Let there be light!

Never out of style, sheer curtains are truly timeless and can work in any decor setting - from a modern New York studio to a Texas farmhouse. A beautiful addition to any room, window sheers filter in soft light while maintaining privacy.

Tips from Spiffy Spools Stylists to Make the Best of Your Window Sheers 

Go Wide with Sheer Curtains

Don't be stingy on fabric as you need more panel width than regular fabric drapery to achieve the same rich and full look. We recommend 3x fullness factor for sheers.

Go Tall with Window Sheers

Since the fabric allows light and shapes to filter through, consider a wall-to-wall, ceiling to floor treatment with window sheers. This can create a stunning backdrop that truly anchors a room.    

Layer your Sheer Drapes

Sheer curtains are a wonderfully versatile option to layer a window for visual interest. Use sheer curtain panels in front of a roman shade or on back of heavier drapery. 

Use White Sheer Curtains as Room Dividers

White sheer curtains (or any light color for that matter) make excellent room dividers to separate our spaces without losing a room's flow or openness. Especially fitting for large open plan rooms and small condos/studios. 

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