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Shopping for custom roman shades offers a rather scenic journey marked by many decisions – big and small – to be made along the way. A common query from our clients on one such decision is whether to mount their shades inside or outside the window frame. Outside mount roman shades are mounted outside of the window frames/trims, affixed directly onto the wall or ceiling. Inside mounts, on the other hand, are installed inside the window frame, affixed to the ‘ceiling of the frame’. 


Roman Shades


Both positions have pros and cons of course. To help you along your journey, in this blog post, we shed light specifically on reasons to choose outside mount roman shades, as well as disadvantages to consider before making a final decision.  


Benefits of Outside Mount Roman Shades & When to Use Them


Outside Mount Roman Shades

Outside Mount Roman Shades


For those who like the coziness that fabrics bring to your windows but equally love the clean lines characteristic of modern architecture, roman shades are the best option. While inside mounted shades have fans aplenty, outside mount roman shades offer unique advantages such as:

Solution for shallow window frames: Many houses have windows with frames simply not deep enough to mount a roman shade inside the frame. Since outside mount roman shades are affixed directly onto the wall or ceiling, the hardware is not constrained by space, thereby offering clients an elegant alternative to meet their aesthetic vision. 

More coverage/Less light inflow: In rooms where you want marked restraint on light inflow, outside mount shades, when extended a few inches on all sides, provide extra coverage and barrier against light to flow in, and are recommended, therefore, for nurseries, bedrooms, patios, and high ceiling windows.

To expose the full window: Outside mount shades offer clients the option to mount them well above the frame so when folded up, the stack clears the window entirely, thereby letting in more sunshine and light. They leave the full window at your disposal – a perfect frame for a picturesque landscape and a top suggestion for east-facing windows so you can feast on the early sun rays.

Less stress about the exact measurements: Our roman shades measurement guide offers a crystal clear map for the measuring tape but for someone who is not at ease with measuring with high precision needed for inside mounts, outside mounts will prove a delightful escape. No worries if you slightly overdo or underdo the scale – it will still do the job wonderfully well. 


Outside Mounted Roman Blinds

Make Windows Look Bigger and Taller


Make small windows look bigger and low ceiling higher: Small windows look charming until it comes to draping. Curtains can overwhelm the small space, inside-mounted shades accentuate the small size, frosted glass fails to block light & blinds spoil the decorative interiors. Outside mount roman shades – on the other hand – tick a lot of boxes. If you let the stacked part of the shade slightly overlap the top of the frame, the view will trick the brain to imagine a higher starting point for the top edge. That vertical emphasis will also serve as a latent guide to the eye to grasp the vertical dimension of the room, thereby rendering an illusive height to the ceiling. Similarly extending the shades a few inches on both sides can give an illusion of wider windows and space. 

Cover-up for imperfect window frames: If your window trims and frames have imperfections like uneven finish or asymmetrical sizes, inside mounts will further highlight that defect. If your wall paints are getting dry or wallpapers are peeling off at the window trims or the architectural finish of the frame is anything but a clean line, you have an ad hoc solution in the outside mount roman shades – perfect for rentals.

For round, arched and triangle windows: For all the delightful whimsy an unconventional window can offer, there is a ‘how’ regarding window treatments that can chew away the bliss, worsened still if it is far above the door height. An outside mounted shade placed high enough to stack itself above the frame can let you capitalize on the architectural finery while providing a stylish filter for the incoming light when closed. 

The benefit of using spacer blocks available: Choosing an outside mount allows clients to mount spacer blocks or extension brackets to project the shades farther away from the wall or window. This is great for windows that have protruding cranks getting in the way of lifting or lowering the shades. It also lets the shades clear trim or molding around the window.

To cover a door: If you need to cover an entire glass door with a shade, the frame depth is typically not going to serve right for an inside mount. Metal doors especially can prove challenging for drilling holes and mounting brackets. Solve the problem by mounting your roman shades outside.


Outside Mount Roman Shade

Outside Mount Roman Shade Layered with Solar Shades


If you want to layer with a solar shade: Solar shades protect you from the harmful UV rays but fail to provide privacy at night when lights are on. If you mount the roman shades from outside, you stand a chance to layer solar shades within the frame.



There can’t be a coin with only one side. Outside mounted roman shades are not relevant in all cases. They have a ton of benefits and also a few considerations to be made before you opt for them. If you find any of the factors mentioned below relevant to you, then another window treatment may be the right option.

Outward projection: The outside mounted roman shades will project a few inches beyond the window frame and if your room is not spacious enough for you to ignore that bump, then consider other options.

Ornate window: For the love of that artisan who made your lovely window trim a grand feature, you may not want to hide that opulence with an outside mounted roman shade. Rather, show them off by placing shades or drapes within the frame.

Visibility of hardware: The hardware profiles are exposed at the ends in outside mount shades, while the placement of shades inside the frame allows the entire hardware to hide. If you prefer to not see hardware, we suggest mounting your shades inside frames.



The outside mounted shades befit modern minimalist designs besides offering the perks that come with it whereas the inside mounted shades give the ornate windows of traditional interiors their well-deserved right to be center stage. Both are equally good options, it is the room’s decor and the window’s characteristics that become deciding factors as to which is the right pick. 

Roman shades are soft sleek fabric window treatments that blend perfectly with all interior design styles – from traditional to modern. Mounting them outside of the frame can be so beneficial to your room’s practical needs besides being the aesthetically perfect add-ons to its structural features. Hope this blog helps you decide whether to mount your shades outside to suit your needs and Spiffy Spools is all-braced to see you through.



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