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Summer 2021 Interior Design Ideas

Summer is upon us once again, and it is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to renovate their interior spaces with new designs, colors, ideas, and styles. As hot summer days give way to cooler nights, your interior and outdoor spaces will play a crucial role in creating a welcoming, fun atmosphere for you and guests alike. As the season ramps up, new interior design ideas are trending toward bright colors, inviting spaces, and creative touches that are sure to impress while entertaining and delight you all season. Here are a few of our favorite summer 2021 interior design ideas for your home!

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Choose Bold, Vibrant Blues

Blue is absolutely a winner this year as a base color for interior design. While blue has always been a favorite for certain looks and feels, certain shades of blue have become very popular recently, including teal and Mediterranean blue. If you are considering changing your interior color scheme, try painting your walls a vibrant blue and then accessorizing your wall space with complementary or contrasting colors. Of course, a bold blue wall will always be perfectly offset against shades of white, so be sure to match your bold blue walls with white sheer curtains, shades, cushions, and more. The inverse, cream white walls with deep blue shades, is also a winning combination.

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Shades for Bright Days, Cozy Nights

Sunrooms offer many benefits, but a scorching summer day can turn your sunroom into an unbearable hot box. Make sure that your sunny indoor spaces have proper shading for those particularly harsh days, especially if your windows are situated for maximum exposure. Consider matching your shades and curtain colors with furniture pieces or rugs to create visual symmetry, particularly using bold colors and designs.

To ensure that your sunroom does not suffer from an abundance of light and heat, finding the right curtains or shades is crucial. Consider acquiring cotton or linen curtains for these spaces, since both offer good insulation and can help keep these rooms cool during the sweltering summer months.

Neutral and Earth Tones are In

Neutral colors have been growing in popularity for the past few years, and in 2021 they will continue to dominate as popular interior design options. Light browns, grays, whites, and other natural shades are perfect colors around which to decorate your interior space. Additionally, natural stone colors, greens, and oranges are coming into their own as people switch their brighter, more artificially colored linens and fabrics for shades that bring to mind nature and the great outdoors.

Sheer Curtains for the Living Room, Blackouts for the Bedroom

First, blackout curtains are an absolute necessity for late sleepers and anyone who appreciates privacy in their bedroom. Finding the right blackout curtains is also easier than ever, since they come in a variety of styles and shades that can be matched with almost any interior color palette or design choices.

Sheer curtains, however, can help bring the beauty of natural sunlight into your indoor space. For areas like your living room, den, and dining room, pairing your carpet, soft furnishings, and sheer curtain colors together can create a beautiful ensemble that allows for bright, natural light to illuminate your indoors without letting the neighbors snoop.

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Recent events have caused a dramatic rise in plant ownership, gardening, and a proliferation of green thumbs. Homeowners looking to add a bit of vibrancy into their homes, and hoping to create a fuller, richer interior design experience for themselves and their guests, are increasingly turning to indoor planters, hanging gardens, and other verdant choices to improve their homes. Lining windowsills with small planters is a great way to improve the quality of your indoor space and installing roman shades will allow you to keep your plants happy in the sun while keeping the rest of your house cool.

Maximalism Is Back In

As much as the cool, sleek feeling of a minimalist design offers serenity and easy luxury, maximalist designs and layouts are seeing a comeback as more homeowners feel the urge to make a dramatic, expressive choice with their interior spaces. Consider washing your interiors with patterns and designs that dazzle the eyes.

Some easy maximalist design decisions include replacing solid color curtains or shades with patterned and stylized options and adding multiple layers of both heavy and sheer curtains with contrasting color choices. Intricate floral designs in classic gold or silver particularly useful in creating a sense of grandeur throughout your home.

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We hope these 2021 summer interior design trends have inspired you! If you’re ready to dress your space in these amazing décor trends, shop Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom window treatments and décor that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from. Explore our site to find the newest and most stylish options available today! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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