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How to Make Roman Shades Without Breaking the Bank

One of the best ways to perfect a room’s décor and make it feel truly complete is with the right shades on the windows. Shades and curtains can make or break the mood of a room, which is why it’s so important to pick the right material, color, and style when you’re planning your décor.

You may be wondering, “How can I pick a shade style that adds elegance and class to my room while still staying within my budget?” There are many ways to do this, but one of the best options for a simple yet elegant shade design is the Roman shade. 

Order custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools online in any size and style. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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What Are Roman Shades? 

If you’ve never heard of Roman shades, you’ve likely seen them before but never had a name for them. Roman shades are the type of window shades that hang flat against a window when they’re down, but when they’re raised, they gradually enclose over themselves into neat horizontal folds.

Roman shades are extremely versatile and can be made from a huge variety of materials. Plus, their operation style is very scalable too. Some homeowners prefer to operate their Roman shades with a cord, while some even go for a motorized option so that they can open and close the window shades from anywhere in the room.

If you want to learn how to make Roman shades but aren’t sure how to get started, don’t worry – these shades are easy to put together and can also be completely customized to your exact specifications. 

Let’s dive into a couple of the most common types of Roman shades and how to make them. 

How to Make Relaxed Roman Shades 

The first thing you’ll need when getting prepared to make Roman shades is a great fabric. Generally, a cotton or linen fabric with medium weight works best for window shades, as it lets in some light but still keeps your room completely private. 

You can find the perfect custom fabric at Spiffy Spools, but just make sure to wash it before use so that it doesn’t shrink!

Once you have a piece of fabric cut to fit your window, simply sew a 1.5-inch seam and double-fold the hem on all sides to hide all of the raw edges. 

Then, in order to allow your shade to be pulled up Roman style, sew a series of rings along the sides so that the fabric folds itself neatly when opened. This “relaxed” style will have fewer folds, making it easier to create at home

How to Make Cordless Roman Shades 

A high-quality material is just as important for your cordless Roman shades. In order to avoid having to cut your own fabric to size, you can order it to your preferred proportions from Spiffy Spools easily!

Fold and sew a 1-inch hem on all four sides of your fabric. Once the hems are sewn, you’ll need to add evenly spaced rings and dowels so that your cordless Roman shades can fold properly when closed. 

To make these Roman shades cordless, make sure the cord is traveling up through the rings in the sides of your shade rather than hanging down. 

Why Choose Roman Shades for Your Home Décor?

As you’re researching how to make Roman shades to create the perfect window covers for your room, it’s important to remember why you’re choosing Roman shades in the first place, as you’ll feel much more motivated to create the best shades possible.

One of the main reasons that homeowners pick Roman shades for their décor is the sheer fact that they’re so easy to operate, whether you opt for corded, cordless, relaxed, or motorized Roman shades. 

Unlike other styles of shades and curtains that can easily get tangled, the classic design of these shades allows them to be opened and closed in seconds with ease.

Additionally, there are so many different styles of Roman shades to choose from, and these shades can truly be made from any material you desire. Some styles of shades require a specific material in order to function properly, but with Roman shades, you have plenty of freedom to choose a material that you love. 

Order Your Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools 

Ready to learn how to make Roman curtains but having trouble narrowing down your material options? At Spiffy Spools, we’ll help you each step of the way, from choosing your material to fitting it perfectly to your window. Check out our wide range of custom curtains today.




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