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How to Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger

Just because you live in a modest-sized home, it doesn’t have to appear or feel that way. Here, we’ll explore a few hacks on how to make a small apartment look bigger. With just a few simple adjustments, you can easily create the illusion of space!

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Avoid Dark Color Schemes

The first rule to making your space appear larger is avoiding dark color schemes. Every room in your space needs to consist of a light and bright color palette. Lighter hues are known to make spaces feel open and airy, while darker shades can cause a room to feel cramped and confined.

We recommend choosing neutral tones like white, grey, or even light natural wood for your larger pieces of furniture, such as your sofa, accent chair, TV stand, dresser, and bedspread. These pieces are what ground the room and set the basis for your bright color scheme. From there, you can add in pops of color through the use of curtains, throw pillows, a bed runner, throw blankets, and vibrant artwork.

Adopt a Minimalist Design

When it comes to small spaces, less decoration is more. That’s why it’s best to utilize a minimalist decor style when decorating a small studio or your modest-sized apartment. In addition to using a light color scheme, make sure everything that’s visible in your space serves a function. If an item doesn’t serve a function, it should be stored away and placed out of sight. Minimalism eliminates all clutter and emphasizes sleek lines to make spaces feel clean, modern, and more open.

Hang Extra-Long Curtains

Hanging extra-long curtains is a simple way to instantly make your apartment look bigger. Specifically, you should design your curtains so that they hang from the ceiling and graze the floor. Long curtains will make your walls appear significantly taller, which contributes to making your entire space feel larger.

Additional Curtain Design Tips

Explore a few extra design tips for your curtains to ensure they help make your small apartment look bigger:

Choose Light Fabrics

White Sheer Custom Drapery & Roman Blinds

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When trying to open up a space, create your curtains with lighter fabrics rather than heavier fabrics. Heavier fabrics can literally weigh down the room—they serve as an focal point that may overtake or overwhelm small spaces. Some common heavy fabrics include silk and velvet.

Alternatively, lighter fabrics help provide a bright and airy feel in any room they’re hung. They also match perfectly with minimalist designs, making them a perfect option for your extra-long curtains! Some common light fabrics include linen and sheer, which wonderfully diffuse natural sunlight and are especially good options as Scandinavian or farmhouse window treatments. While these are the best selections, mid-weight cotton curtains are still light enough to work in small spaces as well.

Use Curtain Tiebacks

Checked Tiebacks For Curtains

As we’ve mentioned, minimalist designs are characterized by neat, uncluttered, functional spaces. Curtain tiebacks are a great way to bring functionality and style to your curtains. A curtain tieback is a piece of fabric that sweeps your curtains away from the window. The tieback is secured to a small metal hook or cleat that’s attached to the wall. They can be designed in any fabric you’d like and come in three different styles at Spiffy Spools.

Curtain tiebacks add function to your curtains by sleekly holding them in the open position when you want to enjoy the natural light provided by your windows. Plus, by keeping your curtains securely held in place, they contribute to decluttering your space. Although curtain tiebacks may seem like a minor addition, they can make a big impact in your room.

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Now that you know how to make a small apartment look bigger, get started with decorating your apartment with Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom curtains and décor that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from. Explore our site to find gorgeous options that will add plenty of character to your new apartment—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have along the way!

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