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A Poetry of Loom: Decorating your Home with Ikat

Ikat curtains and roman shades

Ikat curtains and roman shades


Having held a symbol of stature and elegance for centuries, ikat in today’s times finds itself among the highly celebrated paragons of artistry. The intricate patterns it has given to the world on its extraordinarily light fabric have carried a crafty weightage for centuries. As its artistic legacy lives on, credit’s due to the immensely skilled craftsmen and their commitment to intensely long hours of weaving. The result is, as they call it, a poetry… poetry of loom!

Ikat [pronounced e-kaht] has, to its credit a vibrant panorama of distinctive patterns and textures. Not anymore are you required to travel to the ends of the world to infuse your space with exotic flair. All you need now is a bit of ikat to bring that feeling home. 

In this blog post, allow us to take you deep into the bold, daring, and energetic essence of ikat – a 10/10 show stealer that not only makes your home look rich and ethnic, but also brings a chic vibrance to your surroundings.

The poet’s test of patience and precision: A master weaver first binds – very accurately – bundles of yarns into the required patterns. The yarns are then plunged into a dye bath to take on the desired colors. The weaver leaves the dyed yarns to sun-dry to enhance visual depth in the final product. This technique is repeated multiple times, and the result is a piece of cloth dyed in a variety of colors shaping into beautiful and elaborative prints that are bound to go with every space. The technique used in this relentless craftsmanship is called resist-dyeing, where the yarns are bind before dyeing – as opposed to traditional techniques, where the yarns are first woven into base fabrics and then dyed.  

Ikat’s signature characteristic is its apparent blurriness in the final product. This blurriness in the design adds a distinct sense of depth and movement to enhance the fabric’s visual appeal.

Call it a sheer coincidence that the ikat’s origin history is also, in a way, blurry.

The earliest existing examples come from the 10th-century Middle East. However, ikat-like fabrics have featured in 7th-century cave paintings, and though its exact origin remains behind blurred lines, scholars believe the technique has roots throughout Asia and Africa. Of everyone, however, 19th-century Indonesia rightly claims the origin of the word – ‘Menigkat’, meaning ‘to tie’.

Now although their provenance remains subject to debate, their verve and versatility—not!

Now in the 21st century, ikat’s bohemian-inspired patterns have effortlessly entered the hearts and homes of many. Use it as curtains or blinds for a bold window treatment, or as dining placemats or a table runner – or – to add color to your cushions; such is the versatility of ikat, it effortlessly blends with your home in more-than-many ways.

And with ikat, it’s always – the more, the merrier!

There’s no denying that choosing the right pattern for your home can get a bit overwhelming. For instance, Paisley is known prominently for its steadfast traditional patterning, similar is the case is with most checks and stripes, with geometrical patterns holding a reputation of going with the contemporary. Ikat, on other hand, has had no problems in shifting between styles.

Whether your space is traditional, preppy, beachy, or modern – ikat just fits!

The simplest way to bring a decorative sense of warmth to your room is by using ikat as curtains or window blinds, and Spiffy Spools’ vibrant collection of custom roman shades and window draperies is just the place to start!

A few of our (and many designers’) favorites to get you started…

  • ‘Fresno’ – To introduce a hint of tradition into your contemporary home.
  • ‘Valle Central’ – For a stronger, more eye-catching presence to your bold interiors.
  • ‘Charta’ – For a sense of movement and depth in your drapery.
  • ‘Honeyed Fig’ – For autumnal charm to your windows. Sure to infuse a hint of excitement to your neutral decor.

Spiffy Spools also offers a wide range of customization options. Browse through our ikat collection and call for any style on your fabric of choice and in any size – we’ve got what you want!

Though ikat print draperies and window shades are Spiffy Spools’ one of many specialties, our stylists haven’t overlooked the other possibilities of introducing ikat to your decor.

Ikat bold pattern’s trajectory can be adopted in a variety of decor elements. Consider our ‘Nubian Valley’ patterned ikat, featuring a rich color palette of greens and ivory – infuse its vibrancy to your cushions and have them featured in your living room, den, or master bedroom. Plus points if you have a classic or transitional decor! You may also want to check out something like the ‘Combita’ patterned ikat to add more magic to your cushions, bolsters, and pillows. You can also pile up a mix-and-match variety of ikat patterned cushions to your outdoor chair or hammock for more visual appeal.

Ikat patterns are also a good fit to add a bit of otherworldly exotic appeal in the form of a table runner on your dining table or a rustic console. Or to instantly warm up your minimalist bedroom, have your bed runners customized in a range of Spiffy Spools’ expertly hand-picked ikat patterned collection.

Ikat patterns stand out in minimalist interiors. They serve as statement pieces against neutral decor. But if neutrals are not for you and your eclectic taste, ikat’s free-flowing patterns will ensure you live up to your maximalist vibe.

All of Spiffy Spools’ ikat-inspired patterns are printed on evocative flat-weave fabrics to give a subtle touch to your hands and offer an understated visual elegance to elevate your space. We come very close to matching the blurriness and depth of interest that reflects in the final piece of the genuine article.

On that note, allow us to leave you with a couplet from a veteran Indian-origin poet, Gulzar, admiring in astonishment, the subtle skills of his weaver friend…

“Teach me too – a trick or two, my weaver friend!
I have often seen you work the wrap,
When a thread snaps or ends,
You tie it, to some other,
And begin to weave again,
But in your weave,
No one can see the knot,
I had woven a relationship only once,
But all its knots are clearly visible, my weaver friend,
Teach me too – a trick or two, my weaver friend.”



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