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How to Decorate a Foyer

Decorate a foyer with white sheer curtains

If you are one of those fortunate enough to have a foyer in your home, it may feel less like a blessing and more like a curse. After all, what do you do with a foyer? How do you decorate it to make your guests feel welcome, set the tone for your home’s interior aesthetic, and reflect your personal style? If you have never decorated a foyer, you may feel lost regarding what to do with this potentially awkward space. You may even be asking yourself, “what is a foyer?”

Never fear, today we will go over some of the current trends in decorating your foyer, and provide some tips that you can use to ensure you and your guests feel welcome when they enter your home. Here’s how to decorate a foyer in style!

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First, What is a Foyer?

Traditionally, foyers were the initial entrance space for public buildings like museums and theaters, but today many private homes have a foyer or entryway, particularly in the United States. These spaces should be inviting to guests while also providing the proper space and amenities for people in the home to prepare to leave and to decompress after they return to the house. As a result, many homeowners find it difficult to find the proper style and décor for their foyers since the space serves various needs.

Should You Have a Mud Room?

If your home has multiple entrances, keeping one as a proper foyer may be easier if your alternative entrance is used as a mud room. A mud room is generally used to store coats, jackets, shoes, and anything from the outdoors that would tend to make the home dirty like, as the name suggests, muddy boots or wet raincoats and umbrellas. If you have a secondary entrance that can be used as a mud room, it can make decorating your main foyer much easier since the space can be entirely focused on creating an inviting atmosphere for the home.

Dress Your Windows

Most foyers have windows, either framing the door or nearby. Curtains can be chosen to enhance the style of your entryway while managing light. Sheer curtains are an excellent choice for foyers, allowing you to softly filter in natural light into the space. You can find sheers in a number of gorgeous colors and styles to match your space. For a more opulent entryway, consider heavier fabrics like silk and velvet in bold colors.

The Classic Coat Rack & Table

It may seem like a basic setup, but a good foyer will have a space to hang coats and place small items like keys, wallets, phones, and other pocket-fillers. A simple wooden table and coat rack, maybe with a small piece of artwork or mirror on the wall above, is the classic setup. When leaving, you can quickly grab your essentials and outerwear, and then check yourself in the mirror before stepping out the door.

Color Coordinate With Your Interiors

If your home has a particular color palette throughout, consider using a contrasting or complementary color scheme for your foyer. While simply extending the color palette into the entryway also works, a neutral color scheme in the foyer can help accentuate a bolder color choice in the main living areas throughout the home. Creams and off-whites with solid hardwood is a demure yet stylish option.

A Vibrant Runner Works Wonders

While it may attract grit or grime, a bold carpet or rug in your entrance can not only fill your space but also serve to lengthen the space when laid vertically from the doorway into the home’s interior. Finding a matching drape and carpet set with bold designs can set the tone for the foyer, while a darker color rug with a visually intricate design can help to hide any errant dirt that may find its way indoors. Of course, keeping a doormat available for wiping off shoes is also essential.

A Small Bench Facing Artwork

Another prototypical setup is to have a small bench, preferably positioned in a small inlet in the wall next to the door, facing a large piece of art or other visual centerpiece on the opposite wall. A simple entryway bench can be useful for stopping to put on or take off shoes.

Prominent Light Fixtures

Many older homes with foyers would feature a chandelier or similar prominent light fixture, and if you want to create a bright space that is sure to impress this is a perfect option. Of course, a modern update to the traditional chandelier would fit perfectly well in a contemporary home, or consider using pendant lights or long sconces on the walls adjoining the door frame or entry arch, if you have one. For a truly unique look, seek out a sculptured light fixture.

Do Not Crowd the Space

When it comes to tasteful décor, less is often more, and many homeowners fall too easily into the trap of overloading their space with unnecessary accouterments and accessories. Instead, find a small number of bold pieces that will work together, make sure they match each other in style, and then create visual unity by using matching fabrics for your tablecloths, seat cushions, pillows, and shades.

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We hope these tips on how to decorate your foyer help you create the best space possible.

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