit more light while darker ones block more. 

BALANCE SOLIDS WITH PATTERNS: If you have patterned wallpapers or murals on the walls or you tend to buy patterned bed linens, consider solid drapes to offer counterbalance. Or, au contraire, if your bedroom is dominated by solids and begging for some spice, consider patterned drapes.

CHOOSE THE PERFECT FABRIC: Do you prefer your bedroom to be a warm retreat and give off a homely lived-in feel? Or, have you fallen for the crisp dressed-up hotel suites? The choice of material will highly hinge on the answers to these questions. For a relaxed look for your bedroom, we recommend linen and cotton curtains. For a more dressy and formal look, check out our silk and velvet drapes.

SYNC WITH OVERALL DECOR: The feel that you wish your bedroom to emanate and the decor style that you have followed in the rest of the room must be voiced eloquently in the choice of curtains. For a modern look, consider contemporary stylings such as neutral solid drapes done in grommet tops or ripplefolds. For a traditional look, consider floral curtains or printed pinch pleat drapes.

PICK THE RIGHT HARDWARE: How well your curtains integrate with the bedroom’s decor depends to some extent on the hardware choices as well. With tracks, your curtains enjoy all the focus, but with drapery poles, the attention will be shared. You can choose to show or expose the hardware, and accordingly, choose colors and finishes that get highlighted or recede to the background. If you have your hardware installed already, be mindful of choosing heading styles that are compatible with it.




Personalized Bedroom Decor


While most other rooms may be toned down or spiced up to entertain visitors or be usable for kids and pets, bedrooms are your private quarters that can be stamped by your personality unapologetically. So, personalize your drapes to make them a heartwarming visual treat. After all, why should your master bedroom curtains look like the run-of-the-mill kind hoarded on the aisles of big-box stores when custom drapery lets you have them bespoke? 

So, aside from the obvious choice of fabric, how can you personalize your bedroom drapes? We have three options for you at Spiffy Spools – 

  • TRIMS: Accessorizing spells out all the fun, in drapery as much as in fashion. Tassels, fringes, pompoms, braids – the world of passementerie, of artfulness, whimsy,  and dexterous craftsmanship is open for you. Use our delightful drapery trimmings to add a tone or texture or just a handmade element to the mix. As they soften the lead edges and add personality to the room, the bespoke nature of your drapery will speak for itself.
  • COLORBLOCKING: This is a marvelous technique by which you integrate two fabrics into one curtain panel. You may use this opportunity to mix two colors or to juxtapose a solid with a pattern. One thing that can be guaranteed is that it will be a one-of-its-kind drapery that has no duplicates anywhere in the world. If you cannot find a drapery fabric that rings in the desired palette or if you’re keen to introduce patterns but without letting them drown the chorus, colorblocking your drapes is a great option.
  • COORDINATING FABRIC ACCESSORIES: For a cohesive look, add some accessories that coordinate with your drapes. Spiffy Spools provides cushions and pillow covers, bed runners, curtain tiebacks, valances, and more in the same fabric as your new drapes. Small but thoughtful details like these will really bring your master bedroom together.




Curtain Ideas for Small Bedroom Windows


Small Bedroom Curtains


Unfavorable architecture brings out the best in a designer. Small bedrooms or small bedroom windows can put you in that tough spot where every design decision has to reconcile with the limited availability of space. But hold on. There are tested-and-true ways to design your curtains for small bedrooms to make the space/windows feel larger. And here are our recommendations – 

CREATE CONTINUITY WITH PALETTE: Match the curtain color to the wall paint as best as you can, and you’ll blur the contours so well that the whole space looks like one unit. Where contrasting colors highlight the shape and size of the window by causing visual breaks, a seamless flow of color makes the bedroom feel larger and more spacious to the eye.

EMPLOY PATTERNS TO ADD HEIGHT: Any patterns that run on the vertical axis like stripes, chevrons, and climbing vines pull attention upward. Curtains with vertical patterns make the ceiling seem higher and the windows seem longer than they are.

GO CEILING TO FLOOR: Any element in the room that spans the entire vertical space makes you gauge the height which would not happen otherwise. Full-scaled ceiling-to-floor curtains force the eye to travel upwards, making the bedroom look more grand, both in scale and in glamor.

KEEP FULLNESS LOW: Curtains are typically stitched with fabric double or triple the width of the window, to allow for sumptuous gather and fullness. The wider the panels, the denser the pleats. But in a small room or on a small window, a wide panel with too much fabric can overwhelm. Hence, we recommend curtains with lower fullness for small rooms and windows.

PLACE HARDWARE CORRECTLY: Mount the track/pole at least 6 inches above the window trim. It helps to make the window look taller and contains light leaks from above the curtains. Similarly, extend the pole by at least 6 inches on both sides so that the curtains can be stacked on the walls when they are not in use. Otherwise, they will stack in front of the window, blocking that much-needed access to light and air.

CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES: If you cannot spare space to hang curtains, perfect-fit treatments are the next best option. A gorgeous fabric bedroom roman shade is all you need to bring in the beauty and softness of drapes without commanding space from the walls or the floor. Or, if you cannot part with the elegance of drapery, make short curtains your friends.




Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools


Bedroom curtains with valance


We hope you find these master bedroom curtain ideas resourceful for your own design project. In your efforts to add flavor and mojo with tastefully designed curtains, may you enjoy the process as much as the result. If you’re ready to start shopping, order your custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to design curtains that fit your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your bedroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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