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An amalgam of refined artistry and iconic architecture, arched windows come in several variations – each, a marvel in their own way. However, as much as they are prized for their unique and dramatic form, they are the bane of existence for home stylists who are tasked to find suitable window coverings for them. If this situation is relatable to you, this blog on window treatments for arched windows might break the deadlock and help you find the right window dressings for your arched beauties. 

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Covering Arched Windows: The Challenges & Pitfalls


White sheer curtains

Image Source: Depositphotos

It may be apt to say that arched windows were not historically and inherently designed to be covered as much as to enable cross-ventilation, increase air circulation and bring in unhindered light when regular-sized windows below them were closed for privacy and security. No wonder it’s hard to cover them and if you try to, these are the struggles you might face:

  • Window treatments, whether side-stacking ones or top-stacking ones, are typically mounted on straight drapery poles, tracks or blind headrails. While straight hardware is still an option for many arched windows, many clients prefer to accentuate the curves of the windows, and therefore are forced to explore arched hardware options – which are not as readily available at hardware stores. 
  • Given the non-standard shape of windows, clients are often also met with the grueling demands of precision measurement and heavy bills for customized window treatments.
  • Arched windows are specialty windows, but sometimes the type of arch it is makes it even more special. The arch whose height is exactly half its width, rightly called the ‘perfect arch’, is (relatively) easy to measure and dress. But all arches don’t adhere to this style, making them more creatively blessed and that much more difficult to dress.
  • An architectural feature so gorgeous as an arched window needs a dressing befitting of its grandeur. This can limit client choices aesthetically, as they try to ensure that the dressing offers coverage without robbing the architectural value of the windows.

Despite the challenges that come with arched windows, these windows are timeless architectural features that never stop piquing the visual interest of homeowners and designers. That’s because the complex profiles of arched windows, being better aligned with the organic shapes of nature, is more appealing to the human eye. 

Besides, challenges mother inventions. So, for every complex window, there’s a window treatment that will save your day. 

No matter what type of arched windows you have – the perfect arch that reminds of the half moon, the palladian windows that are flanked by sidelights, or the pointed arches of Gothic lineage – you’ve got a stunning showstopper at your hand. You need window treatments that provide coverage and also celebrate their architectural novelty. And to this effect, we present to you our top favorite ideas to dress up your arched windows. Enjoy!


Curtains Cover the Lower Half of this Arched Window Balancing Privacy & Natural Light


Cafe Curtains for Arched Window


In this Mediterranean-styled bathroom of a Dallas home, designer Laura Lee Clark has adorned the arched window with a pretty set of white cafe curtains. Blending into the tone-on-tone setting of delicious warm whites, these petite curtains offer sufficient privacy and a generous dose of sunshine at the same time. This minimal dressing tacitly shifts the spotlight to the pitched roof and carved sculpture beyond, both of which tie in with the arch of the window.


Blue Cellular Shades Add Contrast to a White Room While Providing Complete Insulative Coverage


Cellular Shades for Arched Windows


Beautiful blue cellular shades paired with cellular arches make this minimalistically designed living room come alive with color and personality. Providing thick insulative cover from excessive heat with their honeycomb-style air pockets, these blackout shades help maintain room temperature and guarantee privacy in a busy neighborhood.


Honeycomb Shades Provide Functional Benefits While Stationery Curtains Add Visual Interest


Cellular Shades for Arched Windows


In this cozy, traditionally-styled bedroom, cellular honeycomb shades flanked by curtains provide the perfect mix of function and style. The shades further the well-coordinated scheme of tasteful greens while adding a textural delight to the mix. The arched cellular shade on the top offers permanent coverage from sunlight while the shade below with its top-down/bottom-up feature offers versatile options for privacy and light control.


Specialty Arched Curtains in Front are Layered with Drapes Mounted on Straight Hardware to Provide Full Coverage


Layered Curtains in Bedroom


Double-layered curtains make a riveting focal point in this well-put-together bedroom. With plain white curtains mounted on a straight pole covering the lower part of the window and arc-shaped patterned drapes highlighting the arch, this arched window is the showstopper of the room.


Arched Hardware Hides Within the Arch of these Windows, Putting Spotlight on Curtains


Arched Window Drapes


In this tastefully designed living room, designer Rachel Kate has beautifully merged understated glamour with the architectural excellence of perfectly semi-circular arched windows. The silk puddled curtains flaunt their tailored appeal by seamlessly blending their hardware with the arch. The delicate embellishments of tassel trims and statement rope tie-backs complete the visual treat.


Ceiling-to-Floor Curtains Hang from Angled Hardware, Draping the Wall Columns Between Arched Windows


Arched Windows with Curtains in Sunroom


In a sunroom ready to welcome the golden sunrays through its stately arched windows, these ceiling-to-floor patterned drapes accentuate their grandeur. Draping the walls between the windows, these tailored beauties tie the separate windows visually into one continuous unit. And their delicate trellis motif in pared-back monochromes join hands with the dramatic curves of the upholstery and the windows themselves.




