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Patio Door Curtains


Whether a luxurious turf garden that hosts buffets or a small pallet deck with a cozy dinette, we love our patios for the way they help us bond with nature and each other. Family and guests lounge here encircled by the lovely breeze and summer light. But, inside the home, it’s a different story – nature’s gifts are cherished but not supposed to hold sway. There’s a time for it to be sun-flushed and a time to get moody, intimate, and hushed. If you’re looking for some creative patio glass door curtains ideas in view of this goal, this blog is for you.

The glazed panels of the patio glass doors maximize light inflow to the home and give round-the-clock access to the picturesque views beyond. Dolling these grand windows with curtains might seem counterproductive to light worshippers but – in effect – makes the space more versatile, taking nothing away from that bright airy charm. And of all the plentiful window treatments offered, curtains and drapes impress us the most. 


Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size for your patio doors. We carry over 3,000 fabrics and patterns to pick from, so you can design them exactly to your liking!


Perfect Match –  Patio Doors and Gorgeous Drapes


Patio Door Curtains


What makes homeowners prefer curtains and drapes for patio doors over other window treatments?  What’s alluring about these traditional window dressings that even hardcore modernists often prefer them to technically advanced and sleeker dressings when it comes to patio doors? No matter what type of doors open to your patio – French doors or sliding doors or bi-folds – curtains are ahead of the pack for a few reasons: 


Matching Scales

Depending on the size of the patio, the doors may be designed with single or multiple panels. And, even if single-paneled, they are almost always oversized as compared to standard windows and doors for the purpose of providing maximum access to light and air. That grandness calls for window treatments that reciprocate with sumptuousness, and none can do it better than curtains and drapes. Unlike blinds and shades, drapes are not perturbed by the enormity. The hardware is designed to bear heavy loads and the drapes themselves perform better aesthetically when stitched in magnanimous dimensions. The longer, the better the drape; the wider, the more glamorous the pleats.


Endless Customization Potential

Being made of fabric, curtains have no dearth of choices to offer, be it with fabric, palette, or pattern. By far, this is what home designers look for – an endless potential to unleash their creative energies and premium results at the end of the process. Besides, you can get custom curtains to fit the size of your doors as well as the requirements of your decor style more impressively and readily than any of the mass-produced window treatments.


Full Marks for Insulation

Glazed doors make great views possible, but they also conspicuously lose precious thermal energy in freezing winters. If your glass doors are located in bedrooms, the cold drafts drifting in stealthily can cause great concern as they can ward off sleep. You need energy-efficient window treatments like drapes to get rid of the insane bills incurred by the heating system. Besides the possibility to choose a blackout fabric or lining, drapes have extensive use of the fabric unlike other treatments, making their insulative capacity double efficient.


Organic Touch

As the winds go about scattering the scent of fresh blooms, curtains quiver and swell at their beckoning. And this is the most relaxing view one can have while looking onto the patio. That gentle billowing is an overture of the organic beauty of the space beyond. Which window treatment can offer that level of softness and grandeur other than curtains?


Convenient Functionality 

When it comes to doors, curtains often get all the upvotes for their side-stacking trait. They are easy to access when they need to be used or cleared. A little maneuvering is enough for anyone to access the doors. If you have sliding doors, you may find them most convenient as both align together as regards the functional aspect.


Complete Clearance

With correctly mounted hardware, curtains can completely clear the doors when not in use. Neither the panoramic view nor the light and air need to be sacrificed. Most other side-stacking window treatments will take away some space from the doors for their stacks.


Alternative Options

Curtains are maximalist per se but do not lack minimalist versions. If you don’t want to introduce voluminous decor accessories to the space or don’t need to ensure privacy and light control, there are other options for you –

SASH CURTAINS: Double rod pocket curtains can be fixed on French doors and framed sliding glass doors. They get neatly tucked away behind the handles providing fuss-free operation and just enough coverage. 

DECORATIVE DRAPES: If you love delicate flowing trails for their elegance but do not need their full function, decorative drapes can be considered. These are narrow drapery panels that are hung on short rods so they frame the windows and stay intact in that position always. And therefore, you can go for style-oriented decisions like puddling the drapes or using heavy statement fabrics. Decorative drapes don’t provide full coverage but soften the space and become an excuse to bring in color, pattern, and texture. These curtains can be used as standalone if privacy and light control are no issue or as overtreatments on films, shades, or blinds that handle those functional roles.

Did you see why we find patio doors and curtains to be like a ‘made-for-each-other’ pair? Whatever one would wish from a window treatment on the patio – be it function, softness, or style – curtains and drapes leave no room for want. If you feel proud of your choice now, get more confident in designing them right with the ideas that follow.


Important Considerations for Patio Door Curtains


Patterned French Door Curtains


Any project can be accomplished most efficiently only when the goals and parameters are well defined at the very outset. Curtain shopping is no exception! Before you set out to shop the curtains, know what you should be looking for so that you can screen the fabrics in or out with more ease.


