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Cozy Yet Contemporary Ideas for Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains

Farmhouse chic is an incredibly popular decor theme right now, known for its barn doors, chalk paint, natural wood, and farm animal elements. This cozy style is all about bringing warm elements together, and what better way to do that than to add some curtains to combat the weather outside. 

For some inspiration and ideas, see our 6 ideas for farmhouse bedroom curtains. 

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What Are Farmhouse Curtains?

Farmhouse curtains are a bit enigmatic. No particular pattern, length, or fabric makes window treatments “farmhouse” or “country.” Instead, it’s more of an aesthetic. Farmhouse bedroom curtains are generally made of natural fabrics and emphasize simplicity.

There can be a bit of contradiction, as well. On the one hand, you might find farmhouse bedroom curtains that embrace simple, solid colors using a natural palette. On the other hand, a bedroom done in farmhouse style may be quite neutral, with a floral or gingham check curtain being the single standout element in the room.

6 Ideas for Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains

Here are six excellent design ideas for your farmhouse bedroom curtains.

  • Create a Frame for a Beautiful Outside View

If you’re lucky enough to have a window that opens to a beautiful spot in your yard, a pretty wooded area, or a gorgeous morning sunrise, try this look as it aims to use farmhouse curtains to create a frame for that already beautiful view. 

Start by looking out your window. What colors do you see? Keep that in mind as you want to choose a color or pattern that complements what you already see. Our linen sheer curtains come in a variety of colors to place on each side of your window. Choose a color that picks up one of the hues you see outside, then finally, add a board-mounted valance to complete the framed look.

  • Add a Powerful Country Pop to a Neutral Bedroom

If the rest of your bedroom is fairly neutral chalk-whites, blacks and natural woods, you can have a bit of fun with your farmhouse bedroom curtains. This is your opportunity to use your bedroom window as the backdrop for an eye-catching curtain that really screams country style. Be bold! The rest of the room will keep things in balance.

For example, these Brevity country floral curtains will stand out against a room that is done in neutral colors. 

  • Diffuse Light with Sheer or Lacy Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains

Sheer or lacy curtains can help to diffuse harsh morning light, adding a soft glow to your bedroom. To achieve this look, go for a simple white, cream, or pale yellow. Choose a natural fabric like linen or cotton. Finally, choose a length that puddles on the floor to make the finished look cozy yet luxurious.

  • Customize the Look of Your Farmhouse Bedroom Window Treatments

Imagine that you stepped back in time to decorate an early twentieth-century farmhouse. Chances are, you’d be working with simple, rustic fabrics that you had on hand. If you wanted to add a personal touch or make things look a bit fancier, you’d have to be creative.

Nowadays, if you want to bring that classic farmhouse look to your bedroom window treatments, an innovative way to do this is to add a simple, decorative element to an otherwise simple curtain. You could add a swag or valance to a curtain with a simple drape. Try adding lace or colored trim, as well.



  • Pair a Wooden Curtain Rod with a Tab or Tie Top Curtain

Tie and tab top curtains hang below the curtain rod and leave much of it exposed. They connect with small tabs of fabric that loop or tie to the pole. Combining these curtains with an attractive, natural, wooden curtain rod can create a very organic look for your bedroom. These custom white linen curtains would be a perfect choice for this purpose.

  • Try a Simple Rustic Shade

The great thing about a Roman shade is it allows you to enjoy the simple beauty of a rustic fabric with the functionality of blinds. This is also a great choice if you have beautiful window trim that you don’t want to be obscured by traditional curtains. 

For example, these modern floral shades add a perfect country detail to your bedroom. Choose an inside mount to showcase attractive woodwork.

Get the Perfect Farmhouse Look with Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration, you can start creating the look you want for your vacation farmhouse or condo with custom curtains from Spiffy Spools. Choose the pattern, fabric, and length you want to get the perfect result.

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