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Dining room roman shades with ribbon trim


Not just healthy self-indulgence and family meals, dining rooms are where we have some of our happiest memories. If we arrange the space beautifully and conveniently, hosting large dinner parties here will be but a thing of joy, not anxiety. The décor of your dining room should impress your guests while welcoming them to relax, enjoy their meal, and spend quality time with one another. And your window treatments can play an important role in achieving this goal. 

If you’re looking to update your dining room window treatments, we strongly recommend putting roman shades on your consideration set. Why, you ask? Well, let our expert stylists introduce you to top reasons to choose roman shades for your dining room, and offer you our top roman shade ideas & tips to style them suitably.

Order custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools online in any size. With over 3,000 fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find roman shades that sync perfectly with your dining room. If you have an open plan dining room with a kitchen or living room, you also have the option of matching your dining room roman shades with the kitchen roman shades or living room roman shades, giving your home a truly customized look.


Why Choose Roman Shades for your Dining Room?


Roman Shades for dining room


Updating and renovating any space is as much a daunting task as a necessity. But when it’s your dining room that’s up for a makeover, you definitely don’t want to compromise either on the function or the aesthetics. You might want to weigh the pros and cons of each option before you finalize a decor accessory. So, if you’re still wondering whether installing roman shades in your dining room is the wisest decision, we’ll help you explore the fantastic benefits they have to offer:



Although roman shades function like other blinds, they are far more visually appealing since they are handmade. Also, being made of fabric,  roman shades can host any color or pattern that you wish, just like curtains. Hence, they can sync into any decor style easily as the hallmarks of the style can be easily showcased in the fabric choice.


If your dining room is small and leg space is scarce, roman shades are the perfect go-to. Being sill-length window treatments, they take away nothing of the available floor space from the dining area. If you mount them within the window recess, they will not take up any wall space too.


If you have little ones or pets who like to run around the house, you can rest easy knowing that roman shades will not be a safety concern. Roman shades stay tucked away at the top of the frame when open and rest just below the pane when closed, ensuring they’re out of reach from small children and pets. The cord comes with child safety anchors so you can rest assured that it won’t become yet another toy for your kiddo.


Roman shades provide you plenty of privacy while enjoying meals in your dining room. When closed, they cover the entire window with one, smooth piece of fabric. Whereas, blinds with slats would have compromised privacy with indoor views being visible through the slats.


Designing your Dining Room Roman Shades


Roman blinds for dining room


As you can see, roman shades are a wonderful option to consider for your dining room window treatment! If we’ve convinced you to explore roman shades for your dining room windows, here are the top tips from our home decor experts to get you started on your shopping journey:


Get the Palette Right


Roman shades for dining room windows


Having chosen fabric roman shades for your dining room, you have blown the potential for creativity to the skies. For now, you can design your window dressing in any color and pattern given the vast choice of drapery fabrics. Had you chosen other shades or blinds, there would have been much to lament for given their restricted palettes and skinny pattern catalogs. So, make the most of this fantastic opportunity to express the color story of your dining room.

Since window treatments take meaningful optical space in a room, they can relay the overall palette of the dining room very tangibly. Define the primary and secondary hue of the space in your roman shades. Or, feature all the accent hues and let your shades unify the space in one color story.

If you like introducing surprise elements in your design, you can also pick a color that does not appear anywhere in the dining room. But make sure that it syncs with the space.

If you very much miss a piece of wall art in the dining space, use your roman shades to do so with a thoughtfully selected fabric. Think of a themed or abstract pattern fabric bursting with color at your window. That is not just art within your roman shade, but also a focal point to anchor your dining room.


Bring Some Fun with Patterned Shades


Patterned roman shades in dining room


A well-balanced use of plains and patterns is key to making a space feel warm, attractive, and inviting. A space dominated by solid surfaces will end up feeling cold and sterile. If your dining area is currently facing this scenario, use your roman shades to introduce vivid motifs. Patterns influence mood subliminally with the action-packed presentation of colors and shapes at their best. And that’s what a dining space needs to have. 

When selecting patterned shades, ensure that the motifs sync with your overall decor and the vibe of your home. For example, a damask patterned shade is a perfect fit in a classically-decorated dining space but a geometric print shade meets the taste of a modern home. Striped or plaid roman shades give a nod to the simple bucolic lifestyle of yesteryears within a country-style dining area. A Hollywood regency-styled dining room looks elevating in patterned shades with saturated colors and high contrasts while muted colors and subtle contrasts would suit a Scandi space. Just keep your overall decor style in mind when you choose the patterned roman shades for your dining area.

