Window Roman Shade Trims & Tassels


Roman shades lend structure and easy elegance to your windows. These minimalist window treatments make it so easy to achieve a clean, modern look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there! Our trims and tassels add tasteful details to your shades and make all the difference in creating that perfect finished look.

Choose from ribbons and tapes in various patterns and textures to break up the lines and soften the look of flat shades, without sacrificing the structured effect. Pom-poms on the bottom of a shade add a playful accent to bedrooms and nurseries, while tassels add texture and can bring a lovely formal touch to dining areas and home offices.

Why Accessorise Roman Shades? 

At the first look of a home interior, we can say how much of forethought and planning has gone into the designing. If the design is absorbing and attractive for the eye, it is because the details have been worked out with much thought and care.

Trimmings are one of those details that stylists pay close attention to while designing homes. And there’s much more to trims than pure decorative value. Let us walk you through the opportunities that these dainty details offer.

  • If you have chosen a plain, monochrome fabric for your shades but wish to bring in a second tone to match it with the overall palette, one of the ways to do it is to add trims featuring that hue.
  • On the other hand, if you have used several accent colors in the decor, one way to bind them in one place is to choose multi-colored trims featuring those accent tones. 
  • If your blinds are the same color as the wall, but you don’t really wish that they disappear into the architecture, trims on the lead edges offer a defined separation.
  • Trims help to customize the look of your shades and easily reveal the bespoke character of your window treatments.  
  • Trims can define the theme of the room. Pom poms grace the playful nursery, ribbons uphold the laid back mood, fringes play a casual note, beaded tassels spell the formal mood, and so on.
  • Do you fall for excellent craftsmanship? Some of the trims are handmade and if you claim a special adoration for time-honored crafts, there’s no better way to show it than in handcrafted tassels, braids, and gimp braids!
  • For a vintage decor, choose rustic materials and designs and complete the look with vintage trims. 
  • Trims add textural variety to flat weave fabrics and add an element of visual interest that wouldn’t have come by if the shades were left bare.
  • If your vision of home decor is to let your home be an extension of your personality, trims are a sure way to do so. Whether you’re dreamy or whimsical or serious or playful, voice it with suitable trims.

So, if you’re now convinced that trims are clever additions to your decor, let’s take a closer look at each of them. Then you can decide which of these air your taste most perfectly.

Roman Shades with Ribbon Trims

The minimalist’s favorite trimmings, ribbons serve to add a tasteful addition to roman shades in both formal and casual spaces. If you’ve chosen a neutral tone or muted pattern fabric for your roman shades, a bright, accent hue ribbon border can tie in the main accents of the room. Either in border position or inset position, our ribbon trims adorn three sides of the shade.

Textured grosgrain ribbons lend elegance to your shades, and our tactile velvet ribbons bring opulence to even the most casual spaces. If you like to go for a slight indulgence with patterns, choose our striped ribbons available in dual toned and multi-toned styles. If you like more classic shapes, do make use of the geometric ribbons featuring greek key motifs, polygons, and trellis motifs.

Roman Shades with Tassels

While tapes and ribbons are ideal for creating borders on three sides, tassels bring delicious richness to the bottom border of your shades. Single, twin, or bundled tassels are woven into intricate headers to present a uniform, chic and lovely embellishment.

Our tassels come in long or short traditional styles or as tied into intricate knots, seashell shapes, or circles. Printed roman shades with tassels in the same color palette ground the pattern for a complete look. Your only limit is your imagination.

Roman Shades with Pom-Poms

Pom-poms lighten the mood in rooms punctuated with plain roman shades. Bring wonder and delight into children’s rooms with bright pom-poms to soften rolled or flat shades. These lush exuberant trims are ideal for smaller windows with shades and valances. 

Pom poms bring a playful casual vibe to the place that is just right for casual living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms besides nurseries and kids’ rooms. You can choose white roman shades and add pastel or neon pom poms in your child’s favorite color to personalize their rooms and add a youthful exuberance.

Roman Shades with Brush Fringes

Yet another delicate add-on that airs a casual and stylish appeal is our collection of brush fringe trims. These thick brush-like filaments fixed to a header come in single-toned and multi-toned trims. Fixed to the bottom of the shades, fringes are an excellent way to add a tactile element of visual interest. Densely packed, these trims are a nice option for those who want to avoid baubles and loose-ended trinkets. These elegant trims that come in viscose and cotton yarns are sure to be the pride of those who like to style their home with handmade goodies.

Roman Shades with Tapes & Braids

If you are looking for trims that are sewn onto the shades as neatly as ribbons but sport jewel tones or embroidered details, your desire can be met in the hand-woven tapes and gimp braids. These gilded trims are great to jazz up shades that need an unexpected creative element to make them look extraordinary. From quiet understated hues to bold jewel tones, our collection can cater to varied tastes. Accessorise your silk roman shades with golden gimp braids or your cotton roman shades with mosaic-patterned tapes to bring a dose of chic to the room.

Final Styling Notes

From pretty ribbons and tapes to tactile tassels and pom-poms, trimmings for roman shades help you give simple window dressing some (or a lot of!) sparkle.

When choosing your trims, ensure that you match the decor of the room and the aesthetic you wish to convey. Consider the overall palette and style so the tones, textiles, and type of trim you choose result in a cohesive look for the room.

No matter what your budget is, you can find affordable to high-end options in our collection. Take the time to choose the accents that match your family’s home and lifestyle. Don’t miss the opportunities hidden in these dainty details that can make a world of difference to your window treatments.