ripplefold drapery curtains image
ripplefold drapery curtains image
ripplefold curtains drapery image
ripple fold drapery curtains image
ripple fold curtains drapery image
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Custom Ripplefold Drapery & Curtains


Simple but brimming with personality, ripplefold drapery by Spiffy Spools is an exercise in restraint. Offering a beautiful, tailored look, ripplefold drapes glide gently along a track, each fold falling evenly and perfectly into position. 

If you're wondering if this style is for you, read on for top reasons this simple style has become designers' hot favourite in recent years. 

Uniform fall and pleats. The ultra-even folds of ripplefold curtains are architecturally stunning, offering a clean, sleek look inside the room and from outside. Curtains are sewn with a snap tape on top hem, and each snap connects to a carrier on the ripplefold track. Since the snaps and carriers are at equal distance, the mechanism keeps the ripples at exact equal distance, giving drapes a uniform fall and a flawlessly consistent look every time!

Minimum stack, maximum light. Since ripplefold drapes stack back to the very end of the pole, they take less stackback space when open, exposing more window/glass than conventional pleated drapery. This allows more light to enter in.  For clients looks to minimise stackback area, we recommend choosing sheers or other lightweight fabrics and keeping them unlined if possible. 

Perfect for prints: While simple sheers and monochrome textured fabrics are most popular in this style, ripplefold drapery is uniquely well suited for contemporary prints. Because of the symmetrical nature of its undulating ripples, the style brings the same consistency to how a print pattern looks when gathered, minimising 'pattern distortion'.   

Minimal and modern. Clients looking to dress up a formal room in a modern decor setting often struggle to find the right window treatment. Most pinch pleat treatments are too traditional, while styles such as grommet top or tab top, etc. are too casual. In these cases, ripplefold drapery is often the answer. From light Scandi living rooms to dark, moody dining rooms, this simple style can bring drama to any space without the extravagant pleating.

Choose ANY fabric from our collection of over 1000+ fabrics and we will stitch this sleek, on-trend style for you.  

To place your order, please start by choosing curtain length and track width ‘bands’. Then type in your exact measurements (in inches). Please note that for ripplefold drapery orders, we need the track/pole width - NOT the ready panel width. 

Next, choose any fabric from our entire collection that you'd like us to use in your drapery. Type in the name of this fabric in the product form above.

Pricing is per pair. If you're looking for a single draw panel, please write to us at for a quote.

All drapery comes fully lined (except sheers) with white privacy lining to protect fabric from harsh sunlight and fading. 

Please note our ripplefold drapery is only made in 100% fullness. We do NOT offer any other fullness options. 

Most drapery orders are processed and dispatched within one week and delivered within one week of dispatch. And shipping is free!

*Pricing is per pair, NOT per panel.

**Ripplefold drapery requires specific ripplefold hardware. Please consider before buying. We do NOT sell or provide ripplefold hardware with our drapery. 

Length: If you are looking for your ripplefold drapery to just graze the floor, measure from bottom end of track to the desired end point. Subtract 0.25" for floor clearance. This should be your final length specified in the order. If you'd like a sweeping look, one inch break, or a puddle, then please add inches per your aesthetic preference.

Width: For ripplefold drapery orders, we need the track/pole width - NOT the ready panel width. Therefore please measure the total width you would like to cover (length of your pole/track) and enter in the specification form above. We will then stitch your drapery with fullness built in. Please do not add extra fabric for fullness as our panels will have fullness built in. 

NOTE: Our ripplefold drapes are only made in 100% fullness. We DO NOT offer any other fullness options. 

Curtains, Shades,Valances & Dining Linen: Most window treatment and dining linen orders are processed and dispatched within 2-3 weeks and typically delivered within five days of dispatch.  Most of our clients receive their packages within three weeks from date of order, but if our pipeline  happens to be busy - especially during holiday season - we do ask for your patience and aim for delivery in four weeks. 

If there are any delays due to non-availability of fabric, or holds by customs officials for inspection, we will write to you as soon as possible. 

Swatches & Fabric: Delivered latest within 7 business days of order, typically sooner. 

Cushions, Tiebacks, Dining Napkins & Placemats: We do NOT sell pillow covers, tie backs, dining napkins or placemats separately. These accessories are sold and dispatched only as part of our drapery orders. 

*We cannot deliver to PO Box numbers so please enter the full delivery address during the checkout process.

ALL our products require a signature for proof of delivery. After three attempts if no one is available to sign for delivery or the package is not collected from the depot, the shipment is returned to sender. In these cases, we do NOT bear cost of return/refund.