White Curtains Mounted on a Sleek Straight Curtain Pole Cover the Entire Expanse of This Majestic Arched Window


White Curtains for Arched Windows


A set of white curtains with grand floral trims offers sweeping coverage of the entire arched window in this English Manor-inspired home. Keeping affinity with the straight lines of the exposed wooden beams, the straight drapery rod offers a fitting contrast to the several curved features of the room.




Drapery Pole is Positioned to Leave the Top Arch of the Window Bare, Welcoming Natural Light in this Sunroom


Floral Drapes in Sunroom


Curtains and roman shades dressed in blue-beige floral motifs scaled appropriately to the size of the window verily define the palette of this grand living room designed by Dane Austin Studio. Hung on a straight rod over the rectangular portion of the palladian window, plenty of light streams in through the exposed arch, tinging the seaside-inspired space with a golden sheen during the day.


Drapery Mounted on Short Drapery Poles Covers the Side Windows while Leaving the Arched Middle Pane Permanently Bare


Colorblock Curtains


Clean-trimmed modern palladian windows in this transitional living room get a sophisticated dressing in textured white drapes color-blocked with solid taupe, finished with a geometric trim. These neutral-toned floor-kissing drapes fulfill more of a decorative role than a functional one. This is ensured by using short drapery rods that cover the flanking windows only, while leaving the middle pane uncovered at all times. The mullions-free arch frames a stellar Sputnik chandelier most beautifully while the rectangular portion below the arch fosters the unbroken visual connection with the pool garden beyond.


Curtains Provide Full Coverage While Woven Shades are Placed on the Lower Half of these Arch Windows for Versatile Light & Privacy Control


White Curtains for Arched Windows


A pair of pristine white curtains pair with bamboo woven shades to deck the arch windows of this bright and airy beachy-toned living room. The drapes cover the entire window while the shades cover the rectangular portion alone, leaving the lounger with multiple functional options – draw the curtains for full light control or draw the shades for privacy while leaving the arch open for light inflow. Mounting the hardware so close to the ceiling enables this ceiling-to-floor drapery to woo the eye upward and thereby create illusive height, making the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.


Sheer Cafe Curtains Covering the Lower Half of Arched Windows Are Paired with Opaque Floor-to-Ceiling Drape in this Opulent Bathroom


Bathroom Arched Window


‘Sumptuous elegance’ can aptly summarize this traditional bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling, textured, euro pinch pleated drapes frame the entire span of the arched windows while white sheer curtains cover the lower rectangular portion. Mounting the hardware close to the ceiling makes the eye gauge the vertical span, making the ceiling appear higher than it is and the room more spacious. This additional sense of height adds to the luxe vibe which is well-articulated through the brass hardware, frosted glass chandelier and ornately curved furniture.




White Plantation Shutters Adorn these Triple-Arched Windows Inside-Out, Adding to the Curb Appeal of this Home


Plantation Shutters


The triple-arched window in this traditional home get a fitting dressing in white plantation shutters and sunburst arches that speak to the architectural details of the home. Offering versatile control over light inflow and privacy, these slatted window treatments don’t only ornament those specialty windows in the interiors but also on the exterior facade, elevating the curb value of the home exponentially.


Black Plantation Shutters Cover the Lower Half of Arch Windows, While Letting in Abundant Light from the Bare Top


Black Plantation Shutters


Sleek-slatted black plantation shutters adorn the arched windows of this traditional living room, tying in with the black accents and offering a stark contrast to the plain white walls. Covering only the lower half of the window, the arch on the window panel makes its statement while letting in abundant light.


Arched Roller Shades Provide Full Coverage to these Oversized Picture Windows


Roller Blinds


A walkway with an array of oversized arch windows gets a sleek covering in white sheer roller shades. The curved shades make seamless contact with the arches highlighting the artful silhouettes of those shapely picture windows further. The transparency of these shades ensures a continuous visual connection with the fabulous landscapes while softly diffusing the harsh sunlight.


Wooden-Textured Venetian Blind Covers the Lower Half of the Arched Window, Offering Veiled View of the Outdoors through its Slats


Venetian Blinds for Arched Windows


A modern venetian blind gels beautifully with a space packed with country-style organic elements by furthering the beige palette of the rattan baskets and damask print carpet. The space will never be cut off completely from natural light as the exposed arch atop the window gives it free rein throughout the day. Offering a veiled view through the slats, this blind ensures privacy while allowing light and air in.


Wooden Slatted Blinds Cover The Lower Half of the Arched Windows in this Traditional Home Office


Wooden Slatted Blinds


A traditional home office wrapped in solid wood from ceiling to floor carries forward its obsession with solid wood in the wooden slatted blinds covering the arched windows. Designed in a soft brown tone, the blinds leave the arch open for light inflow while covering the lower rectangular portion. Being a perfect-fit inside-mount treatment, it allows for the inbuilt seating right below the window sill to be used without any hindrance.


