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Best Pink Bedroom Curtains to Suit Your Space

Proper rest is important for people of all ages. That’s why out of all of the rooms in your home, the bedroom should be the calmest. There are many ways to achieve a restful atmosphere in your bedroom including blackout curtains, but some of the most important things to focus on when putting together your ideal bedroom are your preferences for color and style as well as your ideal quality of light.

Great natural light is one of the best ways to make a room feel inviting, and the types of curtains that you use in your bedroom can make a huge difference in the quality of light coming through as well as the general atmosphere of your bedroom when the sun has gone down.

If you’re building a bedroom for a young girl who loves the color pink or you happen to have a taste for the color yourself, there are a few unique ways you can incorporate this color into your space with pink bedroom curtains. Let’s explore some of our best recommendations for pink bedroom curtains from Spiffy Spools. 

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How Do I Choose the Right Pink Bedroom Curtains? 

Not sure which pink bedroom curtains to choose for your space? The first thing to determine is whether you want to let in as much natural light as possible or have more control over the lighting in the room even during the day’s brightest hours.

Next, you should decide whether a fun pattern would contribute some energy to your décor, or if a solid color might be the better choice for your space. These factors as well as the distinct shade of pink you prefer will help you to narrow down what style of curtain will suit your needs and make your bedroom feel as restful and inviting as possible. 

Yamini Shamwari Made-to-Measure Cotton Drapes 

You can’t go wrong with a classic cotton drape to add a feeling of hominess and comfort to your space, and our Yamini Shamwari Made-to-Measure Cotton Drapes are a great example of this. These solid-colored drapes are an exciting bright pink, bringing a sense of playfulness and beauty to any pink lover’s bedroom.

These pink curtains can be custom-sized to perfectly suit your bedroom window. You can push them aside to let in maximum natural light, and also easily control the lighting in your bedroom if you wish with a closed curtain. We especially recommend these curtains for kids and adolescents who love bright colors. 

Jantar Mantar Floral Drapes 

Even the biggest fans of pink may not want a solid pink curtain hanging in their bedroom. If you’re a fan of subtle colors and delicate patterns, you’ll love our Jantar Mantar Floral Drapes, which can easily complement any interior design scheme. A nicely patterned curtain is a great way to provide visual intrigue to a space without cluttering it up or creating too much of a distraction from the room’s other design features.

These drapes feature a pleasing floral pattern that includes deep pink flower petals on deep green stalks, all beautifully arrayed over a neutral gray background. The lightness of the background allows some natural light to come through the closed curtains, creating a warmly lit and inviting space for you to relax. 

Winter Poppy Herringbone Print Drapes 

Some pink lovers prefer a darker or more faded shade of the color to its bright, eye-catching counterpart. If a more faded and subtle shade is preferable for your pink bedroom curtains, look no further than our Winter Poppy Herringbone Print Drapes. These curtains have just the slightest hint of pink in their delicate color, making them a perfect fit for any person’s bedroom no matter their age or lifestyle.

These printed curtains strike a perfect balance between pattern and solid color with an extremely delicate herringbone pattern that provides texture to the room without being distracting. Plus, the heavily faded shade of pink used on these curtains is perfect for those who prefer a more vintage look or a more subtle décor style in general. 

Order Custom Pink Bedroom Curtains from Spiffy Spools 

As you can see, there are so many different ways to go about adding pink bedroom curtains to your space. Our examples didn’t even scratch the surface of all of the décor possibilities you can find with Spiffy Spools! 

Can’t find pink bedroom curtains that suit your style perfectly? Allow us to help you custom design the perfect bedroom curtain to your specifications.

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