Curtain Trims & Tassels

Curtains are lovely decor elements in themselves but when they are zhuzhed up with delightful little details, they step up the theme of the room and the overall decor. In fact, it’s hard to believe how much of a difference is brought about by a teeny detail. And if you’re wondering still, have a good read as we take you through the benefits of trimming your curtains, various kinds of trims we have, and tips to style your custom drapes with them.

Opportunities Hidden in Curtains with Trims & Tassels 

As in any form of art, the essence of elevated home decor lies in the microscopic details. Just in case you thought that trims only add a decorative value to your drapery, we would like to walk you through the opportunities that these dainty details offer.

  • If you have chosen a plain, monochrome fabric for your curtains but wish to bring in a second tone to match it with the overall palette, one of the ways to do it is to add trims featuring that hue.
  • On the other hand, if you have used several accent colors in the decor, one way to bind them in one place is to choose multi-colored trims featuring those accent tones. 
  • If your curtains are the same color as the wall for all your love of a certain hue, but you don’t really wish that they disappear into the architecture, trims on the lead edges offer a defined separation.
  • If you have chosen a heading style that is easily available in readymade drapery stores, your custom curtains run the risk of looking like a store-bought ones, unless…you can customise them in a unique way. Did someone say bring in the trimmings? Yes, we did! 
  • Trims can define the theme of the room. Pom poms grace the playful nursery, ribbons uphold the laid back mood, fringes play a casual note, beaded tassels spell the formal mood, and so on.
  • Does excellent artwork move you? Some of the trims are handmade and if you claim a special adoration for time-honored crafts, there’s no better way to show it than in handcrafted tassels, braids, and gimp braids!
  • If you want to evoke a rustic feel, you may choose materials and designs that were characteristic of a period but to complete the theme, you need vintage trims. It’s a cost-effective way to transform a drape into an item of vintage decor.
  • Trims add textural variety to flat weave fabrics and add an element of visual interest that wouldn’t have come by if the drapes were left bare.
  • If your vision of home decor is to let your home be an extension of your personality, curtain trims are a sure way to do so. Whether you’re dreamy or whimsical or serious or playful, voice it out with suitable trims.

With so many styling possibilities, it’s no wonder trims are so sought after by home decorators. Whether you’re striving after the simplicity of a minimalist home or working up your drapery to follow the rhythm of the embellished details of traditional decor, there’s a trim to suit your taste. We’ll walk you through our curated collections of curtain trims and you can discern which one suits your decor and personal preference.

Ribbon Trims for Curtains

The most minimalist of all our trimmings, ribbons are often used to air as a decorative element for both casual and formal spaces. Hand-stitched to the border hems of the drapes or in inset position, this simple garnishment spells pure sophistication.

Plain textured grosgrain ribbons bring a tasteful addition with a sophisticated flair. Velvet ribbons are also solid colored and their soft lush finish helps to confer a high-end look as well as a textural variety. For more ornate patterns, choose one of our geometric trims featuring greek keys and trellis motifs. Or if you like more simplistic patterns, choose one of our striped ribbons.

Style tip: Choose ribbons in contrasting palettes to jazz up drapes in neutral shades, and use neutral ribbons to tone down brightly colored drapes to help blend them in with the rest of your decor.

Tassels for Drapes

Drapes in Victorian, Elizabethan, or today’s classic styles cry out for layers and embellishments such as our tassel curtain trims. These dazzling accents can bring instant chic to any traditional or transitional decor.

Tasseled side hems help to soften the stiff edges of the drapes besides evoking whimsy and rustic charm at one and same moment. If your decor thrives on an iridescent theme, tassels with braided headers are quite a brilliant way to uphold it in your drapery panels. Hand-knit with meticulous care, these trims are a lovely way to appreciate the age-old art of passementerie weaving.

Style tip: Color-block your drapery making a mix of solid and patterned fabrics and complete the elegant recipe with lustrous tassel trims running horizontally on the colorblock border. 

Curtains with Pom-Poms

Pom-poms add a decorative touch with a lighthearted flair. Soft and squishy, these lush trinkets look great in children’s rooms and play areas. Not only can they invite whimsical dreams in the nursery, they also entertain their curiosity just like cradletoys do. 

Single toned or mutlti-toned, small cute ones or hard-to-miss jumbo ones, find pompoms trims that suit your taste and decor style in a wide range of colors. Casual living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are some of the other nooks where pompom trim curtains can work their magic.

Style tip: Choose white drapes and trim them with multi-colored pom-poms for a colorful treat for your little ones.

Curtains with Fringe Trims

Fringes are yet another trim that can boast the unique value of handcrafted goods. They are brush-like filaments gathered thickly and attached to hand-knit headers. They truly soften the edges of the drapes even as they add an element of whimsy and classical touch. Although quite densely packed, fringe ribbons do wave with the breezes and it’s a pretty treat to the eye.

Fringe trims should interest those who don’t want the trims to be too minimalistic like ribbons nor too loosely connected like pompoms or too traditional like tassels. Cotton fringes hold a country-style appeal while viscose ones can proffer a regal flair.

Style tip: Buy end-to-end printed drapes and add fringe trims that match their dominating hue.

Tapes and Braids

If you like the idea of ribbon trims but would have preferred them with a gilded flavor, hand-woven tapes and gimp braids are what you’re looking for. They have no baubles and are sewn on to the drapery like ribbon trims. 

Curtains trimmed with these elegant trims proffer a tailored look and clean lines just like ribbons and therefore, are great to jazz up a modern minimalist home that is begging for an unexpected creative element. From quiet understated hues to bold jewel tones, our collection can cater to varied tastes.

Style tip: Buy a silk drapery set in dark hues and get them trimmed with golden gimp braids or buy a cotton drapery set in neutral hues and get them trimmed with mosaic-patterned tapes.

Final Styling Note

From ornate patterns to velvety soft ribbons and tapes, you can find almost anything you need in our extensive collection of trimmings for drapes. When choosing your trims, ensure that you match the decor of the room and the aesthetic you wish to convey. Lastly, consider the color and style of your window hardware so the tones, textiles and type of trim you choose result in a cohesive look for the room. 

You can find affordable curtain trims to match an economical budget designed to spruce up your home. If you have allocated money for a complete makeover, our high-end ribbons, tassels and pom-pom trims are money well-spent. Although it costs a little more to add fine detail, it’s just the thing that gets your windows noticed.

Home stylists believe in a popular adage – “It’s all in the details”. We can’t agree more because houses that feature trimmed curtains hardly ever look like an assemblage of store-bought furnishings. Curtains trims are a loud testimonial of the forethought and meticulous planning that has gone into the minute details of a house’s decor. So, don’t ever miss the opportunity. Go ahead and get your drapes to speak out your style, your personality and your taste for bespoke goods by trimming your curtains tastefully.