Also, pay attention to the scale and the overall bearing. With grand-sized motifs, you’re signing in for a focal point while subtle contrasts, simple shapes, and muted palettes will melt into the space tenderly. So, decide whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or a decor accessory that stands out but is not too loud. 

Secondly, account for the size of the window when you check the scale of the motif. You don’t want the large motifs to get cut off abruptly on a small shade or tiny motifs to be lost in oblivion on an oversized shade.




Invest Thought in the Roman Shade Style




Once you finalize the fabric, it is time to choose the style of the roman shade. And the fabric you select has got a say in this decision. The style you choose will finally determine how easily you can operate the shades. So, this decision warrants forethought, not an afterthought. Let’s introduce you to the types of roman shades on offer:

  • Flat fold roman shades with back slats: This style of roman shades is constructed by inserting the slats into the lining at the back. Therefore, no seams are visible on the frontage when the shades are closed. They also stack neatly from the bottom and rest at the top of the window frame when open. This style is a great choice for windows that are frequently in use. 

If you’ve chosen a patterned fabric, it is better to go with this style as the clean frontage facilitates the distortionless presentation of the motifs of the fabric.

  • Flat fold roman shades with front slats: In this style, the slats are stitched to the face fabric making their silhouettes and hemlines visible on the frontage. When open, they stack from the bottom in neat folds to provide a crisp, clean look. This option also works wonderfully for frequently used windows. 

If you’ve chosen a solid-colored fabric, prefer this style as the horizontal pattern of the slats can lend it an element of visual interest.

  • Relaxed roman shades: Relaxed roman shades are great to add as an ornamental feature to your dining room. The shade has a gentle curve at the bottom which is a nod to the opulence of ruched curtains. Since the shade’s folds need to be formed manually each time it is operated, this style is not recommended for windows where the shade will be operated often. But since dining spaces don’t require privacy, relaxed shades are a great choice as the shades will be operated rarely.  

All fabrics look great in this style, but those that are solid-colored are better able to highlight the gorgeous folds at the bottom.


Go Minimal, but in Good Style


Minimal Decor Dining Room


If your dining room needs no treatments at all for light control or privacy, but you still would love to introduce roman shades for the color and interest they bring in, consider faux roman shades. They cover the top fourth of the window like valances and you can customize the size to suit your window. 

Their folds are secured with stitches, making them inoperable. However, they come across as fully operational shades that have been drawn open. That explains also how they got their name.

Faux shades are stitched with rod pocket headers and all you need is a drapery rod to install them. Since they are lightweight, you can easily mount them on a tension rod and fix them neatly within the window’s recess for a clean, minimal look. It’s so much better than leaving your dining room windows bare as if they were forgotten during the interior design. 

The small optical space that faux shades occupy lends you the scope to bring in an extremely tangy tone or a busy pattern carefree for it cannot overtake the space. So, if you want a minimal window dressing but love the excuse it provides to introduce color, texture, or pattern, think faux shades.




Layer your Roman Shades with Curtains


Dining room roman shades layered with curtians


Most roman shades fans have not yet forfeited their dedication to their first love – flowing and sumptuous curtains and drapes. If this is relatable for you, why not combine them and enjoy the best of both worlds? Install the roman shades within the window recess and hang drapes over the window for a stunning layered look.

There are two ways to go about and you may make your choice based on your need for light control and your personal aesthetic vision. Either way, make sure that the roman shade and the curtain shake hands on the color palette and the general style.

The first method is to hang narrow, stationary decorative drapes just to frame the shade with a contrast of color or an attractive pattern. In this case, short drapery rods are installed such that the curtains will cover the window trims as well as the side edges of the shades. Since the rods are small, the drapes can never go over the shade or cover them.

The second method is to hang fully functional drapes over a regular-sized drapery rod fixed over the window. When the curtains are drawn it will give a totally different look to the dining room than when they are open. This option gives more versatile control over light inflow with one layer opening sideways and the other upwards.

If you have mid-sized or oversized windows, don’t miss this opportunity to layer your roman shades with curtains for a more compelling visual treat. But short windows will get overwhelmed with layering, so they do better with roman shades as a stand-alone treatment.




