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Inside Mount Roman Shades: A Complete Guide

For a window treatment that is soft, sleek, elegant and uncluttered, roman shades get the gold. Shopping for this exquisite window dressing, one often encounters the question about the mounting position to be adopted. Some like to mount their shades within the window recess, while others prefer to install on the wall or ceiling outside of the frame. But which one is ideal? In our blog post last week, we covered the pros and cons of shades mounted outside the frame; this blog aims to apprise you of the occasions where inside mount roman shades might be the better choice of the two.


Roman Shades


While at Spiffy Spools, you can rest assured that your custom roman shades will be made to your exact specifications and shipped along with all the necessary hardware for both positions. So, shop from our curated collections and be the proud owner of a spiffy roman shade. But before you shop, know where to mount your shades, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Benefits of Inside Mount Roman Shades

Window treatments don’t just provide privacy and light control; they also help to define the decor style. Roman shades can glory with scallops on ornate casements and also sink mildly into the architecture of modern sleek trims. The fabric, color and style will entirely depend on your decor but the mounting position may largely hinge on the architecture. 

For inside mount roman shades, hardware is affixed to the ‘ceiling’ of the window frame, fitting the entire shade neatly within the recess. Let’s see how this scheme can benefit you.


Roman Shade Matched with Wallpaper


Customized look: A well-tailored inside mounted roman shade has an unbeatable charm. The shade size is pre-defined by the structure of the recess, necessitating precision in measuring. The result is a streamlined, tailored look, a one-of-its-kind window treatment that fits in exactly into the window frame and spills the beans on its made-to-order trait. That customized look builds immense character into your home and makes it uniquely special.

Stylishly sleek: For those who love the softness of fabrics and the clean lines of blinds, roman shades are a hybrid choice that offer the best of both. This stylishly sleek shade becomes even more minimalistic when perched within the window frame, taking nothing away from the room. No other fabric treatment can get this close to the minimalism of modern and contemporary decor.

Enhances the ornate moldings: When the roman shades are mounted within the window frame, the ornate moldings get to share the limelight. Inside mounted shades allow for an unhindered view of the entire window trim and frame unlike drapes and outside mounted shades.

Hidden hardware: Even though roman shades have very minimal hardware requirements, some would not prefer its exposition in the room design. In the case of inside mounts, the hardware is totally out of sight.


Inside Mount Shades Layered with Drapes

Inside Mount Roman Shades Layered with Drapes


Possibility of layering with curtains: Smooth, gliding drapes billowing with fullness are a fanciful element of anyone’s dream home. If you wish to include curtains in your decor for added light and sound control or for an ornamental layering, only mounting the shade inside the frame can keep that possibility alive.


Bathroom Roman Shades Mounted Inside Frame



Stays out of the fuss: In bathrooms, inside mounted shades are practically suitable because they can stay as far away as possible from the splashy affair. In kitchens, this ruffleless fabric when mounted within the window recess can escape the splatters from simmering sauces and pose less risk of catching fire. For narrow hallways and cramped rooms, inside mounts are relieving because they don’t project outward.

More insulation: Being located closer to the window pane, inside mounted shades are better equipped to keep the heat out of the room as compared to any other fabric window treatment. It’s an ideal choice for west-facing windows that are exposed to the blistering noontime sun.


Precluding Elements

Despite the wows that inside mount roman shades have earned, there are situations that may preclude their use.  Some other charming window treatment is waiting to glaze these windows. 

Shallow window: The window frame should ideally be at least 3-4 inches deep to be able to host a roman shade. Spiffy Spools’ roman shades need at least 2 inches of flat surface to be able to secure the shade track securely. If the frame depth disqualifies, consider outside mounts or drapes. 

Rounded/ arched/ piked window: For a window that is not straight edged on the top end, inside mounted shades are not a viable option as hardware tracks only come as straight structures, not curved.  

Small window: For a small window, an inside mount may prove to be an overwhelming option, further emphasizing the small size of the window. The shade will have very little space to fall from its stacked top, possibly rendering a cloddish look.

Protruding window hardware: For windows with protruding handles or crank handles or lifts, inside mounts may not be practical or – at minimum – demand extra care while being operated. 

Light-inflow blockage: The stacking room of the shade is within the window frame, blocking away that much light inflow on a permanent basis. For rooms that need more natural light, consider outside mounts or drapes that can clear the window completely. 

Measurement Guide

It is the precision one shows in measuring that can do all the wonders with an inside mounted roman shade. If the measurement falls short, the gaps between the shade and the window frame will cause light leaks; if it stretches beyond the window frame, you can’t fix it in the recess.

Measure Inside Mount Roman Shades

Our roman shades measurement guide is going to make this super-simple. Take a steel measuring tape and mark the length and width accurately. Here’s how you go about it: 

Measure length: To determine shade length, measure the vertical height of the inside of the window frame in three locations: starting at left, then moving to the center, and then measuring from the top right to the window sill. Find the largest measurement of those three and round up to the closest 1/8”. Please use this number in your order specifications to Spiffy Spools.

If you have several windows in a room that are all similar in height, please order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleats.

Measure width: To determine shade width, measure the horizontal width inside of the window frame in three locations: starting at top, then moving to the center, and then measuring at the bottom, left to right. Record the narrowest measurement of those three and round down to the closest 1/8”. Please use this number in your order specifications with us.

Final Word

Inside mounting is a telling trait of a minimalist design besides the choice of fabric, color, pattern and stitching style. It is easily the most popular way of installing roman shades. However – if the precluding factors are your challenge –  and yet you’re keen on roman shades, consider outside mounting style which has advantages galore of its own. The features of your window and your decor style provide the ultimate criterion to decide on the mounting style. But whether you mount your roman shade inside or outside, Spiffy guarantees you a stunner. 



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