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Decorating your Home with Cream Blackout Curtains


Curtains are to a room what background actors are to a play. Not directly under the spotlight, and yet so crucial when it comes to setting up the right theme for the story. They work their magic in the backdrop, offering you the perfect canvas to paint your space in style. And what could possibly serve in this role better than cream blackout curtains, brimming with understated sophistication and unpigmented calm!

With the delicate grace of gorgeous cream and the quiet serenity that is signature to blackout linings, cream blackout curtains go a long way in making your home a peaceful haven and keeping the hubbub of the outside world away.

Within the design sensibility where less is more, they offer the perfect base to build up a room on, no matter the decor style you are targeting. Whether you are putting together a cozy monochromatic look for your bedroom or thinking of creating bold contrasts in a living room, cream blackout curtains can shape up beautifully to fit your vision. 

And the elevated style quotient isn’t all that makes these drapes such a beloved choice. The functionality offered by blackout lining behind these exquisite curtains is an equally potent factor in making them an ever-popular choice amongst our clients. So go on, dive into some of the top benefits offered by our blackout drapes:

  • Restful slumber: Whether you are a night owl or enjoy an occasional late lie-in, a dark room is essential for undisturbed sleep or a power nap. With blackout bedroom curtains, you can block out all light and create a night-like environment even when it’s broad daylight outside and get the perfect dark room. They are an especially great choice for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms to help little ones sleep off their tiredness.
  • Keeps the noise away: In addition to blocking harsh sunlight, blackout curtains also provide great sound insulation. So whether you are working or trying to catch some zzz’s, all you need to do to keep the unwelcome noises out is draw your blackout curtains. 
  • Extends the life of your curtains: Your beautiful curtains need protection against the harsh sunlight. Sun can gradually erode the longevity of your curtains, possibly causing them to fray at the edges over time. This is a concern especially with drapes made from delicate materials like often-expensive silks. Adding a blackout lining gives your curtains an added layer of protection and increases their longevity by shielding the drapery fabric from the harmful effects of glaring sunlight. 
  • Safeguards your furnishings: Sun is not a friend to your furniture or the exquisite fabrics in your room. Blackout curtains block out the UV rays of the sun, thereby protecting soft furnishings like your carefully-curated rugs, prized upholstery, or your hand-picked linens. This is especially important for dainty materials like silks and brightly-colored cottons that are more prone to fading than polyesters and blends. 
  • Adds visual appeal: Blackout lining is not only a practical choice but also one that adds to the visual appeal of your curtains and subsequently to the look of the whole room. Blackout lining – which tends to be heavier than standard privacy lining –  adds weight and volume to the drapes giving them a more luxurious and full look. The added weight also helps the drapes fall ands stay into straight pleats much faster than unlined drapes would. 
  • Savings galore: Blackout lining prevents the loss of thermal heat in winters, keeping you cozy during the cold days, and cool during the hot summers by blocking out sunlight. Our blackout lining is treated with a thermal coating that can help you save up to 25% on your energy cost. So, spiffy window treatments can save on energy bills too. Good for the environment and good for your pocket too!
  • No prying eyes: Yet another one of the benefits of blackout drapery is that it’s instrumental in building up an extra layer of privacy for your home. This is especially helpful if you live on a busy street. Your home is your very own exclusive space and with our cream blackout curtains, you can keep any prying eyes at bay. Yes, a gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? 


We have professed our love for cream blackout curtains many times now, and how can we not? From the elegance they bring to a room with their sophisticated charm to the versatility of the hue, there are so many reasons we can’t get enough of this room darkening drapery


Cream Blackout Curtains


  • Adds warmth to a room: In a world of white, it is important to have some pigment. Cream blackout curtains are a wonderful and classic way to invite warmth into a room, without giving up on an all-white aesthetic. Where white alone can be cold, stark and clinical, cream brings a sense of coziness and subtle variation into a space. Playing with various shades of cream and white can bring a sense of layering and texture, breaking the monotony of an all-white environment. Drapery in a solid cream fabric like Warm Snow, for example, could work wonderfully well for an all-white room that needs just a hint of sun kissed charm without calling attention to it. In our cream curtains collection, you’ll also find fabrics like Oymak – that work to bring a bit of pattern play into an otherwise solid-while-led space for an elevated visual interest. 
  • Pairs well with all hues: Rightfully christened ‘Super-Neutral’ by our stylists, cream has an inherently potent (and effortless) ability to pair with all kinds of colors and palettes. Whether your rooms are inspired by the sun-soaked colors of a desert or the sea-kissed cooler oceanic hues, cream blackout curtains will play along. This year especially – when we’re seeing a strong resurgence of browns as the neutral of choice – cream curtains are rising alongside as an easy go-to pairing option for designers and homemakers alike. Given the versatility of this lovely color, cream curtains work well with visually refreshing sea-foam green, turquoise, or sky blue in a country home. Or hang them in a shabby-chic room with a pale pink palette, and see them blend in like they were always meant to be. An additional benefit of choosing a neutral like cream is that should you decide to change your color palette in the future, you won’t have to spend a huge sum on a replacement for your window treatments, as your creams will very likely play nice with your next chosen palette as well.
  • Lets your statement pieces shine: Cream curtains are that perfect understated option that whispers elegance in a room full of statement pieces. They are naturally poised to serve as a quiet canvas to the more vibrant elements in your room, without distracting or taking anything away from them. So if you’re looking for a bashful backdrop for your fiery red velvet sofa, or for something to drape demurely against a bright and bold wallpaper, or a balancing counterpoint for a daring piece of artwork, cream blackout curtains are very often the answer. Not only will custom drapes in cream let your statement pieces shine, but they will also bring visual balance and tasteful depth to your space. 
  • Goes with all themes: Not only with palettes, cream works masterfully across a spectrum of decor styles as well. Whether tasked with ushering in elegant comfort in a traditional setting, or bringing flair to a more contemporary space, cream drapery has the ability to relax and impress all at the same time, no matter the aesthetic setting. It can ‘read’ traditional when hung in a room filled with baroque antique furniture, and yet also look so fetching when put against a contemporary industrial theme dotted with black accented furniture.
  • Creates a cohesive flow: Cream curtains can effortlessly connect spaces together, and can create a sense of connectedness between rooms that might otherwise feel disjointed due to stark differences in color palettes. So if you have chosen different colors from room to room and are looking for an integrating element that creates a sense of flow and harmony, cream curtains are the way to go. For instance, if you have a low-lit dining room dressed in a moody burgundy, adjacent to a light flooded living room in another hue, cream curtains are an excellent choice to create a kinship between the two spaces. 


Cream Blackout Drapes

  • Sets the stage for bold patterns: Got your heart set out on a quirky print but not sure how to make it work? Or too afraid to bring in a bold pattern in a not-so-bold room. Go down the road most traveled and choose cream for your base fabric. From passionate patterns like paisleys to prints with an eccentric personality, cream sets the perfect foundation for all your off-beat choices. This classic color serves as a ‘restrained’ canvas for bold patterns, allowing you to adjust its role as needed throughout every phase of decorating.

So have we got you excited about your cream blackout curtains yet? We thought so!

Go on then, browse our collection of blackout curtains to find your perfect set of cream drapes. Or shop our regular non-blackout cream curtains and simply add blackout lining to your order to make them room darkening. Happy draping!



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