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5 Spring Curtains for Your Living Room

Spring signifies the start of new beginnings. That means it’s the perfect time to switch out your dated window treatment with something entirely new! If you’re searching for a selection to match the exciting energy of the season, explore these five spring curtains for your living room. The following options will help you incorporate the vibrant essence of spring into your home!

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Pastel Hues

No shades better match the spring season than pastels. Muted pinks, blues, yellows, and greens offer a delicate look that will bring an elegant softness to your living room. Since these colors are pale, they act similarly to neutrals, meaning they can be easily incorporated with your existing décor. Keep the look simplistic and understated with a solid curtain option.

Featured Look

Lupien Teaberry

Our pastel pink Lupien Teaberry curtains feature a light-reflecting fabric that adds an airy feel to any space. The shimmering pink hue provides the curtains a contemporary, elegant touch, while the lightly distressed fabric tones down the formality.

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Faux Seersucker Curtains

Seersucker is synonymous with spring. But you don’t have to limit this finely-striped fabric to your spring wardrobe. Hanging faux seersucker curtains is an easy way to instantly bring the feeling of the season into your living room!

For a classic look, search for curtain fabrics with thin, vertical stripes that alternate between white and blue stripes. Or, go with another pastel hue for a more vibrant aesthetic!

Featured Look

Lotus Pond

Update your living room with our Lotus Pond curtains. The charming fabric features a pin-stripe pattern in eggshell white and aqua blue, giving the appearance of seersucker. Hanging these striped curtains will look and feel like a breath of fresh, spring air!

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Delicate Florals

Springtime is when foliage comes back into bloom. Incorporate the brightness of new blossoms in your living room with the addition of floral curtains. We recommend selecting a small-scale floral print rather than a large-scale print. Small-scale prints offer a lighter, more delicate feel that better matches the essence of spring.

Featured Look

Flic Flac

The lovely rose blossom print on our Flic Flac curtains will make your living room feel like a peaceful spring garden. Each rosy sprig is carefully wrought with purple blooms and green foliage that beautifully contrast with the cream backdrop. Chic and serene, these curtains are sure to make a lasting statement.

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Light-Enhancing Sheers

You can enhance the incoming spring sunlight by hanging sheer curtains in your living room. Sheer fabric is translucent and softens light as it passes through to create a fresh, airy feel. Illuminate your living room with gorgeous, golden rays by selecting a sheer curtain option for your space!

Featured Look

Shiny Penny

Our Shiny Penny curtains are ideal for springtime décor. The stunning sheer fabric features a contemporary floral embroidery of gray flowers and delicate tendrils. Hang these stunning white curtains to gently diffuse the lovely spring sunlight and instantly brighten up your living room.

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Luxurious Linen

Linen is a semi-translucent fabric that offers a slightly more casual feel compared to sheer fabric. It’s a roughly woven, natural material that’s actually reminiscent of a woven Easter basket, making it an ideal spring fabric. Linen curtains come in all kinds of colors and patterns, so you can pick an option that best matches your current décor. However, we recommend selecting a floral design to lean into the spring aesthetic.

Featured Look

Leh Vamika

Our Leh Vamika linen curtains will provide a touch of refinement to your living room. The white fabric is finely woven with an elegant floral embroidery of  golden foliage that’s loosely scattered across the backdrop. Full of elegance and class, these semi-sheer curtains are sure to evoke the feeling of spring in your home!

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed these five spring curtains for your living room! If you’re ready to dress your room in one of these great looks, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will transform your space into an eternal spring. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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