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Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Contemporary Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Want a fresh new look for your bedroom? A new set of curtains is a great place to start. Explore these contemporary bedroom curtain ideas for inspiration!

Looking for the perfect contemporary bedroom curtains? Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today, with over 1000 fabrics and patterns to choose from.


Ripplefold Drapes

Our designers’ favorite, ripplefold drapes are an ideal choice for a contemporary bedroom, featuring uniform, evenly-spaced pleats that provide a sleek, uncluttered look. The simple lines and crisp, tailored shape embody the key features of contemporary design while holding patterns flawlessly.

The symmetry of ripplefold curtains allows them to display designs without distortion, showcasing patterns consistently even while gathered. Other benefits of ripplefold curtains include that they stack neatly when open, take up minimal space, and allow maximum light to enter the room.


Color Block Drapes

Distinct lines and contrasting colors come together for a simple yet eye-catching effect in our colorblock drapes, making them perfect for contemporary bedrooms. Here are some tips for designing color block curtains that perfectly match the aesthetic of your bedroom:

  • Use the color palette of your room to select the best combination of hues.
  • To anchor the color palette, border the bottom or edges of your curtains with an accent color.
  • To achieve a bolder look, opt for chunky stripes or color-blocked sections at the top and/or bottom of the curtains.
  • To achieve an eclectic look, mix patterns with solids. Our stylists recommend mixing fabrics with similar compositions, such as silks with other silks. Secondly, abide by the “60/30/10 rule,” which calls for the use of 60% solid, 30% pattern, and 10% from an accent piece in the room. This will help you create the right balance between your solids and patterns to prevent your drapes from overwhelming the space.
  • Mix textures. For the more adventurous decoristas, opportunities are endless with textures as well. Play with silks and velvets for an air of elegance, cottons and linens for comfort, and sheers for an added brightness to the space.


Geometric Prints

When you think of geometric prints, bold shapes and colors are likely the first ideas that come to mind. But geometric prints with sleek and minimalistic designs are equally appealing options for a contemporary bedroom.

Featured Look

Greek Key Escapade

Take, for instance, our Greek Key Escapade curtains. This repetitive pattern in timeless black and white hues will provide a refined and unique look to your bedroom. The gorgeous flatweave fabric further elevates the design to create a fresh, contemporary feel.


Textured Neutrals

Another great contemporary bedroom curtain idea is to use textured neutrals. Color palettes that consist of grays, whites, and beiges will never go out of style—but playing with the texture allows you to add more character and intrigue to these generally toned-down hues.

Featured Look


The combination of gorgeous smoky gray and dreamy oyster beige featured in our Granito curtains is enough to make a statement on its own. However, the added textural weave takes these curtains above and beyond to provide you with a stunning, understated window treatment that adds to the elegance of your bedroom.


Solid Cottons

Cotton curtains are an extremely versatile window treatment that can make a bold and lasting statement in your bedroom. For contemporary bedrooms, we recommend sticking with solids that match your chosen color palette. Monochromatic styles are very on-trend and play off of other elements in the room to create a refined, cohesive look.

Featured Look

Yamini Sol

Our Yamini Sol curtains come in a striking shade of yellow that’s balanced by a delicate, medium-weight fabric. Bursting with textural and colorful flair, this solid cotton is a perfect example of how less is sometimes more when it comes to design.


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed these contemporary bedroom curtain ideas! If you’re ready to start shopping, order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. With over 1,000 fabrics, we make it easy to design curtains that fit your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your bedroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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