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Custom Hobbled Soft Fold Roman Shades


Probably the most traditional shade style on offer, we love these soft fold shades for formal rooms, and spaces like powder rooms that need complete privacy.

The hobbled shade is constructed with loops of fabric all the way down the shade. It gives your windows a full, folded look even when the shade is fully lowered.

We do not recommend hobbled shades for shallow doors or windows since the extra fabrics gives these shades more volume - which is more suited for deep windows and doors.

All shades come fully lined (except sheers) to protect fabric from harsh sunlight and fading.

All shades come with a complete hardware kit so they are ready to mount and use in no time.

To place your order, please start by choosing the shade length and width ‘bands’. Then type in your exact measurements (in inches please). 

Next, choose any fabric from our entire collection that you'd like us to use for your shades. Type in the name of this fabric in the product form above.

Lastly, please choose if the shades are meant to be mounted inside or outside of the window frame so we can supply you with the right hardware.

All orders are processed and dispatched within one week and delivered within one week of dispatch. And shipping is free! 

You'll require at least 2.5 inches of flat surface on the window frame or above the window for mounting brackets and channel track.

Measuring for Inside Mount:

Step 1: Please measure the inside width of the window/frame at three locations: the top, middle and bottom. Record the smallest of the three measurements and round DOWN to the nearest 1/8 inch. This should be your ordering width. Please do not make any adjustment as will make necessary deductions, usually 1 inch.

Step 2: For length of shade, please measure the window/frame height from top to bottom, starting at the top left, then moving to the center, and then measuring from the top right to the window sill. Find the largest measurement of those three and round UP to the closest 1/8”. Please use this number in your order specifications. This will be the exact length of the shade delivered to you.

If you have several windows in a room that are all very similar in height, please order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleat sizes.

Measuring for Outside Mount:

Step 1: Please measure width of the area/window you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding 4" (2" each side) to this measurement to help reduce light leakage. This should be your ordering width and will be the exact measurement of the shade delivered to you.

Step 2: To determine shade length, please start by measuring the top left, center, and top right of the window. Take the biggest measurement and add at least two inches on the top and bottom, adding more depending on the amount of light coverage you’re looking for and your personal aesthetic preference. Please use this number when ordering. This will be the exact measurement of the shade delivered to you.

If you have several windows in a room that are all similar in height, please order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleats. 

Curtains & Roman Shades: Most orders are processed and dispatched within seven business days and delivered within a week of dispatch. If there are any delays due to non-availability of fabric, or holds by customs officials for inspection, we will write to you as soon as possible. 

Cushions: We do NOT sell pillow covers separately. Our cushion covers are sold and dispatched only as part of our drapery orders. 

Swatches: Delivered within 7 business days of dispatch. 

*We cannot deliver to PO Box numbers so please enter the full delivery address during the checkout process.

ALL our products require a signature for proof of delivery. After three attempts if no one is available to sign for delivery or the package is not collected from the depot, the shipment is returned to sender. In these cases, we do NOT bear cost of return/refund.