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Design Tips for Curtains on Small Bedroom Windows

It can be incredibly fun to personalize your bedroom space with bedding, rugs, paint colors, and other decorative elements. But there’s always one challenge: How can you find window curtains for small bedroom?


To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of inspirational design ideas to help you find the best curtains for your small bedroom windows.

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Widen a Narrow Bedroom Window with Your Placement

What can you do with a narrow window? Add width by hanging curtain panels on either side of the window so they just overhang the outer edges of the glass. This makes the window appear to extend behind the panels. 

By leaving the center of the window open, you also let light in. You could use two custom panels of the “Yamini Shamwari” to create this look. Thanks to the tab top, you can easily hang them from any curtain rod.


Pink Custom Curtains


Add Length to Small Bedroom Windows

If you’d like to add some length to a shorter window, add a valance to the top of the window. Place it just a few inches above where you would normally place this treatment, but low enough that the valance still overhangs the top of the window frame. This will give the illusion of length

Try a pole-mounted valance for the best results.


Choose Privacy Curtains for Small Bedroom Windows

Remember to choose curtains that provide ample cover for your comfort and privacy. If your window opens to a backyard or wooded area, you might have more options. However, if your window faces the street or a neighbor’s home, think about choosing fabric weights and types that aren’t too revealing. 

Blackout curtains work well. Best of all, they don’t have to be black or drab! Try the “Warm Snow” blackout curtains in off-white hues.


Cream Plain Linen Custom Curtain With Geometric Trim

Add Bold Colors or Patterns

When you are choosing the treatment for a large window, you might have to be a bit careful. A big window takes up a large part of the room, so your choices really stand out. However, you can be a bit more daring with a smaller window.

Think of small bedroom window curtains as accent pieces. Use them to add personality to your decor. Choose bright colors or daring patterns. This will add interest to your bedroom without overwhelming your final design. Something like the “Mayaro Bay” really stands out, especially if the rest of the room is understated.


Abstract Custom Curtains For Living Room

Let in the Light with Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are only made to cover the bottom half of the window. They leave the top half open to let in light and provide you with a great view. Consider using these if your bedroom gets great natural light. 

Cafe curtain window treatments will let the light into your room while still adding a finished look to your windows. If you prefer a patterned curtain, choose a smaller pattern, like this houndstooth that won’t be lost on a smaller surface.


Checked Custom Window Treatments


Don’t Shy Away from Floor-Length Curtains

There’s no reason that you can’t use elegant, floor-length curtains for small bedroom windows. After all, it can create a very sophisticated look. 

By using a longer curtain length, you put the window in better proportion to the rest of the space.

You can create a very interesting, monochromatic look by matching the color of your floor-length curtains with your wall color. Consider different fabric weights, as well. 

For example, linen is a low-maintenance choice that gives a relaxed look to your bedroom.

Choose a floating-length curtain to avoid having to move or rearrange your curtains when you vacuum.


Create a Finished Look with Tiebacks

Yes, you can use tiebacks on small bedroom windows! The trick is to select curtains that are lightweight enough that you can get that desirable framing effect when you tie them back. Try layering curtains that you tie back in front of a sheer or lacy voile.


Solve Tricky Window Problems with Roman Shades

Sometimes, curtains just won’t work. If your window butts up against a wall, you might not have room to hang a traditional curtain. The same goes for windows that are next to built-in shelves or when furniture is placed immediately next to the window.

In that case, consider a roman shade. Since these are cut to fit the window and mount inside the window frame, they won’t be obstructed by nearby walls or furniture. 

The only challenge here is that you’ll need to keep your exposed window frame painted and in good repair.

Find the Ideal Curtains for Small Windows at Spiffy Spools

Even small windows deserve beautiful treatments. You’ll find the perfect window curtains for small bedroom at Spiffy Spools

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