It’s All About the Goal

First things first – define precisely what brings you to cover your patio doors with curtains. Is your neighbor’s curiosity bothering you? Or, do you need to cut off the fleeting glare from your TV screen? Or, going a step ahead, do you want to darken the room for a better media experience or sound sleep? Perhaps, you’re not concerned with improving privacy or controlling light but you’re looking for an opportunity to introduce soft textiles and a punch of color. What exactly are you looking to achieve by decorating your patio doors with curtains? Define the purpose and the fabric selection process will be smoothened and shortened.


Support the Room Layout

The oversized doors command more space for the passage, often causing more traffic than expected. And running back and forth from the patio is a sport that kids and pets never tire of. So, it’s important to make sure that the curtains don’t infringe on the doorway. They should clear off when not in use and should not flare or puddle at the bottom posing a tripping risk for the rollickers. Remember how your room is laid out when discerning the length and width of the drapes so that they may have their own space and not overstep another’s.


Have a Plan for the Stack

When the curtains are not in use, they need to be tucked away so that you can enjoy the views without an ounce of compromise. So, gauge the space on the enveloping walls to make sure that they have enough room for the stacks. Accordingly, you may need to lengthen the drapery pole and install tie-backs to hold the curtains in place.


Underscore Your Decor Style 

Window treatments like curtains and drapes are credited with immense potential to voice and emphasize your design style as they occupy huge vertical space and are visible all the time. Be cognizant of your personal style when selecting the palette, pattern, texture, weave, heading style, hardware, and accessories. This way they will have taken up a huge chunk of the responsibility to air your aesthetic vision boldly and vividly.


Stylist Tips to Design Patio Door Curtains

Once you’ve got a basic idea of how you want your curtains to fit your schemes overall, it is time to delve deeper into the details. There are five basic decisions you need to take when designing patio door curtains. Here we go –


Choose the Fabric Based on the Needs


French Door Curtains


Taking advantage of the fact that curtains are made of fabrics, decide on one that perfectly meets the specific needs of the patio doors. So, what are some of those special demands that need to be addressed?

The light and air that gushes in through these oversized ingresses are truly cherished by all and at all times except when it’s time to pay more attention to the television or a laptop waiting for a mail check. And at other times, you may want privacy but not be completely disconnected from the scenic views beyond. So, how do you dress your patio doors with curtains such that you don’t miss the views and yet reserve the ability to cut off light significantly for functional purposes? Addressing opposing needs demands a stroke of genius for sure. 

If you need light streaming all the time and are not concerned with nighttime privacy, go for light sheer curtains in loose-woven linen or semi-transparent cotton, polyester, or blends. Especially if you’re dealing with a highly humid place or tropical climate, these diaphanous draperies will prove a godsend as they facilitate air circulation throughout. On the contrary, if it’s searingly hot or freezing cold for the most part of the year, consider blackout curtains. These will retain the thermal energy of the room and make your summers cooler and the winters warmer.

And, if you need both light-filtering and room-darkening at different times of the day or the year, incorporate both sheer and blackout drapes, one over the other. This versatile arrangement allows you daytime privacy with sheers and total cancellation of light with blackouts. For more guidance on layering sheers and blackout drapes, profit from our blogs. 

Or, you can go for a happy medium with simple non-sheer, unlined curtains. These filter in light very softly when designed in lighter hues and delicate weaves. They provide privacy during the day and night. Alternatively, these can also be paired with sheer drapes for more versatile control over light and privacy.

Also, remember that your curtains have an important role in relaying your decor style. If your patio is an extension of a formal living room, consider silk or velvet drapes. When ordering silk drapes, remember to opt for lining and interlining to protect them from sun damage, or opt for faux silk instead. For patio doors that are situated in a casual spot like the kitchen or family living room, choose cotton or linen to cozy up the space while standing up to rough use. 




Allude to Nature: Select a Befitting Palette & Pattern


Floral Curtains


Patios are loved for what they do – letting you have a piece of earth and sky that you may admire the wealth of nature freely bestowed on you. Patio curtains should ideally do the same, if not with the same intensity, through palettes and patterns that connect the mind with natural themes and idyllic landscapes.

Color schemes that bring stories of the earth to your mind are ideal, such as, green and brown which tell of verdant woods, beige and blue evocating swelling seas on sun-kissed sands, scattered reds, and yellows redolent with Spring’s fresh blooms, and so on. Before you draw the curtains back, your mind can anticipate the beautiful view waiting to be unveiled. Or, go for solid neutral hues that will recede into the background making the scenery stand out like an art piece and forging a statement of its own.

If the space is designed with solid colors, it’s begging for some patterns and curtains are a splendid opportunity to introduce them. The eye-engaging play of shapes and colors can rescue a monochrome setting from starkness and tedium. Again, it may be nice to allude to nature with florals and botanicals cuing a luscious garden, ombre recalling a gradient sky, or abstract patterns emblematic of unrestrained creative energies such as the veins of natural stone or the variegated plumes of birds.


