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Study Room Tips to Boost Productivity

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Homework Productivity


If you are here, you either love studying and are trying to love it more by redecorating your space or are struggling to love studying yet want to somehow come to terms with it by making the space more interesting to at least hold you down.

Well, it can indeed be difficult to do anything that you cannot seem to come to terms with. Maybe the idea of studying makes you feel uncomfortable or even gives you a sick feeling in your stomach. However, we can assure you that this can be changed by making simple changes in your study area.

It is not studying that you don’t like, rather, it is the surroundings that you have to stay in for such long hours while studying that you cannot seem to fit in. Whether you are here to intensify your love for studying, or fall in love with it for the first time, it is quite difficult to achieve your goal without creating the proper ambiance. 

Experts at AssignmentPay.com advise that the environment or space that you study in has a direct relation with the success rate of students. Thus, it is crucial that you study in a positive environment that enhances your learning ability. Remember, where you study is your chapel, the sacred space.

It is the space that should be the most personal to you and everything there should be to your liking to give you the mental peace that lets you comfortably focus on your studies. Who knows, you might as well become the next Sheldon!

There are some simple tips and tricks like using scented candles, specific colors, better window treatments, or wisely selected furniture that can turn your study space into your own version of Doctor Strange’s sacred sanctum, protected from all evil distractions.

So, what are the important factors to consider while creating a new study space? Some helpful tips follow.


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Keep the Room Spacious & Clutter FreeIt’s all in the Eyes Chico!


Classy study table


Select a room that has enough space to allow visual breaks between your furniture. It should never feel overwhelming to look at. Minimalist is the go-to style for study and office spaces. If the room is too stuffy, small, or over-furnished, it will become a hindrance to your productivity rather than boosting it. 

If you have a smaller room, in case you are in a dorm room, or have a smaller home, or even trying to fit your study space into your bedroom, you can easily incorporate this tip by careful selection of furniture and proper organization, both of which we will cover next.




Spotlight On: Desert


Abstract Custom Curtains For Study Room

Stop outside irritants – passers-by, traffic noises, noisy neighbors – from disrupting your study room’s tranquillity with this elegant blackout fabric with a chic marbled effect. Minimalist by design and soothing by the hue – its pale yellow color looks lovely without overpowering the senses.


Choose the Perfect Furniture Classy not Tacky!


Dark Roman shades


Make some investment for this as it’ll pay back twice the interest amount. This is a long-term investment that goes a long way. A classy table that is large enough to fit all your essentials is the key to having an organized space. While a small space can be organized too, it is not ideal functionally as it is difficult to fit in your laptop, tablet, books, notebooks, notes, and all the things you need while studying. A larger table will fit all these while still having space for you to keep a glass of water, a candle, a table lamp, and again, allow visual breaks between all these things, cutting out the clutter or making the space feel overwhelming.

Again, if you have a smaller space, you may consider using tables that attach themselves to the wall on one side and have storage space underneath. You can also have bookshelves on walls right above your table which will give you a lot of space for both storage and decoration. 

Other than desks, chairs are also important for your correct posture and comfort. Sitting for long hours – desperately seeking last-minute research paper help – on the wrong chair can cause unbearable back pains. The right chair will help you stay comfortable for the long hours that you spend at your table and get your work done without being distracted by backaches and neck stiffness. 


Stay OrganizedWork Smarter not Harder!


Organized work space


You know what Benjamin Franklin, the father of the United States said? “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

When you don’t have to search for things while studying, it also avoids disruptions between study time. Use a desk organizer to keep all your stationery items organized. Keep them in pen stands, have a separate tablet or iPad holder, or laptop stand, and keep all your papers in files with tags. 

With the education system relying more on e-learning than traditional classroom studies, you have enough distractions already. So, cut off as much physical distractions as you can to make sure you’re thriving in the e-learning era

If you have an organized space, you are also taking giant steps in organizing your time, making you more efficient at dealing with all the things you have on your to-do list for a day. However, when your schedule becomes overwhelming, it’s essential to recognize the signs and take a step back. In such instances, considering a college essay writing service can be a valuable resource.

Have a Neutral Color Palette – Nudes are the New Black!


Colorful custom curtains in nude palette room


Nudes are in vogue not just for their luxe feel but also for their minimalist character that fits perfectly with the décor style you should ideally be aiming for in a study room. Warmer color tones create a moody aura that can disrupt the calmness you need for your space. On the other hand, you might also not want the stark, sterile white that can make your room look boring and uninteresting. 

Bridging all the gaps, nudes like beige, creamy caramel, khaki, or in a more feminine palette you have blush, peach, or if you indeed want a little more color, you can go for pastel shades like lavender, lilac, baby pink, baby blue, powder blue, pastel yellow. However, it is advisable to not go for any color which gets darker, warmer, or moodier than these hues. 




