Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners
Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners
Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners
Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners
Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners

Custom Dining Room Table Covers & Runners


Whether you need a custom dining room table cover to complement your room's drapery or simply to dress up an odd-size table, we can stitch your perfect runner/ tablecloth in any of our 1200+ fabrics, in any size you desire.

Sizing Tips:

- Typical dining room table runners have widths of 10, 12 and 15 inches.

- The recommended formal drape (the length of fabric you wish to hang on all four sides) for tablecloths and runners is 14 inches. The recommended casual drape is 9 inches.

Confused between dressing your table with a runner or cover?

Read on to choose the best options from our custom table cloths and runners:


A table cloth drapes the entire table, leaving some overhang on the sides.


- Gives formal dining ambiance

- Match the color palette of your space

- Hides any flaws in table

- Protects the table’s surface from spills, stains, scratches or heat damage

- Helps reduce noise of cutlery and crockery

- Gives "shake it off, wash it off" convenience


- Your dining room table is hidden almost completely. Any interesting visual details go unseen and unappreciated

- Overlong table cloths can be inconvenient for diners, as edges sometimes touch or fall into laps. Getting up and sitting down can also be a bit cumbersome


A table runner covers up the table partially, leaving some surface area covered to place dishes and some bare to show the table’s own beauty.


Allows experimentation with colors, textures, lengths and styles without overwhelming the eye. Can be used in multiples – crossing in the center, parallel across the width

- Helps emphasize the centerpiece

- Shows off your table’s legs, sides and some surface

- Gives some protection from heat and food spills to the table’s surface


- Creates an uneven functional surface, as the runner width is much less than that of the table’s

- Protection from spills and scratches is reduced. You may still need to use placemats for added protection

Fabric Choices

When it comes to custom dining room table covers or runners, we recommend our cottons, linens or cotton-linen blends. Both of these fabrics drape well and have excellent heat absorbance qualities. Cotton is durable and machine washable, while linen gives a soft drape and has a relaxed vibe. Blends of cotton and linen offer the best of both.

We hope you'll take a moment to browse our vast range of pure cottons, linens and blends to create your preferred table cloth and/or runner! 

To place your order, start by choosing the length and width ‘bands’ of your table cover and/or runner. Then type in your exact measurements (in inches please).

Next, choose any fabric from our entire collection that you'd like us to use for your custom cover/runner. Type in the name of this fabric in the product form above.

And that's it! We'll stitch and dispatch your dining linen within 7-10 days. 

Curtains, Shades & Dining Linen: Most window treatment and dining linen orders are processed and dispatched within ten days and delivered within five days of dispatch.  Most of our clients receive their packages within two weeks from date of order, but if our pipeline  happens to be busy - especially during holiday season - we do ask for your patience and aim for delivery in three weeks. 

If there are any delays due to non-availability of fabric, or holds by customs officials for inspection, we will write to you as soon as possible. 

Swatches & Fabric: Delivered latest within 7 business days of order, typically sooner. 

Cushions, Tiebacks, Dining Napkins & Placemats: We do NOT sell pillow covers, tie backs, dining napkins or placemats separately. These accessories are sold and dispatched only as part of our drapery orders. 

*We cannot deliver to PO Box numbers so please enter the full delivery address during the checkout process.

ALL our products require a signature for proof of delivery. After three attempts if no one is available to sign for delivery or the package is not collected from the depot, the shipment is returned to sender. In these cases, we do NOT bear cost of return/refund.