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Styling Different Fabrics in Your Room: Three Tips


When creating a stylish and functional bedroom, you need to make sure that you think about more than just the way everything looks. Too many fabrics could end up being something of a sensory nightmare. Think about what you respond to, and style the rest of the room based on what you find to be the most comfortable.




Start with the Bed

This is your bedroom, and so you should start with the piece of furniture that you will spend most of your time on. When it comes to your sheet or duvet cover, there is nothing better to choose than cotton. It is light and breathable, and can easily be layered up if you need to be warmer. You can even choose brushed cotton if you want that extra warmth!

You also might want to think about some of the other materials that you might want to mix in there. For example, though you might want cotton sheets, it might be a good idea to invest in silk pillowcases. These can carry a lot of benefits for your hair and skin, but you need to make sure that the texture difference won’t be too great between your cotton sheets and silk. Create a bed that you will always find to be comfortable, and much of this can be due to the textiles and fabrics you use on your bed.


Think About Colors

Though the focus here is on touch, you also need to think about colors. After all, some textiles will be best in certain colors. For example, you might choose to hang privacy colors in a dark color. However, since they will be made from a light material like gauze, they are going to let a lot of light into the room. If you need to block this out, perhaps to help with sleep, you should maybe look to something heavier like proper blackout curtains.

Even other things like the colors of your walls can have an effect on the rest of the room. You need to make sure that you pick something that will be harmonious with the rest of your décor. Deciding how to choose the right paint color for your bedroom might seem like it is quite an easy decision, but it can have a big impact on how your room as a whole. Even the type of paint you use can have a certain texture and feeling – coupled with the fabrics that you use, you have some really interesting opportunities to play around with different senses.


Play with Layering

The best thing about a bedroom is that you will have different surfaces on which you can play with layering to create some really interesting places to chill out. Let’s head back to the bed to best illustrate this. You might have chosen some fantastic cotton bedsheets and a silk pillowcase to rest on, but if you are a fan of dressing up the rest of the bed, you will have some more choices to think about.

With blankets, it can be a good idea to mix style and comfort. Warm materials like wool are a fantastic option here, but synthetic materials to create fluffy blankets are also a great choice. These will help you to feel warm at night, but they can also provide some additional textures to your bed if you need them. Add in a collection of pillows, and you will have a well-made bed that looks beautiful and is styled with a range of different textures and materials.

Styling a bedroom is a lot of fun, but you need to think carefully about the textures that you are bringing together – not just the overall look. Are there some fabrics that you know you like? If you gravitate towards even more luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk, there will be a way for you to include them in your room. You need to make sure that you create a room that speaks to your personal tastes, but you should also ensure that it is as comfortable to be in as possible. Take your time to create such a room, and you will be able to escape to this oasis whenever you need to.



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