Spotlight On: Sudan Sand


Double tone Curtains for Study Room Add earthy splendor to your study room decor with this eye-catching flatweave fabric that features decorative ombre shades. Easy to pair with similar shades or other earth tones, Sudan Sand boasts neutral shades of eggshell, caramel, and tawny brown.


Bring in Green FriendsEveryone Loves Groot!


Striped Roman Shades


Greens not only soothe your eyes, but they also go deeper than that, calming you down, and helping in regulating your nervous system. We spend so much time looking at screens and consuming blue light that it is detrimental to our visual health. All ophthalmologists advise children and adults alike to take time off regularly and stare into greens which eases visual fatigue and has several other benefits. In fact, the color green also helps in concentration; now you know why we choose green boards instead of blackboards in modern classrooms.

Home plants also enhance the air quality which is very important for being healthy, both mentally and physically. Plants like Peace Lily radiate tranquility in the environment with their cleansing powers and look beautiful in any minimalist decor with their elegant leaves. Along with leafy botanicals, consider adding flowers that can bring in the feel of refreshing magical floral gardens within your workspace. Read our blog on floral design where our stylists discuss the seven key elements of floral design to get fantastic results with your own floral arrangements.


Allow Good Air CirculationDeep Breaths, Amigo, You got This!

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – that’s a mantra to help with anxiety which every student has an abundance of. Proper air circulation and oxygen supply will help your brain function more efficiently. A lack of oxygen will make you feel drowsy, cause dizziness and fatigue. A clogged brain is no good and studying in such conditions is often a waste of your time and efforts, which can make you feel frustrated. 

Keeping in mind the décor style and color palette, the airy feel we are aiming for, we cannot help but mention how the stylists can’t stop gushing about the utility of custom sheer curtains in such a room. Sheers will cut the glare of sunlight in the morning while allowing free entry of air and diffused light into the room. Being lightweight and flowy, it will also make the room feel more spacious. The seamless wavy flow imparts a sense of movement and texture into the room, adding an element of interest to the space. At Spiffy Spools, we have sheers in the best of pastel shades to fit perfectly with your décor.


Spotlight On: Solitude


Pastel blue sheer curtain for study room

The Solitude sheer window curtains in pastel blue shade, by its name, give you what you need in your study space- a calming, pleasurable solitude where you can be you and do your work effortlessly. The color and its airy feel bring the sky right into your room. Who could have imagined being on cloud nine while studying? Here we are, making the best out of study hours.


Use Proper LightingDear God, Let there be Light!


Roman shades above study desk


A dull room is no good for studying. If you haven’t noticed yet, all the tips so far, from clutter-free room to a lighter color palette,  have pointed towards creating a lighter room. Dingy dark rooms are not ideal for kickstarting the brain. Other than natural light coming into your room in the morning, have more than one light source for evening or night hours. You can use bright ceiling lights, or have a table lamp that focuses its light right on your study material.

If your study table is right under your window, you get ample sunlight throughout the day. In such a case, custom roman shades would be a lovely choice for your window treatments. They will not be a hindrance to your space as they can be rolled all the way up, and they will also allow the maximum inflow of sunlight.

Plus, light and air is necessary for you dear friend Groot too, so remember to let in that sunshine and lovely breeze. 




Use Scented CandlesBurn that Midnight Oil (Candle), Quite Literally!


scented candles to boost productivity


When they said ‘give it your all’, they really meant it, huh! The more senses you use while studying, the better you remember. Each sensory organ has a memory of its own and if you can engage them all, you unlock a 1 TB memory card for yourself. 

Among these senses, your olfactory memory is one of the most effective. While engaging in visually learning, read it aloud to engage your auditory memory, and have a scented candle whose smell you can associate with the particular study material, to add to this, you can keep a box of different types of chocolates and bring in the gustatory memory. Use your fingers to feel the paper and you also have haptic memory. Thus, all your five senses have been triggered and you have created so many associations that you can use all of these sensory cues to recall what you have studied. Cool, right? 


In Closing


White roman shades for study room


That’s quite about it when it comes to creating the perfect space for studying. Some more basic things can be like avoiding a space where people come in too often. Your personal room will be the best or any place in your home where interference will not be caused, one of the most common reasons for loss of information is retroactive interference.

Decorate your study space with one or two things that are extremely personal to you, this will make you love the space and consequently, love studying and spending time in that space. Beyond the space, one last tip would be to have a proper time when you study, it is better if you can accommodate your study time at the same hours every day. You are ready to chase your goals now. Happy studying, bud!


Order Custom Window Treatments for your Study Room from Spiffy Spools

We hope you will taste the joy of learning with these simple tricks and tips that have been tried and tested. If you feel ready to transform your study space, you may like to start off by ordering custom curtains and custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools.

We have a collection of over 3000+ fabrics from which you can choose your desired shade or pattern that makes your study room all the way more aesthetic and visually appealing. Explore and find the perfect window treatments for your study room, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities – we mean, us!



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