Top Roman Shades for Dining Rooms


Modern Dining Room


As you can see, roman shades are a wonderful option to consider for your dining room window treatment! They easily blend into both modern and traditional setups. With sufficient attention invested in the details of the fabric and the style of making, roman shades can work well with any decor style.

For example, if you primarily use your dining room for special occasions and have a formal decor, you can up the grandeur of your dining room with opulent silk roman shades. If stitched in a relaxed shade style, the opulent scalloped bottoms of the shade will get further highlighted on a solid-colored fabric. Or, match the organic shape with a pattern that echoes its style in a striking, floral printed roman shade. Either way, your formal space is sure to benefit from your new shades!

Formal or casual, traditional or modern, to help you get started on your shopping journey, here are some featured looks from Spiffy Spools.



With over 3000 fabrics, we understand you might just feel overwhelmed in your search. Our stylists have chosen their favorites to inspire you and give your search a direction. From solid-colored wonders to patterned beauties, here are the featured looks for dining room roman shades:


Spotlight On: Celik

Custom Drapery & Roman Blinds

Our Celik fabric features a blend of purple and grey silk that will bring a feeling of royalty to your dining space. This fabric offers a polished, no-nonsense look with power in its simplicity.


Spotlight On: Amager

Floral Custom Roman Shades

If you’re partial to florals, you won’t be disappointed by our Amager print. Inspired by the English countryside, this fabric features a lovely pattern with yellow honey flowers and blooms. With a sophisticated color palette of beige, cream, and light yellow, this fabric will be a welcome addition to any formal dining room.


Spotlight On: Bouw

Bouw Fabric

Our Bouw fabric is a lovely semi-sheer option featuring a delicately embroidered vine pattern that contrasts nicely against a warm gray backdrop. The semi-sheer fabric provides you with a translucent, filtered light effect, so you can add a gorgeous glow to your dining room.


Spotlight On: Rapids

Rapids Roman Shade Fabric

Are you looking to add a punch of color to your dining space? If so, you’ll love our Rapids fabric. This is another two-toned material, featuring shades of turquoise and deep blue. The vibrant color simply pops, and you’ll love the rich textural interest this fabric provides!


Spotlight On: Tabiiy

Tabiiy Roman Shades

Tabiiy features a harmonious blend of beige and cream in a thickly woven pattern. The fabric is relaxed and natural yet chic, ready to mesh effortlessly with any modern décor.


Spotlight On: Abstract Reverie

Abstract Reverie

Our Abstract Reverie fabric is undoubtedly modern with its neutral black and khaki hues and a sharp geometric print. The abstract pattern of jagged and distressed lines combines a chic look with an industrial feel, which will add a unique edge to your dining room.


Spotlight On: Sunbaked

Sunbaked Roman Shades

Roman shades made from this jacquard woven fabric featuring a rich paisley motif in red, yellow, and brown will make a feature of the dining room window. Not just the form, but also the palette of Sunbaked attracts the eye and adds a sumptuous visual treat to a maximally decorated formal dining room.


Spotlight On: Paramo

Printed Zig Zag Custom Roman Shade

In a captivating chevronesque pattern, this ikat print roman shade brings color vibrance to your dining hall. The traditional motif of Paramo not only celebrates culture and history but also anchors the space with energy. With a delicious palette that echoes the sumptuous meals on the table, this roman shade becomes the best suitor for the dining room.


Spotlight On: Akba

Akba Roman Shades

This houndstooth check print features a weave of ultramarine blue, sea green, lime green, and pure white. The soft weave plays nicely with the bright hues to bring a cheery feel to any space. Akba will make a lovely selection for your dining room roman shades!


Spotlight On: Gardenia

Gardenia Roman Shades

Featuring red and brown windowpane checks on a white backdrop, Gardenia spells rustic charm and homeliness in one breath. Both, the pattern and the palette ensure easy blendability with country styles in all their varied versions. Add this roman shade to your dining room and enjoy its rustic essence!


Order Custom Roman Shades from Spiffy Spools

Spiffy Spools Window Shades for Dining Room


We hope you’ve found just the inspiration you need to shop roman shades for your dining room! If you’re ready to shop, order your custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom roman shades that fit your exact specifications and design style. Explore our site to find the perfect window treatment for your dining room, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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