Custom Size Bed Runner (King / Queen / Twin)

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    Even though we’re asleep for the most part of the time spent in our bedrooms, being able to lie down in a lovingly styled space and wake up to find ourselves in the same paradise is a luxury we owe ourselves. Honoring this legitimate desire, Spiffy Spools strives to help its clientele to achieve a coordinated design by providing custom-size bed runners and scarfs. So go on, complement your bedroom’s window treatments with a bed runner (aka scarf) stitched in the same fabric!

    We can stitch runners in any of our 3000+ fabrics so you can add your own style and personality to any bedroom. Unlike most runners that have fabric on one side and plain lining on back, our custom runners are handstitched with fabric on both top side and back.*

    Recommended sizes:
    Twin/TwinXL – 70″ x 24″
    Full/Queen – 90″ x 24″
    King – 102″ x 24″

    *Front and back patterns are not matched during stitching.


    Bedrooms are quite complete without bed runners, but who wants to miss their benefits besides all the color and texture with which they enrich your favorite place? They save your lovely bed linen from getting stained by not-so-clean feet and coffee spills from tray tables on some really sleepy mornings. After all, it’s easier to wash a small bed runner than the whole bedding set.

    Besides, your furry friends enjoy curling up on your bed as you sleep to your heart’s desire. And with the humble bed scarf offering a cozy nook for them, you don’t have to fret about your pet’s shreds spreading all over the duvet. So much to gain from so little an investment!

    But, above all these, what we love bed runners for is the way they turn your bedroom into a classic suite in the blink of an eye! And we like to make our bed scarfs truly special by ensuring a tailored look and a wholesome treat by stitching both sides with the same fabric. Spiffy Spools wants to give you what you like in a double dose instead of providing a simple lining on the back of the runner. It’s our way to show our love to our appreciative clientele!

    But hang on, before you shop, let our stylists share some of their insights. On to some great workable ideas to get the best look for your bedroom with Spiffy Spools’ bed runners –

    COORDINATION: Did you know that bed scarfs are not the only thing we offer? Extend the color or pattern theme of the bedroom by bringing a sophisticated synchronization with upholstery and pillows of any sizes custom-made out of the same fabric as your curtains or shades. And this is one incredible setting of which you’re going to be so proud that you’ll keep admiring it and perhaps, forget to sleep!

    SIZE MATTERS: The bed runner should ideally cover both sides of the bed and not be flowing onto the ground. So, we have a minimum recommended size for each bed size based on standard practices. If these sizes don’t cater to your bed’s width perfectly, provide your specifications and they’ll be done. After all, that’s the most incredible luxury of custom soft treatments.

    TIE UP THE SPACE: You can use the bed scarf to voice the color theme of your bedroom in one take. Bind all the accents and the dominating color on one elegant surface. If your bed is positioned at the center of the room, the effect will be further accentuated. Of course, you might have to choose a fabric other than that of your drapery or roman shade. But if that carefully selected bed runner can nail the look of your bedroom, we’ll gladly walk that extra mile with you.

    EMPLOY CONTRAST: If exact coordination is not what you’re seeking but a fabric that wins your heart on some other terms, we suggest you dare to employ deep contrasts and make your bed runner a focal point. For white or pastel bed linen, get your bed scarfs in dark tones to make a deep impact. And if you took the “road less traveled” with dark-toned bed linen or duvets, go lighter with the bed runner. If you choose patterned fabrics, ensure their color palette follows the same trick of polarity so that the bed scarf makes a noticeable difference to the overall decor. Employ the contrast in the pairing too and make it attractive. For solid-colored bed linen, choose patterned bed runners with accent hues to coordinate. Or vice versa, let solid bed runners feature the accent hue of your patterned bed linen.

    INTRODUCE PATTERN: The optical space occupied by a bed runner being quite limited, it offers a safe way to introduce a bold or eye-engaging pattern to a small space. If you harbor a very passionate liking towards a certain pattern, say the symbolically rich paisley or the country pride buffalo checks, choose one from our curated collections and ensure that the width is sufficient to showcase the pattern without abrupt cuts. If the patterns are relatively moderate for the size of your room, a more impressive look can be attained by getting your window treatments and bed runner done with the same fabric. Or, get your drapes color-blocked with the same fabric as that of the bed runner to bring cohesiveness without causing pattern overload.

    With some creativity and imagination, you can achieve a fine-finished decor for your bedroom with a painstakingly selected bed scarf. With over 3000 fabrics on offer in a wide range of materials, colors, and designs, we hope you’ll have a great time shopping at Spiffy Spools. So, go home with the choicest window treatment and bed runner to make us as much proud of your bedroom as you.

    Curtains, Roman Shades, Valances, Dining & Bed Linen: Window treatments and dining/bed linen orders are targeted for dispatch within three weeks, though we are able to ship out many orders ahead of schedule. We use DHL or FedEx with typical transit time of 3-7 days. Majority of our clients receive their packages within three weeks from date of order, but if our pipeline happens to be busy – especially during holiday season – we do ask for your patience and aim for delivery in four weeks.

    *Some drapes and roman shades with trims *may* take up to six weeks as our trims are sourced from Turkey & London, thereby adding to processing timeline in some instances.

    Swatches & Fabrics by Yard: Fabric samples and fabric bought by yard are dispatched within 1-2 days and typically delivered within 7 days of order.

    Cushion Covers, Tiebacks, Dining Napkins & Placemats: We do NOT sell pillow covers, tie backs, dining napkins or placemats standalone. These accessories are sold and dispatched only as part of window treatment orders. Please see above for applicable timelines accordingly.

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    • All import duties and taxes are included in our prices for shipments to USA. For shipments to other countries including Canada, United Kingdom and other European countries, our prices do *not* include import duties and taxes that individual countries may impose. Buyers from these countries are solely responsible for paying any import charges once the shipment reaches their country.
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    In summary:

    • Since each article at Spiffy Spools is cut and tailored to our customers’ exact specifications, by default, we do not accept any returns. 
    • From start to finish, every single product is manually handled from picking and cutting of fabric to sewing, ironing, folding and wrapping. In light of this rather intense human process, it’s not uncommon for end products to sometimes show minor signs of handling such as light tailor chalk marks, a rare stray thread, or specks of smudge from fabric production run. These minor flaws are unfortunately unavoidable, and we therefore do not accept requests for replacements or returns on these bases under any circumstances.
    • We follow standard industry guidelines for constructing custom window treatments, which include articles sewn with joining hems to achieve custom widths. Since joins are necessary to achieve certain sizes, we do not offer any compensation, return or replacement whatsoever on account of necessary joining hems.
    • We also recommend ordering a fabric sample before placing an order as computer monitors/device screens vary in colour and shade representation and we do not accept returns based on feedback on colour variance or personal aesthetic preferences. 
    • Under rare circumstances where we may have made a mistake, we do accept returns on a case-by-case basis only as long as any issues/faults are first communicated within five business days of receipt of merchandise. 
    • Cancellation of orders will result in a 100% refund only if work has not started on the products. Please note, in most cases, work starts on orders within 2-3 hours of order being placed. After that only the value of the order less costs incurred up to that point can be refunded. Since made-to-measure products are unlikely to be able to be resold, we do not offer refunds for cancellations after order is ready.