Scale Accurately: Decide the Appropriate Length and Width


Patio Door Curtains


Curtains look great not just because of an exquisitely designed and carefully curated fabric, but also due to accurate scaling and correct measuring. The length and width of the curtains must be discerned based on the functional roles they have to fulfill. Let’s begin with the length.

Length: Floor-length curtains come in various finished levels such as float, kiss, and puddle. ‘Float’ curtains stand an inch above the floor. These are practically easy to maintain as they won’t get soiled or frayed easily at the bottom. 

Curtains ‘graze’ or ‘kiss’ the floor when they are designed to barely touch the floor. The floors and the curtains have to be perfectly even to achieve this tailored look. Compared to float-length curtains, these trap dust and dirt easily, calling for regular maintenance.

Curtains that touch the floor and then extend further by 1 to 18 inches are called puddled drapes. They don’t glide easily on the pole and are therefore not recommended if you plan to operate the curtains often. But if your goal is to cancel light totally, we suggest break-puddle length where the curtains extend by only an inch after touching the floor. You will thus cancel the possibility of light glares from below the drapes and they are not very cumbersome to operate too.

Elaborate puddling works fine for decorative drapes that don’t need to be moved at all. Curtains with their puffed trails relaxing on the floor tinge the whole space with softness and drama. They are highly recommended if you wish to accentuate the formal or casual appeal of the space.

If you’re willing to run the extra mile to make your patio doors replicate a hotel suite, go for floor-to-ceiling curtains mounted on tracks. This is the highest level of elegance drapery can achieve and the seamless vertical coverage elongates the space optically.

Now, let’s discuss width matters.

Width: Curtains are stitched in 2x to 3x sizes to get amply rounded and dense pleats. That means, if the patio door is 100 inches wide, the curtains must be at least 200 inches wide. For sheer curtains, we recommend a minimum of 3x width so that the rich pleats may accord more privacy.

When deciding the width, account for the stacking room on both sides of the doors. Fuller curtains will need more space to stack and if the wall space is not sufficient, the curtains will borrow some from the doors. Alternatively, you can reduce the width to 1.5x fullness to make the stacks sleeker but not more than that as you might end up with extremely sparse pleats.


Style Correctly: Choose the Right Heading Style


Layered Curtains


An important decision that affects the functionality of drapes is regarding their heading style. The ‘header’ or pleat style of the curtains impacts not only the aesthetic but also the ease of gliding drapes on the pole. 

Curtain styles that use rings, clips, or grommets such as pinch pleats, grommet tops, flat panel tops, and ripplefolds glide easily on the pole/track. Select these styles if you intend to access the patio or operate your curtains often. 

Curtains that are constructed with fabric loops and pockets such as back tab tops and rod pockets don’t glide as easily. Therefore, these are better choices for sheer drapes that must stay covered throughout the day to accord flawless privacy.

After you’ve made a choice between these two broad categories, you can select a curtain style that best tallies with your decor style. For example, in a traditionally styled home where the patio doors are part of the formal area, go for triple pinch pleat drapes or euro pleat drapes. Conversely, in a modern home, simplistic styles such as flat panel tops or grommet tops suit better.

And if you need tight control over the light inflow at times, perhaps when you watch television, be wary of falling for styles that let light in through the top. Or, be careful to mount the hardware high enough to curtail light penetrating through the gaps of the header.




Complement the Curtains: Choose Apt Hardware


Choosing Hardware for Curtains


No matter what heading style you choose, factor in the type of hardware you have if they are already installed. The hardware and the heading style have to complement each other. Some styles work with tracks, others with poles, and thankfully there are those that work with both.

If you like concealing the hardware for a minimalistic appeal, consider tracks. Conversely, if you like the look of exposed hardware, make sure that you invest in show-worthy drapery poles with artistic finials. And choose heading styles that let you show them off rather than cover them. 

The hardware choice is another element where you can highlight your decor style fittingly. So, don’t miss the opportunity. For example, in a contemporary style home, you can go for sleek black drapery poles with flat cap nickel finials tying in with the clean lines and neutral palette.

Forethought is advised when selecting hardware for layered treatments. Install double-curtain rods if you wish to layer curtains with curtains or valances. They look neater and require half the chore as compared to selecting and installing two separate poles.

When measuring for the hardware, remember that they have to go beyond the door themselves. Extend the drapery rod/track by a few inches on both sides so the curtains can stack on the walls when not in use. 


Winding Up

We hope that the journey thus far has got you more enthusiastic to take on the patio door curtains project and more insightful to accomplish it with confidence. At Spiffy Spools, you are guaranteed quality fabrics, flawless craftsmanship, and budget-friendly prices. Browse Spiffy Spools website for more inspiration and our blogs for more insight on designing any space with the perfect fabric window treatments. Enjoy the process of researching, designing, and shopping for your patio door curtains while the pleasure to make this happen in your sweet home is all ours.



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