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Blackout Curtain Lining


Adding blackout lining to your curtains/roman shades can have a big impact on quality of sleep as blackout lining helps block external lights from entering your living space. Thanks to special treatments and extra tight woven fabrics, Spiffy Spools blackout curtain lining acts as a highly-effective barrier to outside light from disturbing your sleep.

Our default blackout curtain lining is cream/ivory and offers up to 95% light block factor. Other colors may be made available on special order requests. The blackout lining is stitched on the back of drapes/shades. It is NOT provided as a separate, removable liner.

Blackout curtains and shades are naturally best suited for use in the bedroom (especially kids' bedroooms in the summer months!) where optimal light and temperature levels are imperative for a sound sleep, but blackout fabrics are also great for the living room if street lights or vehicle headlamps persistently shine through your window.

*Pricing is for one single panel/shade, NOT pair.
** Blackout lining NOT sold separately. Only sold as part of drapery/shades order.

To upgrade your curtain/shade lining from standard to blackout lining, simply add the exact same size and quantity of lining as your custom curtain/roman shades order.

For example, if you are ordering two* curtains panels/roman shades of length 0-36 inches and width 0-24 inches, simply choose the exact same size options for your blackout lining and add two* units of lining to your patiently-waiting cart.

 And that’s it! We’ll stitch your order with blackout lining instead of our standard lining.

Please note we do NOT sell/ship blackout lining separately. It is only offered as an add-on to a drapery/shades order.