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4 Types of Window Treatments for Your Home

Types of Window Treatments for Home

There are numerous ways to dress your windows. From options that block or enhance sunlight to selections that provide decorative appeal, you can feel confident that there’s a style to meet your needs. Explore these four types of window treatments for your home that can be specially customized as you see fit!

Order custom window treatments from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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Dragonfly Yellow Curtains

Erlensee Spring Curtains

Want to instantly enhance the look of your windows? Curtains are a classic window treatment that can add plenty of character and charm to your home. There are several types of curtains to choose from:

Curtains by Length

Explore the different curtain lengths for your window treatment:

  • Café curtains. This type of curtain is half the length of the windowpane. Café curtains usually hang across the center of the pane.
  • Curtains to the sill. This length of curtain grazes the top of the windowsill.
  • Curtains to the floor. This length of curtain just touches the floor.
  • Puddled curtains. This length of curtain features excess fabric that “pools” on the floor in graceful bundles.

Curtains by Style

There are also different styles of curtains to choose from:

  • Single panel curtains. This style of curtain features one panel of fabric that conceals the entirety of the window. To open, simply push the panel to the side of the window frame.
  • Double panel curtains. This style of curtain features two panels of fabric that rest on either side of the window frame. Double panel curtains frame the window when open and completely conceal it when closed.

Curtains by Hanging Method

The way that curtains hang also affect their look:

  • Curtains that hang on a rod feature headings such as grommet tops, back tab tops, rod pockets, tab tops, or tie tops.
  • Curtains that hang on a track feature headings such as pinch pleats, flat-panel tops, inverted box pleats, or pencil pleats.

View our Heading Styles Guide to learn more about each type of curtain heading!

Roman Shades

White Sheer Roman Shade

Relaxed Roman Shades

White & Pink Custom Roman Shades

Flat Fold Roman Shades with Front Slats

Trim Custom Window Roman Shades

Flat Fold Roman Shades with Back Slats

Roman shades are another great window treatment to include in your home. The single, smooth piece of fabric is designed to the exact specifications of your window for a minimalistic, slightly more structured look.

Explore the three primary types of roman shades:

  • Relaxed roman shades. The fabric of this style of roman shade is tailored to fall into a gentle, relaxed curve at the bottom.
  • Flat fold roman shades with front slats. The fabric of this style of roman shade features visible, horizontal slats. To open, the slats stack in neat folds from the bottom and rest at the top of the window frame.
  • Flat fold roman shades with back slats. This style of roman shade has horizontal slats stitched into the back lining, meaning the front fabric is completely smooth. Flat fold roman shades with back slats also stack from the bottom in crisp folds and remain tucked away at the top of the window frame when open.

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Pole Mounted Valance

Floral Printed Short Valance

Board Mounted Valance

Looking for a purely decorative window treatment for your home? A valance is a great choice. This type of window treatment consists of a short, single panel curtain that covers the top-fourth of the windowpane. Valances beautifully filter incoming sunlight and come in a variety of design and mounting styles.

Here are the two types of mounting styles for valances:

  • Pole mounted valances feature a rod pocket heading, allowing you to easily slide them onto a rod to mount. If you’re looking for a slightly more informal feel, pole mounted valances are the right choice. In addition, there are two types of hardware you can purchase for your pole mounted valance that can affect their look:
    • Single pole configurations are great for hanging your valance as a standalone piece.
    • Double pole configurations allow you to layer curtains with your valance.
  • Board mounted valances consist of a lumber board that’s wrapped in the fabric of your choosing. These have a more structured look, making them a great selection for modern home designs.

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Layered Window Treatments

If you’d like, you can create a unique window treatment by layering a few of the above options! For instance, double panel curtains look fabulous layered on top of or underneath a roman shade or valance. Simply design each window treatment in matching or complementing fabrics to create a chic, cohesive look!

Order Custom Window Treatments from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed learning about these four types of window treatments for your home. At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom curtains, roman shades, and valances that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 1,000 fabrics and patterns. Whether you’d like to purchase one or a few types of window treatments, you’re sure to find options on our site that will work perfectly in your home. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!

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