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Roman Shades for Kitchen


If there’s one room in the house which everyone loves to frequent – for reason and for no reason – it’s the kitchen. This is where mouth-watering meals are cooked, last scoops are savored and family gathers to talk about the day’s happenings.  With so many beautiful memories being created here, it is important to make this space – otherwise ridden with utilitarian items – aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to bring a splash of personality here, while enhancing privacy and light control , consider our roman shades for your kitchen.

Window treatments can give a whole new definition to a space and the way it experiences light and shadow. An attractive roman shade at the window can help immensely to bring softness where we otherwise encounter only hard surfaces. Its sophistication, color, and soft light diffusion can engage the eyes while the mess waiting for a clean-up may go comfortably unobserved at least for a few moments.

With the efficiency of blinds and softness of drapery, roman shades are just the right addition to the windows in any kitchen. Where blinds fail to proffer the homestyle feel and curtains heighten the danger of potential fire hazards, roman shades get tucked away at the window, silent and elegant. Their sleek construct and minimum fullness make them right-fit for small windows, especially in kitchens where every inch matters. So, if you wish to spice up your kitchen with some really lovely roman shades, stay with us as we take you through some great styling tips.




Kitchen Roman Shade


Everything that’s added to a kitchen is exposed to a great deal of hardship. Grease and grime are hosts, not guests, and they necessitate the use of hardy materials that can withstand frequent cleaning sessions without losing the charm. So when considering fabrics for roman shades, ensure that you choose fabrics that don’t give in easily to wear and tear.

Certainly, the biggest enemy for soft treatments in kitchens is not grease, it is water and moisture itself. Especially if your window is just above the sink or close to the hob, expect the shade to catch the splashes and spill-offs. So, fabrics with the least porosity that don’t hold water for too long are ideal for kitchens.

Yet another quality you need to look for in kitchen shades is their ability to filter air. With not-so-great smells lingering, window treatments must not trap them indoors but must be able to let them out and allow fresh air in even when closed.

Loosely woven pure cotton and linen, and their blends are the ultimate choice for kitchen roman shades as they are hardy, breathing, and easy to clean. They are also great sound-absorbers and you’ll thank them for reducing the impact of the roaring kitchen gadgets on the rest of the home.

Unless your kitchen is quite large and windows are set away from spills and splashes, it’s best to stay away from fabrics like silks and velvets. Silks often retain water stains, while thick velvets collect dust and mildew if not aired. Similarly, polyesters should be avoided as they retain smells for much longer than natural fabrics.




Kitchen roman shades


If the kitchen is the place where you spend most of the time and really want to elevate its beauty by introducing some swagging roman shades, we’d ask you to rethink. Just like billowing curtains near the hob are not the safest for kitchens, swags and hanging tassels should not be part of this picture if your window sits close to the sink or hob.

Loosely hanging ends and multi-layered textile items can be notorious mildew centers and attract flames in the event of a fire. Therefore, fine garnishments that can be neatly tucked away should ideally get the vote.

Opt for one of the flat fold roman shades whose flat bottoms stay out of all the messy business on your countertops. Avoid dangling elements like pom poms, tassels, and fringes, and go for ribbon trims instead. Express your aesthetic sensibilities through playful and elegant patterned fabrics and zesty colors so that your biggest hangout is not deprived of your most personal touch. After all, ensuring safety and cleanliness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun.




Roman Shades in Kitchen


Roman shades can be either mounted within the recess of the window or on the wall or ceiling outside the frame such that the window trims are covered. 

The advantage of mounting your roman shade inside the recess is that you enhance its ability to stay as far as it can from accidental splashes. With a decent level of regular maintenance, this shade will call for lesser rounds of deep-cleaning than the one which overhangs the window trim. Besides, if the kitchen is small or the window is situated at the kitchen passage, this treatment that can save you some precious space would be ideal.

Outside mounted roman shades are recommended if you want the roman shade to completely clear the window when folded up, to maximize light and air inflow. This is often a priority for clients who only have one window in the kitchen, which may be the only source of natural light in the room. Outside mounted roman shades can be affixed a few inches above the window frame so the folds stack up on the wall instead of taking space in the window itself, like an inside mount shade would do. If your window recess is anyway too shallow to mount hardware, outside mounted shades become the defacto choice for many homeowners.  




Flat Fold Roman Shade in Kitchen


While multi-layered artificial lighting may have been a key consideration in your well-designed kitchen, we’re sure you would appreciate the availability of abundant natural light during the day. In the aspiration to dress up your kitchen window elegantly, never lose sight of the other important aspect of light diffusion. Especially, if you have only one window as a source of natural light, it is better to cover them with sheer, or relatively thin fabrics that let in plenty of light.




Roman shade for kitchen


If your kitchen window is not so much in need of a light control treatment as a decorative addition, you can opt for faux roman shades. These are valances that look like a fully functional roman shade that has been drawn open. But they can neither be opened nor closed, so the portion they cover stands permanently covered. Faux roman shade valances are not just great solutions for kitchen windows that need minimum light control, they are also very easy to maintain and are extremely light on the pocket as compared to a fully operational shade. However, if you might need to open and close the shade often, then it is better to order full-fledged shades. 




Blue Roman Shade in White Kitchen


How you dress up your kitchen windows largely depends on the floor plan of your house. If the kitchen, dining, and living area are connected in one open plan, you might need a bit of forethought when choosing roman shades for the kitchen. It is important to bring coherence and uniformity in all the window treatments in these mildly segregated zones, if not in the type of treatment, then in its color and pattern. 

But if the kitchen is a distinct room, you have an enormous scope for experimenting with new colors and patterns. You can give your kitchen a truly custom look by choosing culinary theme printed fabrics that are truly proper to the place. Check out Amabel or Ambrette for inspiration.




Patterned Roman Shade in Kitchen


Sharp-edged shapes and patterns dominate the kitchen design in the tiled floors, subway backsplashes, and squarish appliances like the refrigerator, oven, and hob.  Often, the possibility of introducing patterns is limited to towels and napkins. So, use your roman shades to bring that much-needed softness through curvy patterns that can break the monotony of the straight lines and sharp edges. This high contrast of shapes can add an element of visual interest to your kitchen. In fact, roman shades provide a great way to introduce any pattern of your liking and are sure to elevate the elegance of your kitchen to the next level.

“Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen,” they say. If the love and thoughtfulness that goes into its design are big, indeed, you’ll find it to be the heart of the home. And if Spiffy Spools’ kitchen roman shades can be a part of that great event, there’s nothing that can make us more proud. Browse through the tons of choices available on our site and shop your favorite kitchen roman shades today.

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