custom length drapes with trims photo
custom length drapes with trims photo
custom length drapery with trims photo
curtains with decorative trims photo
drapes with decorative trims photo
drapery with decorative trims photo
curtains with decorative border photo
custom drapes with trim photo
custom drapery with trims photo

'Savanna' Beaded Tassel Trim for Curtains


Dress up your drapery with our delightfully rich tassel trims.

This lovely long trim featuring twin beaded tassels measures 4 inches (10 cms) from top to bottom, has a very soft sheen and is available in 10 colorways.

The header is intricately knitted and each individual tassel in this trim is hand tied by expert artisans, making each bobble unique. We therefore expect very minor variance between trims and tassels.

Tassel trims are handsewn on left and right edges of a drapery panel.

To add a trim to your curtains, start by choosing the 'length band' of your panels.

Next, select the trim from dropdown on left. Names/codes of trims are specified within the image gallery. 

Pricing is per panel, so if you are looking to add trims to multiple panels, please adjust order quantity accordingly.