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Creative Ideas With Dark Curtains for Your Bedroom Design

Have you avoided dark curtains for bedroom windows because you’ve been told they would make the space dreary or claustrophobic? Many people see darker curtains as a risky choice, so they stick with light colors or neutrals instead. But that’s a shame because you can make some amazing design choices with dark bedroom curtains.

Don’t let silly, outdated rules of design stop you from choosing dark curtains for bedroom windows in your house. Create the perfect design for your bedroom with these innovative tips.

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Add a Dramatic Look to Large Bedrooms

If you are decorating a large bedroom or en suite, try using long dark curtains for a dramatic look. Hang curtains above the window line and allow them to extend past the sides of the sill, as well. This visual trick will make windows look larger, creating an elegant aesthetic.

Consider a Range of Colors

Dark curtains for bedroom windows aren’t limited to black or charcoal hues. You have so many other options. Try a navy blue, deep chocolate brown, or even dark shades of red or purple. 

For example, these Rare Wine velvet curtains are certainly dark enough to create a compelling look, but colorful as well.

Enjoy Unlimited Fabric Textures

There’s more to the curtains you choose than color alone. You can also find dark curtains for bedroom windows in a variety of fabrics and textures. Choose a sheer fabric if you want the light to permeate your curtains. Opt for blackout fabrics for the ultimate privacy or noise dampening. 

Take a look at these gray/black linen curtains. They prove that you can create a modern casual look with dark curtains.

Play up a Cool Color Contrast

Mix colors in your bedroom to create interesting, contrasting looks. A heavy black drape over a sheer white curtain can create an eye-catching focal point for your bedroom. 

Use your imagination! You could pair navy curtains with a pale yellow shade. Switch things up with sheer red curtains paired with a stone grey drape

Match a Dark Shade in Your Bedroom

If you want to create a color-coordinated look, consider the colors that you’re already using. Is there a dark hue on your bedspread, a bedroom chair, or wall hanging? Choose a curtain or drape to match that to bring the whole look together!

Create Visual Contrast in a Bright Room

It’s easy to see why light, bright colors are popular in bedrooms. The average bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. Many bedrooms do double-duty as playrooms, sitting rooms, offices, and hangout spots. Bright colors help to create the perfect mood for your bedroom.

However, that doesn’t mean that dark curtains aren’t an option for you. They are! Darker hues can add an interesting visual contrast that will play off of an otherwise light room quite nicely. Just picture these navy roman shades in a room with cheerful or pastel colors.

Make Things Interesting with Patterns

Some people hesitate to choose dark curtains for bedroom windows because they seem too somber or even a bit boring. That’s a shame because dark window treatments don’t have to be dreary. There are many ways to keep things interesting. Start with an eye-catching pattern.

Check out this Espalier houndstooth pattern in blue. It adds interest and a decidedly masculine look. You can also find a gorgeous blackout curtain in a feminine floral pattern.

Balance Playful or Festive Curtains in a Child’s Bedroom

Kids love bright colors, patterns, and themed curtains. But parents often prefer a more subtle look. If this sounds like you, consider a compromise by balancing the fun window treatments kids enjoy with a darker color to add some balance. 

For example, you could create an accent window with these Peter Pan shades, using a navy or grey on another bedroom window to create a bit of balance.

Are Dark Curtains the Same as Blackout Curtains?

Not all dark curtains for bedroom windows are blackout curtains. While dark curtains do a slightly better job of blocking light than lighter ones, they won’t necessarily block the light completely. 

Blackout curtains are made of a special material that doesn’t allow light to permeate the fabric. In the past, blackout curtains were only available in dark colors, but now, you can buy blackout curtains in a variety of shades. You can take your pick between room darkening, blackout, and other dark curtains.

Order the Perfect Dark Curtains for Bedroom Windows from Spiffy Spools

Spiffy Spools has the ideal curtains and shades to pull off any bedroom look. Check out our selection of custom curtains and choose a color and fabric you love today!


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