Specialty Arched Roman Shades Cover the Wide Arch of this Window Seamlessly


Roman Shades for Arched Windows


A custom cut, fabric floral roman shade in creamy pastels brings life into a bathroom wrapped in black-and-white tiles. The extraordinarily wide-angled reveal of the window draws focus to the arch and the inside-mounted arched roman shade that is customized to hug the curve. The stationary semi-circled upper portion of the shade permanently covers the arch while the lower portion of the window can be opened and closed as per the need.




Outside-Mounted Roman Shades Hide the Top Arch of these Windows, Drawing Focus on Other Elements in the Room


Roman Shades for Arched Windows


This home office gets a massive facelift with coordinated upholstery and roman shades in a blue-white wavy chevron print with mint green accents that rhyme with the ceiling’s wallpaper. Roman shades mounted outside the window frame so close to ceiling, give freedom to treat the arched window like any other window and not be limited by its specialty shape. When the shade is completely closed, it gives no clue that the window it veils is arched.




White Sheer Shades Blend Into the White Walls to Highlight the Lake-View in this Sunroom


Arched Window Treatment for Sunroom


The arched picture windows of this lake-facing sunroom are minimally dressed to make the most of the views and light. With sheer roman shades covering the lower portion and the mullioned arches left bare, this sunroom can be fully trusted for its purpose. The sheer shades accord daytime privacy and protection from harsh glare while taking nothing away from those picturesque views. With a solid off-white that calls no attention, the shades sink into the white walls, letting the waterscape be the statement feature of the room.




Specialty Blinds Permanently Cover the Arch of the Windows While Lower Half Provides a Versatile Light Control Option


Arched Window Treatments: Roman Shades


A bow window comprising a row of tiny arched windows in an artist’s studio gets detailed attention with inside-mounted beige Vignette specialty shades whose arched upper portion is stationary while the rectangular lower portion is operable.


Arch-Shaped Roman Shades Complement the Arch of Windows & the Vaulted Ceiling of this Bathroom


Scalloped Roman Shades Covering Arched Windows


Interior decor celebrates architecture in this opulent bathroom. The arch-shaped roman shades highlight the barrel vault ceiling that culminates its journey at the partial arch head window. Each of the custom shades traces the shape of their respective arch at the top and displays a delicate swag at the bottom. Their tasteful botanical print ties together the theme of the framed views to the palette of the floor tiles.


Custom Drapes & Coordinated Valance with Arch Cut-Out Add A Bespoke Touch to this Arched Window


Curtains with Valance Cover Arched Windows


Custom drapes topped by a coordinated valance dress up this room glamourously. The board-mounted valance covers the drapery rod and by making seamless contact with the ceiling, it draws the eye upward, elongating the tiny room optically. Instead of using an arched curtain rod, the designer has highlighted the arch of the window with a matching cut-out in the valance. Sticking to the two-tone palette of the room besides embracing the specialty shape, this window’s decor speaks of serious forethought and a keen eye for detail.




Vaulted Ceiling in this Room is Further Emphasised by the Arched Custom Valance Paired with Roman Shades


Arched Window Treatments


A custom-made arched valance and coordinated roman shade counterbalance the rosy vibrance of this seating area with neutralized blues and tiny motifs. The arched shape of the valance highlights the vault of the ceiling while the pink trim echoes the wallpaper’s hues. The fabric roman shade with its perfect-fitting frees the space under the window for the built-in seating to be used conveniently.


Arched Woven Shade Provides Permanent Coverage on Top While the Lower Portion Offers Functional Benefits


Arched Window Treatment Ideas


A seaweed woven shade overlays this traditional bathroom with textural variety and an organic vibe while its pastel green is echoed suitably in the cabinetry and sidings. With a stationary arched portion that permanently covers the arch of the window, the shade seeks to highlight the unique shape besides ensuring light control. When the shade is completely rolled down, it still allows access for light and air through its weave without compromising privacy.


Wooden Woven Shades Cover The Lower Halves of the Picture Windows, Leaving the Top Arches Permanently Bare in this Sunlit Sunroom


Sunroom Arched Window Treatments


A huge arched window that beautifully frames the giant tree beyond is the pride of this grand living room and is befittingly left bare to be its own statement. An array of picture windows beneath soaked in picturesque greens are suitably dressed in woven wooden shades that relate to the outdoorsy theme in essence. The shades can be completely closed for privacy and the dabbled shadows they cast by their textured weave will be a visual treat on a golden day.


Drawing a Full Circle on the Arched Window Situation

We hope that this blog has proven to be a comprehensive reference for you to consider various options for your arched window coverings in detail. Do research in depth about the window covering that piqued your interest the most before you dawn on the final choice. And ensure that the selection process satisfies the architectural features and functional requirements of your arched windows. 

If your heart is leaning towards fabric treatments, we invite you to browse our website for more inspiration. Spiffy Spools’ consultants are only a call away if you have any queries. And regardless of which treatment you choose, may it be a show-stopper well deserved by the architectural gem it dresses! 



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